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Fun Bits for the Week… November 23, 2009

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Fun Bits for the Week of November 16th…

  • Leah has been saying that’s so awesome a lot lately….she says it so dramatically too.
  • Brooke has just been a handful lately…climbing into and out of her crib, saying “no” all the time,  coloring several of her toys, running away from me every chance she gets, sticking foam stickers EVERYWHERE, stabbing the table with her fork numerous times to leave a nice “distressed” look…oh my when are we out of these terrible twos!!!!
  • Kami is getting over a 4 day bout with a fever…funny how she learned that if she is still “sick” she can lay on the couch and watch shows all day. 
  • We enjoyed our first trip to Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo this weekend.  It’s very cool if you’ve never been.  I’m embarrassed to say that we’ve been here for 7 years and this was our first time going!!!  Wildlights is a beautiful display of Christmas lights at our local zoo.  A couple of the displays dance to music throughout the night.  I was having difficulty getting some night shots of the lights but did manage to get a couple of the girls having some fun.  Here are a couple of pics…

  • Leah wrote me a song this evening (after watching Billy Ray Cyrus sing a similar one to his daughter on Hannah Montana).  It goes like this…

Baby I Love you

You are precious my baby

I Love you so much and

I never want you to grow up

  • Today,  I went to pick up the girls at the babysitter’s and put Brooke and Kami in my vehicle first.  Next thing I knew Brooke was in the driver’s seat, honking the horn and staring the adults down with these devilish little eyes.  She had pigtails in so she looked a whole lot cuter.  I busted up laughing! 

Have a great week!  Happy Turkey Day!


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