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A little bit of everything… December 17, 2009

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News, prayer requests, card request, a sneak peek and a giveaway…a little bit of everything…

You know it’s bad when I could not remember my log-in id for the blog. 😦   New Year’s Resolution for 2010: Better Blogger :).  I think I have too many outlets to post what’s going on in our everyday life and it’s just too much.  Facebook is going to have to suffer.  Tee Hee.

As we approach the Winter Craft and Hobby show, we have LOTS going on!  Travel plans, booth reservations, booth changes, design team assignments and new products – not to mention all the holiday stuff as well!   The show is in Anaheim again so I’m looking forward to a little sunshine.  Also, I love the breakfasts at the Embassy Suites!  I’m really looking forward to having an omlet made for me every morning.  Yum.  Oh, and free happy hour too!  Can’t beat that!   And of course spending time with friends. 🙂  Soooo, what about NEW products – you ask and where are they?  We’ll I thought I would share one little quick sneak peek – it’s my favorite piece of paper from all of our new lines and it makes me smile everytime I see it.  I should really carry it in my pocket or something.

It’s from my Old World Cabbage Soup line and I LOVE it!!!  My favorite line to date. 

We are discontinuing several lines now, including all of our first kraft lines.  If there’s something you absolutely love, you may want to get it before it’s all gone. 😦

Prayer Requests – this time of year is very difficult for some people.  The holidays should bring joy but to some it brings sadness as they remember the loss of a loved one that may not be at the dinner table this season.  If you have a minute or two say a prayer for these familes.  I have a few extras as well…

* This from my SIL Kathy:

A friend’s daughter is a senior in HS and has been having a difficult time for the last several years.  As of this past year, it has resulted in panic attacks and more recently, hallucinations.  There is some concern that she may have been abused by a school employee.  After recommendation from several psychiatrists and therapists, she is currently in an inpatient rehabilitation facility for 90 days (thousands of miles from her home).  In addition to all the stress with trying to figure out what has happened and the best treatment for her, now there is also a financial burden.  I’m sure the holidays will be especially difficult, as she is an only child.  It is my understanding that they will only be able to see her for a few hours on Christmas day, even if they travel that far.  The family needs everyone’s prayer.  Thanks.



* My friend Missey’s sister could use your prayers.  Her husband recently lost his job.  What a horrible time to lose your job – I couldn’t even imagine.  Please say couple of prayers for this family as well.

* One other note…I got this message from my friend Holly…

My cousin Nate Elfrink is 7 ½ years old and has been fighting cancer his entire life.  They thought the tumor was finally gone earlier this year, but we found out last week that it has returned and is growing more rapidly than ever.  Unfortunately, there is not much more they can do for him.  His last wish is to receive as many Christmas Cards as possible, (hopefully 1 million)!    If you get a moment, could you please send a Christmas card to Nate?  

Here’s his address:


If you have a moment, can you send Nate a card? UPDATE: The family has said they have received enough cards but are asking people to make a donation in Nate’s name to the Children’s Hospital of Columbus.  You can read more information here.  Thanks Holly D. for the update.



Switching gears – so sorry for the random post.  How about a giveaway?  It’s been a while!  I have some new samples sitting in a box just waiting to get used.  If you would like to get NEW product before it’s even on the market, leave a comment.  Nothing special, just a note. will pick a winner on December 25th.  Christmas here in the states. 

Good Luck and thanks in advance for your prayers.