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Does symmetry make you happy? September 1, 2008

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Ooooh, I’m all giddy inside.  I love decorating and I especially love it when things work out.  Believe me – they don’t always and I have lots of holes in my walls to prove it!!!  Also, I love that I have a husband who’s an engineer and detail oriented!!!  He drew the layout of the frames, measured everything and even got out his level.  Thanks hubby!

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that we were swapping rooms in my house.  The family room stayed the family room, but we swapped out the couch (the cushions on the old one could no longer be flipped). ;-(  Then I decided to flip furniture in the room.  Anyhow, I was left with this awesome tall wall to fill up with some of my favorite photos!  

The majority of these photos were taken by my friend Holly.  She’s very talented and has taught me alot!  The middle photo has yet to be replaced by a photo of my 3 girls.  I had this photo professionally framed and tried to change out the photo myself…not going to happen with all those staples in there!!!! 

Everytime I look at it it makes me smile.  Finally, I got some photos up…some that I’ve had for years!