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Fun Bits for the Week… October 20, 2009

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Fun bits for the week of October 12th…

  • Brooke telling me to “be good” when she left to go to the sitters.
  • Kami loves school and has made lots of new friends.  Too bad she can’t remember any of their names. 😉
  • Brooke decided to draw on the playroom walls with crayon.  Does anyone listen to me around here?


  • This picture proves that no one listens to me!
  • Our local rec center serves up some Halloween fun for the community.  The girls enjoyed wearing their costumes to “Spooktacular”…



  • Leah and Kami are in the first pic with the Chiller bear.  Leah was so upset when I made her wear a shirt under her dance costume.  She didn’t even want to wear her coat and it was freezing outside!  Kami is a ladybug if you couldn’t tell.  One of those dress up items that quickly transformed into a quick Halloween costume.  The 2nd pic is of one little piggy that likes her candy. 🙂
  • We enjoyed going to another pumpkin patch for our friends Nickolas and Delaney’s 6th birthday party!



  • Kami and Brooke could play in the corn box all day!  We need one of those in our backyard. 
  • I’ve started designing the new lines for January CHA.  This is the part of the job I LOVE! 
  • I purchased another laptop a couple of weeks ago and have decided I’m not the best at adapting to new things. :{

Have a great week!