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Big Picture Update – I won something!!! August 6, 2008

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The Designing with Recipe Book by Autumn Leaves Books

When we returned from Washington, I logged onto the classroom to see what I had missed and found out that I won a book!  I never win anything so this was such a nice surprise!  The book is “The Designing With Recipes Book – A Step by Step Guide to 100 Perfect Pages” by Autumn Leaves.  I love the Autumn Leaves books so this was a great prize!  BPS gives away prizes every Monday. 

Now, wouldn’t you like to see something I’ve actually made from the class?  Like I told you earlier – I’m the deadbeat.  I’m there to get inspiration and ideas.  So far, so good.

Thank you ladies at BPS!


Big Picture Scrapbooking – Update #2 July 31, 2008

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Well the class is still going, whether I’m in attendance or not. :-O  I’ve only completed one project which is fine.  I’m still gathering lots and lots of ideas.  It has been interesting and it’s teaching me to think “outside the box”.  One of the first projects that was offered was a simple layout with the “keep it simple silly” approach.  Here are the instructions…

  • Take 3 cleansing breaths.  Stretch for 2 to 3 minutes
  • Set a kitchen timer for 30 minutes
  • Go to your stash of photos
  • Pick out two or three snapshots that capture someone engaged in PLAY
  • Stick photos onto cardstock
  • Use a one-word title
  • Add some ribbon or doo-dads
  • Share the completed page with someone you love

I love how simple this is…now only if I could sit down and do this.  No, I don’t have a page to show you – I’m going to try this this weekend and hope you will too!   This will be hard for me – but I think it will allow me some freedom in my scrapbooking and I can definitely use that!


Big Picture Scrapbooking Mini Book July 10, 2008

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OK, still having difficulty with the scanner – think it’s going back to the manufacturer.  I decided to take some pics of the mini book.

This was the first project in the class using the following materials:

  • 3 12X12 sheets of double sided patterned paper
  • 1 12X12 piece of cardstock
  • 1 set chipboard alpha
  • tiny alphas
  • ribbon and trim scraps
  • small flowers, buttons, etc…
  • die cut tags and labels

Basically you fold the 12X12 sheets twice, punch holes and tie it together to make a 6X6 album.  I like the concept because you do not need to buy an album for this…your patterned paper becomes your album.  Yeah! I actually completed an album (granted it only has 12 pages)! 


The theme was “be” and several quotes were used instead of journaling.  If you want any information on the products used, send me an e-mail.

Thanks for looking!


Big Picture Update July 9, 2008

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I’m having a good time with the class.  In case you haven’t heard, I’ve decided to take a “virtual” scrapbooking class.  It has been FUN (name of the class) and I’m getting some great ideas.  In fact, I tried to share one of them this evening but I’m having some technical difficulty.  Ugggh!  Our first project was a mini album.  I’m pleased with the way mine turned out and wanted to post some scanned pics but I can’t.  In order to get a good scan, the file size ends up being close to 30 MB.  I’ve tried different things to save it at a smaller resolution with no luck.  I’ll keep trying…want to share it with you! 

We’re also having some fun with non-scrapbooking stuff too!  More to come about “Wreck this Journal”!  Fun Fun!


Big Picture Scrapbooking July 2, 2008

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I’ve decided to take a “virtual” class with Stacy Julian (founding editor of Simple Scrapbooks).  Stacy started a website called Big Picture Scrapbooking – it’s a virtual classroom.  The class is titled “Have more FUN”.  It’s a 3 month class that will start this Thursday!  We do new things with different teachers each week.  July is all about spontaneous and outrageous scrapbooking.  August is about PRODUCTIVITY – woo hoo, this I can use some help with!  September is about being more engaged with life.  I’m hoping I will get some good ideas as well as get some pages or better yet – an album completed!!  I will keep you guys updated with the class and hopefully post some of the FUN we’re having.