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Fun Bits for the week… October 11, 2009

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Or, fun bits for week of Oct 4th (and a few extra days) :)…

  • Baa-eu-ti-ful fall day today!  Nothing better than jeans, a sweatshirt and some apple cider.
  • My oldest is deathly afraid of splinters in her fingers.  She completely freaks out when it’s time to “perform surgery” on her finger.
  • Kami has an imaginary friend named “Lisa” and she’s convinced Leah to have parties and playdates with her.
  • Brooke has been struggling with her 2 yr molars this past week.  Poor bubs is really having a rough time of it.  I dare not stick my finger in there in her mouth or she would probably bite it off!
  • Leah loves to watch America’s Funniest Videos…is it bad that she recognized that the host is the same guy from Dancing with the Stars?
  • I’ve started working out again…it’s amazing what it does to my energy level.  Anyhow, I tried walking/running one day.  Well, let’s just say that my body did NOT like the running part.  Achy knee, shin splints, muscles in my thighs burning…and the list goes on.
  • We were bummed that my brother and his family could not visit this past weekend because of the flu.  We still attempted a trip to the apple picking farm.  I have some pics to share. 🙂


  • I’m thinkin’ she got a tart one.  Everytime we turned around she was picking up another apple to eat.


  • Hey look, I made hubby take a pic with the girls and I!  I tried altering it a bit…really need to learn more Photoshop. 😦


  • Kami deciding to pose. 🙂


  • Yum!


  • Pertie.


  • I think this is Brooke saying cheese – look more like she ate a worm or something. 😉


  • Love this!  Check out that little stinker!

Have a great week everyone!



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