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A whole lotta Pumpkin… October 6, 2008

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halloween paper pumpkin craft project

Emily and the girls made these fun construction paper pumpkins the other day.  You can find the instructions here on the “Hostess with the Mostess” blog.  Even if you’re not looking for pumpkin crafts, check out the blog for some great hosting ideas.  Thanks for sharing Emily.

Check out these awesome pumpkins from Country Living…  Love the designs.  Fancy, smancy. 

Cool, huh?  You can see more fun designs here.

Gingerbread Pumpkin Bars

How about some yummy gingerbread pumkin bars.  Love these!  Yum!  You can find the recipe here.

Check out these pumpkin sconces from Martha Stewart.  You can see more fun stuff from Martha here.

How about these fun pumpkin crafts from Family Fun.

Did you know that the Irish brought this tradition of pumpkin carving to America?
The tradition originally started with the carving of turnips. When the Irish immigrated to the U.S., they found pumpkins a plenty and they were much easier to carve for their ancient holiday. 

You can check out more fun facts about pumpkins here.



Random Thursday… October 2, 2008

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Happy Thursday!

As you can tell from my lack of posting that it’s been a busy week!  I’m excited to say that Jillibean Soup should be showing up in more stores (yes, that’s plural) soon!!!! 

If you saw Jana’s comment in my last post then you know that the Columbus Scrappers will be doing a card swap in October with Jillibean Soup products.  Thank you Jana and the Columbus Scrappers!!!  I’m going to get in on the action too!

There’s still some time to get cards in for the Cards for Heroes drive.  The date was extended to Oct 15th.  Karen has graciously offered to have her youth group make cards for the soldiers – thanks Karen! Also, thank you Missey for donating cards as well.  I will be sending everything out the early part of next week.

Saturday is World Cardmaking Day!  In order to celebrate, I will be doing a giveaway…check back on Saturday for details!

I have a couple of prayer requests…one is for a friend who recently received some scary news concerning her 10 month old.  Please keep baby Henry in your prayers.  Also, I would like to ask for prayers for hubby – lets just say he could use them right now. 

Have a great day!


Lone shoe no more… September 30, 2008

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Congratulations! You committed to buy the following item:

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Look what hubby bought for Miss Brookie!  Thanks Nadia for the link!!


What’s your color? September 23, 2008

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There are so many great blogs out there…one I like to visit is “How about Orange”.  Jen and Jenn – you both will love this site with your love of orange. 

If you’re not familiar with graphic design, then you’ve probably never heard of the Pantone Matching System.  It’s color system used to communicate colors between artists, graphic designers, printers, fashion designers, interior designers and many others.  It’s a great way for everyone to be on the same page when it comes to color. 

Jessica (from “How About Orange”) recently posted a link to Pantone’s Colorstrology.  I invite you to check it out and see what your color pallete is.

Here’s mine…

January is Caramel Color…how appropriate is that!  Here’s the description for people born on January 15th (my bday)…

YOU have a very strong will and are determined to get what you go after.  The challenge here is to know what really gives you pleasure.  Although monetary worth is very important to you, it is not the end all in regard to contentment.  Try to develop a strong belief system and practice faith whenever possible.  You are capable of many things.  Your personal color helps you stay true to your inner self.  Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Cedar Wood can help you stay uplifted. 

Wow.  For those of you that know me, you know I wear a ton of brown.  My home is decorated with all shades of brown.  And….of course, Jillibean Soup and the whole brown kraft thing.


I’ve lost all control! September 18, 2008

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Yep, that’s right…I don’t have any control over my kids anymore.


They’re ganging up on me.

Leah used to be so good when it was just her.  She and her sister now have a conspiracy against Mom.

Kami told me “no” yesterday when I asked her to clean up the toys.  Kami never talks back!  She’s an “OK, MaMa” kind of girl.

They jump on the furniture when I’ve asked them not to.

They laugh when I yell at them.

Brooke completely ignores me when I ask her not to do something.  It’s as if I’m not even in the room.

They feed the dog their food at lunch.

They completely ignore me when I tell them to do something, like brush their teeth.  They keep playing and laughing and giggling.  Hello…I just yelled at you!

Leah has started telling me how to raise Brooke.  Yesterday, Brooke was standing up in her high chair which I sternly told her not to.  After the second time, Leah said “if you would just buckle her in, she wouldn’t do that”.  Duh, I know.

Sobbing, Weeping, Crying…no control whatsoever.


Primitive Times… September 15, 2008

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Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of days…had planned on yesterday but ended up not having power…

As most of you know a good part of Columbus is without power right now.  We lost it for about 10 hours total.  We’re lucky to have it back so soon.  They’re saying it could be a couple of days for some.  Tropical depression Ike came through yesterday afternoon.  They keep calling it a storm, but we didn’t have any lightning, thunder or much rain…just high winds.  It was strange.

I can’t imagine how some people rode out hurricane Ike.  The winds around here were scary enough – we were lucky not to have any trees down like our neighbors. 

Leah was excited to be able to use a flashlight.  We played Chutes and Ladders by flashlight which she thought was cool.  After the girls went to bed, I sat at my kitchen table trying to work by candlelight and using a lantern (a pink kiddie lantern that Leah used at the beach).  It was interesting to say the least.  Our house has never been so quiet.  It was nice for a little bit.  Then I started missing all the noise.  It certainly made things slow down for a bit.  No computers, no TV…you really have to use your imagination.  Yes, I know I’m spoiled.  Not exactly primitive times or Little House on the Prarie.

I’m thankful for our power today.  My prayers go out to those who suffered more extensive damage from Ike – especially those in Texas.


A bit of random thoughts… September 11, 2008

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Sept 11th…do you remember what you were doing 7 years ago on this day?  I remember it like it was yesterday…

First of all it’s hard to believe that it was 7 years ago today.  I was still working for Dean Foods and traveling some (the year before I flew 80,000 miles).  Eric and I had just moved to Columbus and both had to be at a meeting in Rockford, IL on the 11th.  For some reason we drove instead of flying.  I remember the buzz around the technical center when the first plane struck.  Then more news about the 2nd plane, the Pentagon and flight 93 in PA.  We were dismissed early from work so I sat in my hotel room completely glued to the television.  I didn’t want to get up to eat…I didn’t want to sleep…I was completely mesmerized by what was going on.  I remember getting phone calls from family members making sure I was o.k.  I remember calling around to see if co-workers were on flights.  There were several that were on flights that day…none were on the flights in NY, DC or PA.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and to our soldiers who are still fighting for our freedom.


On a much lighter note…there is still a $50 gift certificate up for grabs!!!!  Check here for more information.  All you have to do is tell me your favorite soup and you might win $50 smackers to be used at Scrapbook Art.


Speaking of Scrapbook Art – I visited again today.  They had a great weekend and a great week!  Yeah!  Thank you everyone for your support!!!! 


Anybody else ready for good TV?  It seems like we got jipped last year with the writer’s strike.  I am so ready for some good shows!  Dancing with the Stars…Grey’s…Housewives…  Yeah!  Does anyone know if Friday Night Lights will be back on?  I loved that show!  Thank goodness Days of Our Lives is on every day. 😉


Like I said – random thoughts.  Have a good night everyone!


Another trip to Target… September 3, 2008

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Short trip to Target this morning…Kami, Brooke and I hurry in after taking Leah to Kindergarten…we need to get a few things..we swing by the clothing department and pick up a cute sweater – not on my list…we head back to the food section…target has some cheap “market pantry” snacks…we load up on “stuff”…we get a couple frozen pizzas – love, love, love the Archer Farms margherita pizza (only 6 points for 1/3 pizza for all you weight watcher buddies)…Kami has to get out of the cart cuz it’s getting full…she lingers around…”Mommy, hold me”…”I can’t Kami”…huh, what’s that?…oh, no…I gotta go to the bathroom…why does that always happen when I have the little ones?…I quickly tell Kami, “let’s go”…”pick up the pace, please”…she responds “Carry me, Mommy”…I pick her up and rest her on the front push bar of the cart while pushing towards the restrooms (remember Brooke is in the front seat)…we park the cart…we head into the family restroom…there’s no place to put Brooke…ugghh, she’s in her bare feet…yuck…I put her down and say “please stay right there”…of course a 1 yr old won’t stand still…she makes her way to the drain in the middle of the room…she bends over to look into it…yuck…”Brooke, don’t do that”…she heads to the back of the toilet as I’m sitting on it…”NO, don’t do that”…she starts pulling off the toilet paper…”No”…hurry, hurry…wash hands…pick up the girls and out we go…back to the cart…I can’t handle anymore shopping…we check-out…we get home and I wash Brooke’s feet…I check my receipt and somehow I’ve spent $150 on cheap snacks!!


Thank You! August 22, 2008

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I just wanted to say “Thank You” to everyone for all your support!  I really appreciate the comments, e-mails and phone calls.  Your enthusiasm and positive reinforcement has really kept me going!  I can’t express my gratitude enough.  You guys are the best! 

Thanks again!



Procrastination August 19, 2008

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Much to do about nothing…

Uggghhh!  I have so much to do right now and here I sit on the couch (with sweet Lily beside me) just lurking on the internet and catching glimpses of the Olympics.  Why would I want to get up and put some laundry in the dryer?  Why would I want to go downstairs and organize my office?  Why would I want to wipe up my incredibly messy crumb loving wood floor in the kitchen?  Why would I want to pay some bills?  I don’t know either – it’s so comfy sitting on my couch (with sweet Lily beside me).  I admit it, some things have gone by the wayside with my incredibly busy schedule.  I’ve had to give in to some of my OCD tendencies and just let things go.  I used to be so organized!  My house used to be so clean!  I look in my cupboards and go “yuck” at the dirt and grime lurking below my sink cupboard.   I dream of the days when things won’t be so cluttered.   It seems like my schedule is getting more cluttered too.  I need to take charge now or it’s going to get even more out of control!  I need 10 more hours in a day! 

Dont’ get me wrong – I love my life.  OK, most of it.  I could do without diets, alarm clocks and antsGod has blessed me with 3 little girls that make me smile everyday.  I was changing Brooke’s poopie diaper today and Kami looked over my shoulder and said “is it big?”  Who wouldn’t love to hang out with 3 funny little peeps?  They don’t care that there are crumbs on my floor.  They don’t care if I procrastinate – ok, I take that back.  When Leah wants things, she wants them now!  They don’t care about clutter – they seem to embrace it!  🙂  I know this post is much ado about nothing and I’m just rambling.  I’ve been feeling extra emotional lately.  I’ve got lots going on right now…Leah starting kindergarten, Brooke going to milk from formula, Lily requiring extra attention, Jillibean Soup moving forward.  Did I mention that Scrapbook Art in Lewis Center is going to carry my entire line?  😉 

OK, off to bed – sweet dreams.

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