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Fun Bits for the Week (or month) :) January 20, 2010

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Fun Bits for the week of January 11th…

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted fun bits.  I don’t think I’ve posted any since before Christmas 😦  Here are a few from the last week…

* Leah has decided to start dressing like a rock star.  Not really a rock star but a Disney star.  She has been wearing skirts, footless tights, boots and her sparkly pink and silver scarf for the last several days.  She even wore it outside to make a snowman with Dad.

* Brooke scolded me the other day.  I was eating some crackers on the couch and she busted me!

* I’ve been proud of the girls lately – they’ve really been playing great together.  Most of the time they play house and Brooke is the Mom.  I keep listening to see what “Mom” has to say.  I’m hoping it’s all good and she doesn’t start yelling like someone else I know. 😉

* Speaking of playing house…you just never know what you’re going to see around here.  Is this a bug or a princess or a geisha girl?

* Everytime Kami goes to put chapstick on, she says she needs “lips chapped”. 

* I enjoyed my birthday.  Thank you everyone for all the great birthday wishes!  We all went out to dinner at the Japanese steak house.  Leah loved it.  Brooke and Kami were not so sure.  I had to switch seats with Kami because she was afraid of the fire.  Brooke started crying when she saw the grill “fired” up.  I enjoyed my yummy dinner and love watching the girls try chop-sticks for the first time. 

Have a great week.  I’ll have some project sneak peeks tomorrow!


Fun Bits for the Week… December 22, 2009

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Fun Bits for the Week of December 14th…


Has it really been a month since I posted my last Fun Bits?  Oh my…  Let’s see if I can remember how to do this. 😉

  • Brooke has started doing cookie monster impressions which I must say are quite amusing.  Her mum, mum, mum, mum, mum coooookie monster low tone is right on!
  • Kami was a cute little angel in her pre-school Christmas show.  For some reason it was more fun to play with her halo, wave to mom, turn around in her chair,  wave to dad, and do a little dance with her legs than it was to sing.  In between songs she could be heard saying  loudly “Hi Brooke” to a little girl sitting on my lap. 
  • The girls are very excited for Santa to come!  Our elves however have had to go back to the north pole for a couple of days.  The girls have been fighting over who finds the elves in the morning and the big elf is about to lose his legs.  Grandma might be sewing some elf legs before too long. 😉
  • Leah lost her 2nd tooth.  The tooth fairy visited with a couple bucks and a mini penguin (which seems to have gone missing already).  The penguin is one of those Asian erasers that are popular right now.  Good thing the tooth fairy is so cool and stays up with the trends. 😉
  • Brooke still loves the crayons!  Her latest masterpiece was on one of the windows in the playroom.
  • Kami insists on putting “lips chapped” on her lips several times a day.
  • Hubby and I were talking about Christmas tonight and I’m so thankful I started my shopping prior to Thanksgiving.  We’re both not sure where October, November and December went!!!!  2010 here we come!
  • We hosted a gingerbread house party this past weekend which was quite fun!  If you’ve never made a gb house before, I would recommend it!  We had some real talent in the group.  Take a look…

Have a great holiday week!!!


Fun Bits for the week… October 11, 2009

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Or, fun bits for week of Oct 4th (and a few extra days) :)…

  • Baa-eu-ti-ful fall day today!  Nothing better than jeans, a sweatshirt and some apple cider.
  • My oldest is deathly afraid of splinters in her fingers.  She completely freaks out when it’s time to “perform surgery” on her finger.
  • Kami has an imaginary friend named “Lisa” and she’s convinced Leah to have parties and playdates with her.
  • Brooke has been struggling with her 2 yr molars this past week.  Poor bubs is really having a rough time of it.  I dare not stick my finger in there in her mouth or she would probably bite it off!
  • Leah loves to watch America’s Funniest Videos…is it bad that she recognized that the host is the same guy from Dancing with the Stars?
  • I’ve started working out again…it’s amazing what it does to my energy level.  Anyhow, I tried walking/running one day.  Well, let’s just say that my body did NOT like the running part.  Achy knee, shin splints, muscles in my thighs burning…and the list goes on.
  • We were bummed that my brother and his family could not visit this past weekend because of the flu.  We still attempted a trip to the apple picking farm.  I have some pics to share. 🙂


  • I’m thinkin’ she got a tart one.  Everytime we turned around she was picking up another apple to eat.


  • Hey look, I made hubby take a pic with the girls and I!  I tried altering it a bit…really need to learn more Photoshop. 😦


  • Kami deciding to pose. 🙂


  • Yum!


  • Pertie.


  • I think this is Brooke saying cheese – look more like she ate a worm or something. 😉


  • Love this!  Check out that little stinker!

Have a great week everyone!



Fun Bits for the Week.. August 10, 2009

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Fun Bits for the Week of August 3rd…

  • First off I must wish Miss Alyssa (my niece) a VERY Happy 10th Birthday!  You’re getting so much older so quickly!  Stop! 


  • Also, I’m wishing my SIL Heidi a wonderful day – a little belated but hope you enjoyed yourself! 
  • One more, I want to give a shout out to Great Grandpa Earl – Happy 87th Birthday tomorrow! 

Now onto some more bits…

  • We really had a good time in Florida – some great family time.  I was thrilled to be able to spend the week with hubby and the girls.
  • While in Florida, we were fortunate to stay in a house with a pool as well as a clubhouse pool.  Hubby very rarely gets naked in front of the girls so it was very funny when Kami saw him in the pool and said “no Daddy, you’re dirty” (meaning his hairy chest).
  • Leah trying to rationalize every purchase at Disney…if I get the bag of rocks, can I still have the snow globe,  Mom “no”;  If I share the bag of rocks, can I get the snow globe.  Mom “no”.
  • Miss Kami telling me she wants to be a “clock” when she grows up. 
  • Brooke batting Kami over the head with her magical wand.
  • Hubby telling me that on his car ride home from Aunt Kathy and Uncle Ron’s that the girls started singing “Joy to the world, Barney is dead and we barbecued his head”.  Missey, do you know anything about this?
  • Leah telling me our 2nd day at the Magic Kingdom was “the best day of her life”.
  • Brooke learned all her colors while Mommy was in Florida at the tradeshow. 😦
  • On our final day in Florida, we decided we were too tired to do another park (our plan was to go to Seaworld) so instead we went to local “Olde Towne Kissimmee” where they had rides.  I think the girls had more fun at this place than they did at Disney (no lines either)…



  • Can you believe Leah – who’s afraid of bugs – rode this coaster with her Dad?  Can you see them?  He’s the one with his arms up.



How cute is that face?

Have a great week everyone!



A bit of fun with Mickey (and others)… August 9, 2009

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Of course I have more pics to share.  We really had a good time at Disney and the girls did great!  My only complaint would be how HOT it was!  I was sweating more than anyone around!  Ugh. 

Anyhow, here’s some other fun pics…


Another pic of the castle…told you I took LOTS that night. 🙂


I took too many photos of the “It’s a Small World” ride.  The girls were mesmerized. 


One of the best character meetings was with the Fairies – including Tinkerbell.  The girls loved it when she sprinkled pixie dust on their heads.  She was just adorable and had this cute little fairy voice.


Look at this cool dragon made out of Legos!  Downtown Disney was fun – rainy, but fun.


Princess Leah at our “Breakfast with the Prinesses”.  Each girl got their own wand.  Brooke decided to use her’s for a weapon. 😦


Princess Kami…


The family with Priness Aurora. 


Leah and I on the Toon Town coaster.  Leah loves coasters and rode Thunder mountain with her Dad.   She sat in the back by herself while Kami is up there with me.  Kami wasn’t so sure about coasters.


Kami enjoying her bacon at “Breakfast with the Prinesses” in the castle. 


Notice I don’t have very many pics of Brooke?  Brooke does not like to smile for the camera nor look at the camera for that matter.  Brooke likes to do everything she should not do including climb on every railing in site at the park.  Some things never change. 😉


Captain Kami Sparrows 🙂


Yummo…there’s that funnel cake I was Facebooking about.  It was the best part of the trip.  Ha!

Thanks for looking!  More scrapbooking stuff this week!



Fun Bits for the Week… August 3, 2009

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Fun Bits for the week of July 27th…

  • Kimber and I safely arrived in Florida in one piece.  We enjoyed seeing truckloads of watermelon, moonshine jelly signs, monster crosses (many of them)  and the Atlanta Olympic torch.
  • Last week I learned that Jen is a huge Ms. Pacman fan!  Who knew?
  • Hubby and the girls have joined me for a second week in Florida.  We have been doing some of the Disney stuff as well as enjoying some pool time.
  • Congrats to Eric who survived the flight with 3 little girls! 
  • Kami sat across the aisle on the airplane and carried on a conversation with her new friends. 
  • Leah calling Epcot  – “Apricot”.
  • Leah asking if the stuffed, animated leopards at the Rainforest cafe were going to jump down from the ceiling and get us.
  • Brooke getting into anyone and everyone else’s stroller at the theme parks.
  • Kami loving the Toy Story ride at Hollywood Studios and wanting to ride it again and again (too bad there was an 80 minute wait).
  • Leah asking why it’s so hot in Florida.
  • Leah loving the 3-D shows…especially when it rains.  Brooke not liking the 3-D shows…especially when it rains.
  • Leah thinking the castle is AWESOME and being absolutely amazed when Tinkerbell comes out of the castle and flies down to the ground.
  • Kami giving all of the characters BIG hugs.  Brooke not giving the characters BIG hugs and throwing her autograph books at them.
  • The girls LOVING the “Honey I shrunk the Kids” play area at Hollywood Studios – me too!
  • Here’s some pics…


  • Jen and I laughing.  Kimber was taking the pic and everytime we laughed, our heads tipped back.  Makes me laugh when I see it again.  Check out Jen’s pins – she was getting a little c-r-a-z-y with the make n’ take.


  • We just passed into the Disney complex and Leah is excited!


  • I don’t think they had this sign when I was 7 (last time I visited Disney) 😦


  • Leah enjoying her Mickey waffle at “Chef Mickey’s”.  The girls loved it there! Me too 🙂


  • Leah and Kams with Goofy.  Am I the only person that gets Goofy and Pluto mixed up?


  • Brooke enjoying Pooh’s house.


  • Took way too many pics of the fireworks…liked this one the best.


  • We have a playground at the house we’re renting…think Brooke is having fun?


  • Meeting JoJo at Hollywood Studios.


  • The girls on the giant ant at the “Honey I shrunk the Kids” playgound.  I LOVED this place and want one in my backyard!  Brooke’s not thrilled with Mommy taking so many pics.


  • Leah, Kams and Mom in our 3-D glasses. 

I’m sure I’ll have lots more to share in the next couple of days.  Have a great week!



Fun Bits for the Week… July 13, 2009

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Fun Bits for the last 3 weeks 🙂  Catching up here…

**WARNING – Long post!

  • Kami singing gotta get, get as in Black Eyed Peas “Boom, Boom, Pow”.  We’ve got to start listening to another radio station!
  • Brooke looking in my shirt and saying “boobies”!  What?  I guess we talk about boobies way too much around here.  Poor hubby is surrounded by females!
  • Leah is becoming the “big sister” more than ever now.  She thinks she’s the boss of her two younger sisters.  She tells them how many bites they need to eat and directs them to the toys she thinks they should play with. ;(
  • Got lots of  pics from the last couple of weeks…


  • Leah had soccer camp a couple of weeks ago.   She had a great time with her friend Anne.  The last day everyone enjoyed a water gun battle.


  • Here’s my serious soccer player!  Check out those quads!


  • The birthday party crew.  My 3 girls have birthdays 3 weeks apart so this year we decided to have one big party for all 3!  It was a fun celebration!


  • Here are my nieces Alyssa and Camille helping Brooke make her “goodie bag” for the pinata.


  • Here’s Brooke going after the pinata. 🙂


  • Here’s Grant going after the pinata – check out that face!


  • Here’s Kami holding up her freshly decorated goodie bag.


  • Leah and her friend Brooke showing off their artwork.


  • Heather and Lucas look like they’re having difficulty with the egg carton nature hunt. 😦


  • Here’s Kams with her yummy birthday cake!


  • The family. Aww.


  • We were lucky to have all of hubby’s family in town for the party.  His sister’s live in Maine and Washington state so it’s not easy to have everyone together.  The kids had a great time!


  • After party fun included more eating and water fun!


  • Grandma bought the girls a Slip n’ Slide…


  • Kami didn’t slide much – she decided it was more fun to get a drink out of the squirting water.


  • I’m thinkin’ Lucas had some fun! 🙂


  • I’d say Elaina was havin’ some fun too!  Cute pics of the Maine cousins!

So glad to be getting caught up!  I still have another weekend of photos to post but will hold out until later on.  Up tomorrow – Happy Birthday Kami!



Fun Bits for the Week… June 15, 2009

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Fun Bits for the week of June 8th…

  • Oh no, I owe a huge belated birthday wish to my father-in-law!  Happy belated Birthday Don!  Thank you again for making the trip to see Leah at her dance recital!
  • Last week I forgot to mention how proud I was of Leah during her dance recital.  She’s definitely a leader and does not have an ounce of stage fright.  She really tried hard to remember all of her steps and performed like a pro!  The pics that I took at the show (actually after the show – we were not allowed to take pics during) were not so hot in the dark.  Thank goodness I got some good shots after the rehearsal!
  • Brooke has once again taken to markers.  This time it was her arms, face and Kami’s bed. 
  • We had a successful garage sale this past weekend – I was sad to get rid of some baby stuff. 😦 
  • Our new floor is in…now I need new countertops, new trim, a new table, new sink and new appliances!  😉
  • Speaking of our new floor.  While the one worker was fixing the carpet that butts up against the wood, Leah said frantically, “Mom, he’s cutting our carpet”.  🙂 
  • Leah enjoyed her first week off from school – she attended vacation Bible school with her friends Lauren and Grace this past week.  They had a really good time – thanks Sarah!




  • One of the days at VBS is “crazy hat/crazy hair” day.  We chose crazy hair!  She wasn’t so sure about this.  I heard her giggling when she looked in the mirror. 



  • These photos are of Leah and her friend Grace doing the hand motions to the “Camp Edge” songs.  Leah loves to perform!  She takes it really seriously and is very articulate when she sings the songs.  Leah’s friend Kendall is to the right of Grace and has a great facial expression.  Too cute!

Have a great week!



Fun Bits for the Week… June 8, 2009

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Fun Bits for the Week of June 1st…

  • June, June June…already?  Leah enjoyed her end-of-the-year kindergarten party.  I volunteered to run one of the “activity stations”.  Our station included a nature hunt using egg cartons.  I painted different colors in the bottom of each slot and we went out on a nature hunt to collect things for each color.  The kids really enjoyed this.
  • Kami told me to “be quiet” the other day while she was talking on her pretend phone.
  • Brooke is experiencing more separation anxiety lately. 😦  She has been stuck to Mom like glue when we’re out and about. 
  • We live very close to a PGA course that hosts a tournament around Memorial Day – every year we see/hear a blimp flying overhead covering the tournament.  Kami thinks it’s called a “blump”.  “I see a blump Mommy!”.
  • Leah started Vacation Bible School today – she’s been calling it PBS from “PBS kids” instead of VBS…guess we’re watching too much TV around here.
  • The girls and I enjoyed a short trip to PA this past weekend.  We went there to celebrate my niece Camille’s 8th birthday!  Happy Birthday Camille!!!!


  • It was a swim party – hence the swim suits.


  • The weather was not as cooperative as we would have liked…a bit chilly.  The girls still had a great time!  Check out grumpy girl on the right. 😉


  • Silly girl Camille!


  • Pretty girl in her pretty polkas!


  • What’s up with that face?

Have a great week!



Fun Bits for the Week… June 2, 2009

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Fun Bits for the week of May 25th…

  • Warning: a little gross…Kami telling me her one pooh in the toilet needs a friend.
  • Leah enjoying time with her friends at her end-of-the-year Daisy picnic.
  • Brooke finding a new hobby…she loves foam stickers and will sit for a long period of time and just peel and stick, peel and stick.  Now, if I could only get her to stick them on PAPER.
  • Kami pretending to talk to her friend Grace on the phone and cracking up at their make-believe conversation.  She then proceeds to tell Grace “your so funny” and cracks up again.  Emily…she did this for me too!
  • Brooke has another new obsession…


  • Pink dress-up shoes that she wears everyday.
  • The other day Leah was racing our neighbor Megan.  Leah was on her bike and Megan was on her scooter.  Leah wiped out a couple of times and didn’t flinch.  She’s really getting tough…her legs are taking a beating and it shows!
  • Leah had her dance recital rehearsal and of course I have some pics to share…



  • I’m finishing up the designs for CHA summer.  Anyone want a sneak?