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A couple of prayer requests… August 12, 2009

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If you get a minute and you would like to help pray for these people, they could use the help…

  • Jen (my good friend from Iowa) could use some prayers – she recently had a biopsy done and is waiting for the results.
  • My friend Heather (whom I’ve talked about opening an Etsy shop with her cards) lost her dog Toby today.  Heather is as much a dog lover as I am and Toby was her good buddy.
  • My friend and super sprout helper Missey’s sister has been battling some undefined bleeding.  Prayers they can figure out what’s wrong and take care of it.
  • On a positive note, remember the twins I asked for prayers for?  The Twin Transfusion Syndrome twins?  Well, they were born a couple of weeks ago (I’m not sure what gestational age).  The girls were 2lbs, 12 oz and 3lbs, 1 oz, were born crying and breathing on their own.  Every little prayer helps!

If you have a request to add, leave a comment.  We’ll add them to the list.



3 Responses to “A couple of prayer requests…”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I have one to add…A girl I work with has just been diagnosed with breast cancer (stage 2, I believe). She is a single mom; her son is 10. She could use some prayer.

  2. karen nuce Says:

    Each of these will be in my prayers. May God bless them each with strength & health.

  3. So much sadness! My thoughts and prayers are with you and these people in need.

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