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Thursday Ramblings February 25, 2010

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I spend Thursdays with my two youngest…Brooke and Kami (or Kams – as we like to call her).  It seems like they’re always doing something funny or saying something that only a 2 or 3 yr old would say.  One Thursday, I told Kami that we were going to run some errands.  Her response to that was do we have to run fast

Thank goodness we don’t have to run fast while running errands or I’d never get anything done!  Ha!

Have a great afternoon!


“You just seem to vanish for a while”… February 23, 2010

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this being said by my friend Holly.  Yes, it seems that way to me too!  The CHA shows are great for business but they are a ton of work and when you don’t have a huge team to do everything…guess who does it?  Yep, that’s me!  So, when I feel the need to keep some balance between work and family…everything else (and I mean everything) goes by the wayside.  Soon, I’ll be up for air, blogging again, facebooking again…finding those little funny anecdotes.

Thanks for your patience. 😉


Bella Blvd, Jillibean Soup and Nikki Sivils Scrapbooker Blog Crawl February 22, 2010

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How cool is this!  What is a blog crawl?  Well, you’ll check out the Jillibean blog on the morning of March 5th.  We will have links listed to all of our DT members that are participating.   If you go to each of the participating DT member’s blogs, you’ll see a handmade item that will be up for grabs (a giveaway).  You’ll leave a comment and move on to the next blog.  Once you’re done with the Jillibean crew, head over to Bella Blvd and Nikki Sivils Scrapbooker for MORE chances to win!  There will be opportunities for close to 50 giveaways!  That’s huge!  Make sure to mark your calendar – March 5th! 

Have a good one!


Random Musings…. February 21, 2010

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Lots of random stuff going on…

🙂 First, if you haven’t noticed, Jillibean is doing a DT call.  We’ve received some great apps already.  You have until March 15th to apply.

🙂 Next, Jillibean also has a fan page on Facebook now.  To join in the fun, participate in extra giveaways and see more Jillibean projects, you need to get signed up!  You can do so here.  You can always follow me on Facebook as well although I don’t really talk about Jillibean too much! 

🙂 Next up, Jillibean is doing a blog crawl with Bella Blvd and Nikki Sivils Scrapbooker some time in the next couple of weeks.  I’m really excited about this!  We will have close to 50 chances for giveaways!  Check back tomorrow for more details.

🙂  Next up, I need to give a shout out to Missey and Ryan!  They have been doing a bunch of packaging for me!  To keep some of our costs down, we do some packaging ourselves…if it weren’t for Missey and Ryan, I may not be able to offer you some of our great products! 

🙂  Finally, I’m ready for some sunshine and spring!  We’ve had lots of snow on the ground for a couple of weeks and that’s not normal for Columbus, Ohio.  I’m ready for green grass, Easter Egg Hunts,  spring photo shoots, clean cars and no more winter gear!  I’m tired of washing mittens, hats, scarves and snow pants!

Have a great week and I’ll be back soon!


Jillibean Design Team Call February 11, 2010

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It’s almost been 3 weeks… February 9, 2010

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since my last post.  Ugh. 

First off, it’s crazy around show time!  Absolutely crazy!  I didn’t take the right laptop to post pics at the show, so sorry about that.  Also, I didn’t take the right laptop to download pics onto at the show, so sorry about that too!  Ugh. 

The show was good.  There are lots of good pics up on the Bean Talk blog.  You can check them out here.  We had a really good time.  Unfortunately, I was a bit drugged (prescription that is) due to back and neck spasms.  I guess the drugs helped keep me in check (and under control) 🙂  I’m happy to say that all is well and the spasms are gone now.  Starting with a chiro tomorrow – yay! 

More later this week.  We will have a DT call announcement on Friday for anyone that’s interested.  We will be adding to the current team.  I’m excited to see some fresh designs!

Stay warm!  We have LOTS of snow on the ground and are expecting more.  The girls are off of school today.  I remember snow days back in the day…loved snow days!  Of course Western PA can handle a bit more snow than Columbus Ohio! 

Be back soon!