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Taking some pics for a friend October 30, 2009

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I think it’s o.k. to post these.  Heather posted them on Facebook so I think it’s o.k. 🙂

Anyhow, my friend Heather asked if I would take some engagement pics of she and her fiance Eric.  Whenever someone asks me to do this, it makes me nervous.   I like taking pictures, don’t get me wrong, but I’m always worried that I won’t have the right lighting or I won’t be able to compensate for the lighting with my gear.  Also, I’m not too hot a posing people…remember I follow 3 kids around with my camera! 

We did get lucky and there are a couple that I love…thought I would share…












I had a great time trying to shoot these too…they were so cute together!  Love that we got some good stuff! 



Scrappin’ Space October 28, 2009

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I don’t have a whole lot of room for my scrapping materials.  We use our basement for Jillibean Soup so that leaves a very small area for a desk and some shelves.  Recently,  Terry Cowans of Reddin’ Up came over and organized some of my scrapbook materials (by the way…”Reddin’ Up” is a term most western Pennsylvanians know…it means picking up or cleaning up a room :)).  I’m thrilled to have a clean space to work at now!!!


My basement is not that wide so I can’t even get the whole desk in one shot.   Love the ribbon rods and the shelving.


The desk was purchased at IKEA.  It has a glass top so I can see everything that’s in the shelf below the class.  The shelves on the legs just house some baskets for of different embellishments and pictures.


Side view shows the desktop as well as this cute little cart holding my sewing machine.  The cart is also from IKEA and it works great for housing my stamps and my punch collection (I’m a punch collector)  as seen below.


Now, if I can keep the space clean….


I have another stash that I take to crops with.  It is not even slightly organized!  People make fun of my obsession for ziploc bags…Holly…they work well!

Thanks again to Terry – great job on the room!



Fun Bits for the Week… October 27, 2009

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Fun Bits for the Week of October 19th…

  • We are all excited to have a new cousin in the family!  Congrats to Mark, Laura, Lucas and Elaina in welcoming baby Naomi home!
  • Kami is obsessed with her new cousin.  She’s telling everyone that WE are bringing home a baby!  She asks several times a day when she gets to meet the baby Naomi.  Unfortunately baby Naomi lives in Maine and it’s going to be a while.
  • Leah scored 2 goals in her soccer game on Saturday! 
  • Leah said she wanted to go to some place special for dinner the other night…McDonald’s.
  • While saying grace at the dinner table this evening, Leah was thanking God for her food, for her family and for her dog that’s not going to live much longer.  What??  Eric and I looked at each other.  Where did she come up with that?  Lily is only 7 and is fine. 
  • I survived my Diva Craft Lounge Radio interview…I refuse to listen to the recording though. 😉
  • Kami enjoyed her halloween parade at school today.  I decided her ladybug costume was not cutting it.  She makes a much cuter Minnie Mouse (thanks Jen for the dress :)).



Have a great week!



Couple of cards to share… October 24, 2009

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Nice to see some papercrafting around here!  😉




I find that I’m constantly grabbing for the Give Thanks stamp set – especially the large flower!




I also find that I keep making mini cards from scraps!  A little bit goes a long way!


Hope you found some time to create something this weekend!



All Things Pumpkins October 21, 2009

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I love the fall.  I also love pumpkins (not to mention anything made with pumpkin – yum)!  I found some really cool pumpkin designs for Halloween.  Check these out…

pumpkins 500x1500 Carveless Pumpkins

These are all carveless designs from Thig and Thistle.  Very cool!

Decoupage Pumpkins

Sorry that pic is so small.  These pumpkins are decoupaged!  Check out Family Fun for more info!   Modge Podge lives on forever!

Tabletop Mumkins

Beautiful table Mumkins from BH&G.

Creepy Candy Containers

Too funny…check out Martha for more cool pumpkin madness.

BTW…click here for 28 yummy pumpkin recipes!

Happy Pumkinness!



Diva Craft Lounge Radio…

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Check it out between 12:00 and 1:00 today…I will be on at 12:35 Pacific time. 

If you don’t know what Diva Craft Lounge Radio is, you can check it out here.

Come join me!



Fun Bits for the Week… October 20, 2009

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Fun bits for the week of October 12th…

  • Brooke telling me to “be good” when she left to go to the sitters.
  • Kami loves school and has made lots of new friends.  Too bad she can’t remember any of their names. 😉
  • Brooke decided to draw on the playroom walls with crayon.  Does anyone listen to me around here?


  • This picture proves that no one listens to me!
  • Our local rec center serves up some Halloween fun for the community.  The girls enjoyed wearing their costumes to “Spooktacular”…



  • Leah and Kami are in the first pic with the Chiller bear.  Leah was so upset when I made her wear a shirt under her dance costume.  She didn’t even want to wear her coat and it was freezing outside!  Kami is a ladybug if you couldn’t tell.  One of those dress up items that quickly transformed into a quick Halloween costume.  The 2nd pic is of one little piggy that likes her candy. 🙂
  • We enjoyed going to another pumpkin patch for our friends Nickolas and Delaney’s 6th birthday party!



  • Kami and Brooke could play in the corn box all day!  We need one of those in our backyard. 
  • I’ve started designing the new lines for January CHA.  This is the part of the job I LOVE! 
  • I purchased another laptop a couple of weeks ago and have decided I’m not the best at adapting to new things. :{

Have a great week!



Aug-Sept Simply Handmade October 17, 2009

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Look who’s in there…it’s me!  This is my first official published project!  Woo Hoo!  I actually didn’t know it was in there until Tracy told me about it.  They picked up this frame at the Jan CHA show so it’s been a while and I kinda forgot about it. 

Oh well, just wanted to toot my own horn! 🙂

Have a great day!



Crazy day… October 14, 2009

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I’m supposed to get up at 5:00am…got up at 7:15am…somehow I turned my alarm clock off in my dreams…rushed around getting 3 kids ready, breakfast, pack lunches…hubby is traveling…run out the door, we’re late to the sitters…Leah to school at 8:40…clean up kitchen…cut legs while shaving…hired help is here I don’t have everything ready for her…rush out the door for meeting at 10:30…forget GPS to find meeting…go to wrong offices…meeting done…drive to Sidney (3 hours round trip)…pick up Leah from school…realize I was supposed to make brownies for the teacher conferences…Leah has a meltdown…rush to the grocery store…purchase brownies…take them back to school….come home to send a quick e-mail (needs to be there by 5:00)…lose internet connection….pick up kids at sitters…did I mention hubby is traveling…Brooke has meltdown…go to Taco Bell to get dinner (yes, I feed my kids fast food at times)…I get the wrong order…home…Brooke won’t eat…bathtime…dog thinks I want to play while I’m giving the girls a bath…wrong…Brooke and Kami to bed…hubby gets home…Leah just announes Dad’s her favorite…ugh…is this day over yet?


Lovable Links October 13, 2009

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I haven’t posted any fun links lately, so thought today would be a great day.   Lots of yumminess here…

Check out Design Sponge for more “before” and “after” home projects.

Ode to the Alphabet from the Junior Society blog.  Look what you can do with your old alphas…


Got any Thickers you’re not using?

How about this cute Elephant…

Found a new site called Mod Podge Rocks…love it!

Oh, and one more to share…

FBT_11    FBT_12






LOVE these fabric butterflies from LollyChops!   How cute would these be on a page?

Have a great day!