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Did Anyone watch “Ellen”??? October 20, 2008

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Oh my, Jen and I were shown numerous times…not thrilled about the way I look on camera but it was exciting to see both of us on TV!  By the way, Jen was the one in green right beside me.  It was really different to watch the show from home knowing what I know now.  The set looks so much bigger on the TV than it does in person.  If you can imagine all those people were about 2-3 feet away from me at some point during the show.  I could have goosed Colin Farrell. 😉 

Thanks Judy for e-mailing me – it was fun to know you were watching it while I was.


Ahhh, Back to Reality… October 19, 2008

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* Chasing miss Brooke around.

* Poopie Diapers.

* Laundry.

* Jillibean Soup.

* Sick children.

* Watching “Max n’ Ruby”.

* Mom, this and Mom, that…

* Cooking again.

* Homework.

* No more dancin’ 😦 

* And, somehow the temperature has dropped about 20 degrees from last Wednesday.


California was good – busy, busy.  Ellen was great!  Somehow, Jen and I managed to get front row seats!  If you watch the show tomorrow (as in October 20th) you should see Jen and I on the right hand side (from Ellen’s perspective looking out into the audience).  Remember the camera adds 10 lbs. 🙂 When Ellen dances through the audience, she passes right by us.  It was almost surreal being there.  Even though she was 3 ft in front of us doing her monologue…it still felt like she was in a bubble and untouchable.  This was my first experience with seeing anything filmed.  I was watching all the cameras, watching Tony (the DJ), watching all the people instruct Ellen and tend to her during the breaks.  One bummer was that I could not take pics of anything. 😦  You know how I love to take photos!  I even tried to take a pic of the set after the show with my cell phone and got busted. 


In addition to Ellen, we got to see Colin Farrell, Senator Joe Biden, Tony Braxton and Alec Mazo (from Dancing with the Stars) and a special extra guest…Julia Louis-Dreyfuss.  Everyone (with the exception of Sen Biden) are all so tiny!  Colin Farrell is little as well.  Tony and Julia were both beautiful!  Again, it was just bizarre to have all of them within reach.  I look forward to watching the show tomorrow and recalling what went on.  Even though I was there, I don’t remember a whole lot of what was said.  All in all it was a great show to catch. 


I’m sure I’ll have some pics to share soon!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!