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Catching up… March 21, 2009

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Yeah, yeah, I know…worst blogger of the year.  Blah, blah, blah.  I keep waiting to get a comment in my in-box about how bad my blogging has become.  I don’t usually go this long in between posts.  I’ve been trying to close out my books from last year.  Not a fun job and I’m not an accountant! 


I do have some things to share if you’re interested…

First of all, I need to do a shout out to a couple of birthdays I missed!  Jan (mother-in-law) and Mark (brother-in-law) both celebrated their birthdays last Monday.  Happy belated birthday to both of you!!!  Hope you had a great day!


Second, I need to do a shout-out to some friends who have helped me bunches in the last couple of weeks.  Missey, Ryan, Tracy, Kent, Sarah, Heather, Judy, Marisa, Christine, Daniela, Jamie, Kelly, Melissa and Holly.  You guys are awesome and I’m so thankful for your help!!! 


Third…the winner of the kit has not e-mailed yet. 

#116  Mel Cloutier…congrats!!! 

Mel, can you please e-mail me your address so I can send you your kit.  If Mel does not e-mail by the end of this week, I’ll pick another winner.


Fourth, Bean Talk is doing a giveaway.  Check it out! 


Back soon…promise. 😉




What the heck? March 2, 2009

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What’s the matter with Jason?  I think he’s got some issues…


I’m with Melissa – he took away that one special moment in her life and made it a crappy memory! 


Run, Molly, Run!!!!


Note: From the Bachelor, for all of you non-Bachelor fans.


Need some ideas??? December 7, 2008

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Hello All!


I told you in the last post that I had good intentions of doing a “12 days of Christmas” or some other craft/christmas/gift thing in December.  Well, I just didn’t get a good enough jump on it and here it is December 6th.  Soooo,  how about I direct you to other goodies?  I apologize if you are a serious blogger and have seen all of this stuff already. :-{


Check out these cute gumdrop suckers from Martha Stewart!    Or make your own wrapping paper…



You can get more ideas from Martha here


I’m thinking some kraft wrapping paper with stamped snowflakes on it and a Journaling Sprout for the tag would be the bomb!!  Ha!


Look here to make your own custom M&M’s.


Look here to create your own word search.  Leah would think this was cool..she would think it’s fun to find her family member’s names.


Check out these cute gift card holders from Jennifer McGuire.


How about this beautiful gift card holder ….


white holder with red bow


Here are the instructions from Better Homes and Gardens.


Check out these fun decorating ideas from Hostess with the Mostess.


Do you still need to make your Christmas Cards?  Check out these cards from Hero Arts.


Or you can check out these cards from Chloe Danz.  Love the chocolately Christmas!


How about buying one of these Celebrity Cards for Charity.


Blossoming Cheer Folded Holiday Greeting Cards

Heartfelt Holiday Folded Holiday Greeting Cards

Radiant Rudolph Folded Holiday Greeting Cards


Tiny Prints  also has a great selection of Holiday photo cards.  Check them out!


Have a great night everyone!  More to come soon!





Random Thoughts… December 5, 2008

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Happy Friday! 


I have to apologize for not posting much this week.  I’ve been swamped and I’m getting another cold that’s been keeping me up at night. 


December 5th – what?  Already?  Where did November go?  Does anyone want to be my personal Christmas shopper this year?  Uuuuggghh!!  I received some Christmas cards in the mail today (thanks Sher – your’s was beautiful).  I haven’t even started our’s!!!  Uuuuggggh again!!


I wanted to give a shout- out to Karen, Joleen and Kathy from Herbert’s Pharmacy in Andover, Ohio.  They will be carrying some Jillibean Soup products!  My SIL Kathy is a pharmacist and works there.  Please say “hi” if you stop in!  Thanks ladies!!!


I also had great intentions of posting fun Christmas craft ideas but I’m not so sure that’s going to happen either.  I may just have to direct you to other sites with fun stuff! 


I will post a couple of cards that I posted back in October….


The papers are from the Cold Raspberry collection. 


We’ve been working on the website quite a bit recently.  For those of you that have filled out the wholesale form, the shopping cart portion should be up and running early next week.  If you have problems logging on or need additonal assistance, please send me an e-mail at


If others (non-retailers) want to take a look at the site, the products, the verbage – let me know what you think.  Your comments are greatly appreciated!


I’ve had some questions recently about a design team for JB Soup.  I would love to have one…just don’t have the time to put it together right now.  My plan is to start working on it after the CHA winter show in January.  Any new information will be posted on this blog.


If you didn’t see in a post from earlier this week, Karen and I will be doing make n’ takes at B&B tomorrow (Sat 12/05) from 3-5pm.  Please stop in and make a card or a mini-book.  Also, Alecia has added some Bean Seeds (felt pieces), Journaling Sprouts, kraft cards and plain kraft paper to her inventory. 


Hope everyone had a great week and recovered from turkey day! 



Random Turkey Talk November 25, 2008

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Gobble, Gobble…


With the Holidays quickly approaching, I will be taking some blogging breaks.  This is the first year my brother and sister-in-law (Kathy, who posts here regularly) will be selling Christmas trees from their Christmas Tree Farm.  You can check out their site here.  Eric and I are excited to be able to help them out on their opening weekend  – this coming weekend.  Therefore, I will not be posting during Thanksgiving break.


HOWEVER………..I will post another giveaway tomorrow…so check back!


This is a time of thanks so I ask you to remember those in need this time of year.  I know this is a difficult year for many families with the economy the way it is.  I’m sure there will be some without Thanksgiving dinner this year, so please remember to help stock your local food pantry.  I found this on the NBC4 site…

  • The Mid-Ohio Food Bank has had a 14% increase in demand from local pantries right here in Columbus.
  • 1 in 8 people in Central Ohio need help from a local food pantry in order to be able to eat.
  • If there are 1.3 Million people in Franklin County, 162,000 people need help to eat. That is enough people to fill Ohio Stadium, Crew Stadium, Nationwide and Value Center Arena!
  • One third of the people served by the Mid-Ohio Food Bank have to choose between food and shelter and half are forced to choose between eating and utility bills.

This is only in central Ohio, I’m sure there are so many more in your area of the world. 


On a lighter note…check out Julie’s cute tabletop decor here – made with Jillibean Soup papers!


Did anyone see the Sarah Mclachlan/Pink duet on the AMA’s the other night?  Gave me chills.  Love Sarah and loved the harmony with Pink! 


Want a quick chuckle…check out these “DeMotivators” posters from Despair, Inc.  I like the one about blogging…

Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few.

How true is that – ha!


Check out these cute, cute turkey bibs from Etsy seller Charliz.


Like I said…random.  Just keeping you on your toes!


Have a great day!



Quick Note… November 16, 2008

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It’s good to be home.  I had a great time at our scrapbooking retreat this weekend.  Lots of laughter with the girls.  Yes, I scared Karen with my crazy driving.  Yes, I was a little “intense” when we were late and trying to find the Carlisle Inn (where we were supposed to be doing make n’ takes with the Scrapbook Groupies retreat group).  Yes, I am exhausted right now after staying up late scrappin’ 3 nights in a row.  Still, I LOVE this hobby and LOVE getting together with friends to do it!

I have LOTS of fun stuff to share this week!  I have several layouts and projects to share – all stuff made with JB Soup.  Leah will pick a winner for the turkey placecards tomorrow.  I will be doing another giveaway this week – with JB Soup journaling sprouts!  Yep, they’re finished and I love them!  I used numerous sprouts on pages this weekend.  I will be chatting with the Columbus Scrappers on Thursday evening at 10pm – looking forward to that!  Also, don’t forget JB Soup will be doing make n’ takes at B&B Scrapbooks in Powell this Saturday from 12-3.   

Have a great week everyone!



Bored??? November 9, 2008

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Got a minute…got a blog…check out this cool site.  You can add this human calendar to your blog.  Unfortunately,  wordpress is not as functunal as other blogging platforms – so I can’t install it.


If you are REALLY bored…try the big red button.  Don’t yell at me if it makes you mad.


Want to make fun of yourself?  Go to Yearbook Yourself and upload your photo.  Go through the years and see what you could have looked like (or maybe you still do – ha!).


Create your own snowflake here.


Pop bubblewrap here.  Seriously, I’m not kidding!


If you need some help getting ready for an upcoming scrapbooking retreat – ready girls?  Check out Got Sketches blogspot for layout ideas.


Have fun!



Greetings from Wisconsin…America’s Dairyland :-) November 2, 2008

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Oh, back in the midwest…  Some people call Ohio the midwest but I’m not so sure about that.  The people are nice there. 🙂  I’ve been to Wisconsin several times in the past…mostly with Dean Foods.  I did go rock climbing and hiking in Devil’s Lake a long, long time ago.  I lived in Rockford, IL for several years while working for Dean’s.  Rockford is 10 minutes from the Wisconsin border.


I drove up because the flights were astronomical in price!  I enjoyed the drive and listened to Janet Evanovich’s “Metro Girl” on CD.  You can read an exerpt here.  Her books are just plain fun.  There’s usually a mystery to chase down but the characters will make you laugh.  I caught myself laughing out-loud several times.  Ugh, I have heartburn from all the crappy food I ate.  Why is it as soon as I get in a car…it’s time to eat? 


It brought back memories driving through Chicago.  Jenn, I thought of you when I drove past Diversey.  Too bad I didn’t go far enough west to stop at Woodfield Mall or IKEA.  It’s been a while since I’ve been up this way.  Anyone want to make a shopping trip to Chicago sometime soon? 


Oh, by the way if you’re ever in Wisconsin, try the fried cheddar cheese curds!  Yum!


Enough reminiscing…I thought I’d share a layout or two.

Speaking of the midwest and reminiscing.  This is an old layout…no JB Soup paper here.  Just a layout of Grandpa and Leah taking a walk on the farm in Indiana.  There’s that kraft paper again!

This is another old layout.  If you’re ever looking for something to do with all those “left-over” letters…try this.

I will have lots of fun stuff to post this week.  I’ve been gathering more samples of cards and layouts from friends and fellow scrappers.  I’ll be posting more this week! 


Did Anyone watch “Ellen”??? October 20, 2008

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Oh my, Jen and I were shown numerous times…not thrilled about the way I look on camera but it was exciting to see both of us on TV!  By the way, Jen was the one in green right beside me.  It was really different to watch the show from home knowing what I know now.  The set looks so much bigger on the TV than it does in person.  If you can imagine all those people were about 2-3 feet away from me at some point during the show.  I could have goosed Colin Farrell. 😉 

Thanks Judy for e-mailing me – it was fun to know you were watching it while I was.


Ahhh, Back to Reality… October 19, 2008

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* Chasing miss Brooke around.

* Poopie Diapers.

* Laundry.

* Jillibean Soup.

* Sick children.

* Watching “Max n’ Ruby”.

* Mom, this and Mom, that…

* Cooking again.

* Homework.

* No more dancin’ 😦 

* And, somehow the temperature has dropped about 20 degrees from last Wednesday.


California was good – busy, busy.  Ellen was great!  Somehow, Jen and I managed to get front row seats!  If you watch the show tomorrow (as in October 20th) you should see Jen and I on the right hand side (from Ellen’s perspective looking out into the audience).  Remember the camera adds 10 lbs. 🙂 When Ellen dances through the audience, she passes right by us.  It was almost surreal being there.  Even though she was 3 ft in front of us doing her monologue…it still felt like she was in a bubble and untouchable.  This was my first experience with seeing anything filmed.  I was watching all the cameras, watching Tony (the DJ), watching all the people instruct Ellen and tend to her during the breaks.  One bummer was that I could not take pics of anything. 😦  You know how I love to take photos!  I even tried to take a pic of the set after the show with my cell phone and got busted. 


In addition to Ellen, we got to see Colin Farrell, Senator Joe Biden, Tony Braxton and Alec Mazo (from Dancing with the Stars) and a special extra guest…Julia Louis-Dreyfuss.  Everyone (with the exception of Sen Biden) are all so tiny!  Colin Farrell is little as well.  Tony and Julia were both beautiful!  Again, it was just bizarre to have all of them within reach.  I look forward to watching the show tomorrow and recalling what went on.  Even though I was there, I don’t remember a whole lot of what was said.  All in all it was a great show to catch. 


I’m sure I’ll have some pics to share soon!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!