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Pioneer Woman July 10, 2008

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If you look over to the right you’ll see my blogroll – see it?  I just added (ok, I added it a couple of days ago) a link to the “Pioneer Woman” site.  Wait, don’t click on it – I have more to tell you.  I love this blog!  I love her stories!  This woman is amazing!  She moved from California to Oklahoma to be with the man she calls “Marlboro Man”.  She is raising 4 “punks” and homeschools them!  I love her photography.  I’ve never seen such amazing photos of horses and cows.  She also offers tutorials on Photoshop.  She frequently offers contests in which she’ll get thousands of replies!  On one post for a $500 AmEx gift card, she received over 10,000 responses!  Wow!  I’m excited to see 20 people visit my site (and that might be one person clicking on 20 different pages)!  The more I read, the more interested I become in her life!  If you get a minute – check her out!

Thank you Missey for sharing the Pioneer Woman with me!