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Danger, Danger… December 1, 2009

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See this…

Well, you can barely see it.  It’s a Daffins candy bar.  Do you know how many I’ve eaten since Thursday?  8 – that’s right – 8!!!  I LOVE this chocolate and my niece was selling them for a fundraiser.  Besides eating several in Pennsylvania while visiting for the holiday, I bought several extra to cover with patterned paper and give out at Christmas.  I’m not going to have any to give.  <embarrassed face inserted here>


6 Responses to “Danger, Danger…”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I”m surprised you had any left to take a picture of 😉

  2. jyeger Says:

    It’s not my picture – I borrowed it from the Daffins website. 😉

  3. Tracy Says:

    I’m surprised there is not a “Daffin’s Rehab” in northwestern PA!!! That stuff is SOOO addicting!

  4. Jolene Says:

    My husband bought what she had left when we were getting our tree on Sunday. He said he was going to take them into the office for our employees. Ha! not going to happen!

  5. jenifer harin Says:

    Hhhhmmmm, it’s been awhile since I had a taste of Daffins…maybe you’re wedding? But, I can still remember the taste….are you saving one for me:)?

  6. missey Says:

    Dear Queen of the Chocolates,
    hmmmm looks yummy! I have never heard of Daffin’s?
    Save me a small bite 🙂

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