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A bit of fun with Mickey (and others)… August 9, 2009

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Of course I have more pics to share.  We really had a good time at Disney and the girls did great!  My only complaint would be how HOT it was!  I was sweating more than anyone around!  Ugh. 

Anyhow, here’s some other fun pics…


Another pic of the castle…told you I took LOTS that night. 🙂


I took too many photos of the “It’s a Small World” ride.  The girls were mesmerized. 


One of the best character meetings was with the Fairies – including Tinkerbell.  The girls loved it when she sprinkled pixie dust on their heads.  She was just adorable and had this cute little fairy voice.


Look at this cool dragon made out of Legos!  Downtown Disney was fun – rainy, but fun.


Princess Leah at our “Breakfast with the Prinesses”.  Each girl got their own wand.  Brooke decided to use her’s for a weapon. 😦


Princess Kami…


The family with Priness Aurora. 


Leah and I on the Toon Town coaster.  Leah loves coasters and rode Thunder mountain with her Dad.   She sat in the back by herself while Kami is up there with me.  Kami wasn’t so sure about coasters.


Kami enjoying her bacon at “Breakfast with the Prinesses” in the castle. 


Notice I don’t have very many pics of Brooke?  Brooke does not like to smile for the camera nor look at the camera for that matter.  Brooke likes to do everything she should not do including climb on every railing in site at the park.  Some things never change. 😉


Captain Kami Sparrows 🙂


Yummo…there’s that funnel cake I was Facebooking about.  It was the best part of the trip.  Ha!

Thanks for looking!  More scrapbooking stuff this week!