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Page Maps winner! June 15, 2009

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Guess what…I forgot about this.  It’s now 10:15pm on Monday night and I’m late.:-(

Congratulations to #13 Dani! 

I saw that layout on the blog this morning… super cute!!! I love the colors and your use of the little sprouts I, too, am wondering about the corrugated butterfly… is it just punched from cardboard?

Dani, you will love this book!  So many great ideas!  When you get a minute, can you e-mail me your contact info so I can get the Page Maps book out to you? 

Thanks everyone for participating!



Let’s celebrate! May 2, 2009

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It’s National Scrapbook Day and Happy Birthday to “The Soup Bowl”!!!  Woot! Woot!  Obviously, I have a great deal of passion for this industry!  You guys have been so great in supporting me and Jillibean Soup!  Can you belive my blog is a year old already?  It was a little over a year that I started “The Soup Bowl”.  I was still developing my first paper designs.  I was hoping the blog would be a way for me to relate to the everyday scrapper.  50,000 hits later – I guess it helped. 😉  You’ll get some laughs if you check out some of my early posts here and here.  Thank you bunches for your support through the past year!

As a tribute to National Scrapbook Day and “The Soup Bowl’s” 1st anniversary, we’re doing an awesome giveaway!  The girls and I (DT) have had great support from some industry leaders.  I want to offer you some product from Jillibean as well as some from our scrapbooking friends!

Check it out…


Woo Hoo!  I think I see some Jillibean, some My Sentiments Exactly stamps, some Core’dinations cardstock, and some Fiskars tools! 

All you have to do to enter this giveaway is leave a comment.  Tell me why you’re having a great “National Scrapbook Day”!  I will pick a winner on Wednesday May 6th at 9:00pm EST.

Good Luck and a HUGE thank you to all of you for your support!!!

UPDATE: This Giveaway is now CLOSED.



Earth Day & a Giveaway! April 22, 2009

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Happy Earth Day!  Chances are you’ve done something in your life to reduce, reuse or recycle.  Heck, if you’ve purchased Jillibean Soup papers then you’ve purchased some “green” products.  All of our papers are manufactured with recycled stock.  Our kraft papers are 100% recycled!  In celebration of Earth Day, I thought I would share some “green” tips and fun sites.


Martha has some eco-chic ideas for your home…



What a beautiful centerpiece made out of recyled glass.

Product Image

Check out this mirror made from recycled magazines.  Target has more “green” items online.


think green Jr. Jersey T-Shirt

Check out these cool green tees from Cafe Press.

Green Options has “green” ideas for scrapbooking and paper crafting.  Check them out…you might see a post about Jillibean Soup. 😉

Go to to learn how to “green” your home.


Here are 10 things NOT to do on Earth Day (provided by Jasmin Malik Chua from

1. Don’t drive like a teenager, speeding up and slowing down and weaving in and out of traffic. Such aggressive driving can lower fuel efficiency by 33 percent. Accelerate gently and stay with the traffic to save gas and money.

2. Don’t use cleansers and personal care products that contain triclosan or other antibacterial agents. Public health officials worry that antibacterials in cleansers, window cleaners, and soaps are causing us to become resistant to antibiotics. Use simple soap and hot water for cleaning, and body soaps and lotions that do not say “antibacterial” or “fights germs” on the label.

3. Don’t go shopping without a list! According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, people waste about 30 percent of their household food budgets buying groceries that eventually expire and have to be thrown out. Know what you want to buy before you hit the store aisles—you’ll buy less of what you don’t need, buy more of what you’re likely to use, and reduce the impact your shopping has on the planet. Then put your list on your refrigerator so you don’t forget what’s inside.

4. Don’t leave the lights on when you leave the room. You could save as much as $100 per year in electricity costs by turning off a 100-watt light bulb when you’re not using the light.

5. Don’t leave the computer on if you’re going to be gone longer than two hours, and don’t leave the monitor on if you’re going to be gone longer than 20 minutes. If you plug your electronics into an energy-saving power strip, you can reduce the energy they use by as much as 40 percent.

6. Don’t leave the water running when you brush your teeth. Turning off the tap when you brush your teeth can save up to 8 gallons of water a day, 240 gallons a month – saving hundreds on your water bill each year.

7. Don’t buy “snack packs” that come wrapped in cardboard and plastic. Small individual packages use more energy and resources to manufacture and transfer, and are often twice as expensive as the same product sold in a larger bag or box.

8. Don’t use so much shampoo, soap, lotion, make-up, gel, and perfume. More than 25 percent of all women and one of every 100 men use at least 15 products daily, according to a survey of 2,300 men and women, exposing people to hundreds of chemicals during the course of a day. Can you reduce the number of products you use by at least three?

9. Don’t buy new. Remember the 3 R’s of eco-friendly living? They begin with “reduce” (the other two are “re-use” and “recycle”). If you need to shop, start with eBay,, the neighbor’s yard sale, or the community vintage or thrift store.

10. Don’t sit at your computer all day. Get outdoors for at least an hour to remember why Mother Nature is worth protecting. Besides, if you’ve done all the other don’ts on this list, you deserve to take a break!  (This is for me!)


In honor of Earth Day, I’m giving away a $25 to spend at your favorite Etsy shop.  There’s lots of great recycled items on Etsy…some of my favs below…




This adorable owl pendant (from Tiny Trees Boutique) made from recycled Scrabble tiles.


Wooden Button Ring


Or this fun wood button ring (from Brooklynrehab) made from a recycled button.


ECO POPPIES - 100 Percent Recyled Paper Flower Embellishments, Set of 3


Or these cute Eco Poppies (from Kits and Kaboodles) made from 100% recycled paper.


All you have to do is leave a comment about your favorite “green” tip.  The winner will be picked via on Saturday 4/25 at 9:00 EST. 

Good Luck and try something “green” today!



It’s tax day… April 15, 2009

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Do you know what that means?  A GIVEAWAY!!!

I have been so excited to share this kit from Scrap Scription!  Lori is a local gal that teaches at B&B (one of our local stores) – she creates some awesome stuff!  Last fall, Lori and her friend Candy decided to start a kit company.  This isn’t an ordinary kit company…they offer very specific projects with lots of fun goodies included!  Check out this ADORABLE card box using the Minestrone line! 




I’ve got one to giveaway!!!  Hmmm, should I make you work for this one…heck no, it’s tax day!  Just leave a comment about cards – do you make them?  Do you have a favorite site for inspiration?  Do you hoard them like me and never send the ones you make? 

The winner will be picked via the IRS (ha!) or on Saturday April 18th at 9:00 EST.  Good Luck and thanks in advance for participating?



The spring goodies go to… April 11, 2009

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#12 Jodi!  Congrats!

I love the bright green buds on the trees, fresh flowers blooming, the smell of dirt, green grass, and the warmth of the sun!! Thanks for the giveaway!


Thank you everyone for your comments!  Jodi, when you get a minute, can you send me an e-mail with your address?  Please send it to  I’ll get your goodies out to you soon!

Happy Easter everyone! 



Some Links to share and a giveaway! April 9, 2009

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You can see all of these links up on Bean Talk…I didn’t think I was going to be able to post them for a couple of days but I snuck them in!


Check these out for some great JB Soup inspiration!


Check out this adorable “Home” book  from Keely at Creek Bank Creations!  Thanks so much for sharing Keely.


Julie B. created this very different but very cool layout with 2 pieces of Fresh Raspberries and a sprout.  Awesome Julie!


Hanneke from the Netherlands used all of the Minestrone line in this awesome layout!  Love the color blocking of all the papers Hanneke!


Check out the Creating Keepsakes website…Cream of Mush is being featured.  If you missed it, it was featured in the April issue of CK as well!  Woot Woot!


Love, Love, Love this layout from Julie O.!  Great stuff Julie!


Such a sweet layout from Marilou64 at the gallery.


Check out this adorable “So Lucky to Have You” layout from BrenoliS at the site.


 Check out this cute card from Natasha.  Love the Brown Sugar background and addtional Cream of Mush papers.


Oh, and for the giveaway.  Got some Jillibean Goodness to giveaway…


Lookie here…




Yum!  All about spring and butterflies.  What’s your favorite springtime flower, smell, memory or experience?  I LOVE to see the daffodils and tulips.  I love it when the grass first turns green…like right now.  I love it when we have 65 to 70 degree days and you can go out without a coat. 


All you have to do is leave a comment.  Leah will pick the winner on Saturday April 11th at 9:00 EST.  Good Luck and Happy Spring!!!!


You can sign up over on Bean Talk as well!



And the kit goes to… March 13, 2009

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#116  Mel Cloutier…congrats!!! 


only one favorite spot to shop at online?? I would narrow it down to Etsy, savvynsassy and scrapbookingfanatics, oh ebay too!


Mel, when you get a minute can you e-mail your address to


Thank you to everyone who participated!  Love your shopping tips!



Who won some JB Soup? February 24, 2009

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Thank you everyone for helping me wish Kimber a “Happy Belated Birthday”!  Her hubby was due home today.  Yeah!  What an awesome birthday gift!

The 2 winners of the Soup packs are…

#46 Heather


#60 Brianna T. 

When you get a minute, can you send me an e-mail at with your address?  I’ll get your goodies out to you!

Have a great night everyone! 



And the winner of the Paper Popsicles kit is… February 21, 2009

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#2 Janet B. – congrats!!!  Woo Hoo!!


“I love the smell of spring–the smell of rain, mud, fresh growth. There’s nothing better!”


Janet, when you get a minute can you send me an e-mail ( and let me know where to send the kit. 


Thanks to everyone that participated!  Spring can’t come soon enough!  We’re getting snow right now.  Ugggh! 



And the winner of the kit is… February 6, 2009

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#96 Alison…congrats!!! 

The year my husband made and decorated heart shaped cakes for me.

When you get a minute, can you e-mail me your address…I had to start deleting all the comments coming into my inbox.  Please send it to:


I love the kit and would like to keep it for myself!


I loved reading all your great stories and ideas for Valentine’s Day!  Wow, so many babies born on Feb 14th…so many people getting engaged or married! 


I never knew my brother was a romantic either (this is from my SIL)…

My most memorable Valentine’s Day…. A barbershop quartet showed up at my door to sing for me. I was very surprised & a little embarrassed. It was something I never would have thought of. After all these years, he can still surprise me.


If you have some time, read some of the fun comments.  Thanks everyone for participating!  I’ll have another kit to giveaway next week! 


Have a great weekend!