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Leah’s 1st Day of School…. August 27, 2009

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First day of 1st grade.  Yep, that’s a granola bar in her hand…we were in a hurry and Mom wanted some pics. 🙂


Eric_1st grade_scanned_edit_sm


Think Leah and this guy look anything alike?  Hubby’s 1st grade pic.




Not the best pic… I put this layout together this weekend while visiting the in-laws in Indiana.  My MIL provided some cute school pics of hubby.  I will be teaching a class at Pizazz It (Pickerington) in Sept with 2 cards and 2 layouts – this will be one of the layouts.

Have a great day!



A couple more prayer requests August 25, 2009

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A couple of prayers for some family and friends…

  • My brother Ron and SIL Kathy lost their beloved Mac – a 14 yr old Boston Terrier last week. 
  • My friend Karen started her new job this week – a new teaching job in the Columbus City School system. 
  • SIL Kathy mentioned a co-worker in the last prayer request post – the co-worker was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. 
  • Thankful that Jen’s biopsy came back benign.  Yay! 

If you have something you would like to add – please leave a comment.




Fun Bits for the Week… August 24, 2009

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Fun Bits for the week of August 17th…

  • Well, hello fall!  Love this weather.  I’m a jeans and sweatshirt kinda girl so I love this stuff!
  • Lily has returned home – the girls have been going ga ga over her.  Thanks Grandma Jackie for taking good care of her.
  • We visited Indian this past weekend.  The girls had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa.  They were especially fond of their tractor rides!



  • Yep, more than one tractor ride…several, and on several different tractors 🙂


  • My little girl who’s afraid of bugs was fine climbing up the side of the silo.


  • Can you tell how high Kami is? 


  • Last minute, I decided to take their matching fall outfits and try a photo shoot.  It was a short shoot and not a whole lot of cooperation going on.  Oh well, I’ve come to the conclusion that I just can’t get a good pic of the 3 of them together. 


  • Brooke refused to wear her hat.  I have been putting her hair up lately and love how cute she looks.


  • Kami wasn’t real thrilled about wearing her hat either – doesn’t she look too cute?


  • Had to adjust the lighting on this one…


  • Cutie patootie


  • Cutie Patootie 2.

Have a great week!

UPDATE: I was going to start this post over – for some reason the pics look distorted…will try to load them again tomorrow.



A couple of cards to share… August 20, 2009

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As you can imagine things are CRRAAZY busy right now.   Trying to process and ship orders from the recent CHA show.  Once things slow down, I can get back to be a better “poster” on this blog. 🙂

In the meantime, how about a couple of cards….


“Where in the World R U”  card with a little slip-note in the paper bag.


Not a card, but could be used as one…just a little tag to slip on a “new home” gift or to a new neighbor.


“Hi” card using the new Alphabet Soup products.  This one went up on the Bean Talk blog this week but thought I would share it here too.  Love the color combo. 🙂

Thanks for looking!



9 years ago… August 15, 2009

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and a couple of days now 😦  I married my wonderful hubby.


Didn’t get this up on the day (12th) – too much going on…besides we’re celebrating it tonight with dinner and a movie.

Love you bunches Eric!



A couple of prayer requests… August 12, 2009

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If you get a minute and you would like to help pray for these people, they could use the help…

  • Jen (my good friend from Iowa) could use some prayers – she recently had a biopsy done and is waiting for the results.
  • My friend Heather (whom I’ve talked about opening an Etsy shop with her cards) lost her dog Toby today.  Heather is as much a dog lover as I am and Toby was her good buddy.
  • My friend and super sprout helper Missey’s sister has been battling some undefined bleeding.  Prayers they can figure out what’s wrong and take care of it.
  • On a positive note, remember the twins I asked for prayers for?  The Twin Transfusion Syndrome twins?  Well, they were born a couple of weeks ago (I’m not sure what gestational age).  The girls were 2lbs, 12 oz and 3lbs, 1 oz, were born crying and breathing on their own.  Every little prayer helps!

If you have a request to add, leave a comment.  We’ll add them to the list.



Fun Bits for the Week.. August 10, 2009

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Fun Bits for the Week of August 3rd…

  • First off I must wish Miss Alyssa (my niece) a VERY Happy 10th Birthday!  You’re getting so much older so quickly!  Stop! 


  • Also, I’m wishing my SIL Heidi a wonderful day – a little belated but hope you enjoyed yourself! 
  • One more, I want to give a shout out to Great Grandpa Earl – Happy 87th Birthday tomorrow! 

Now onto some more bits…

  • We really had a good time in Florida – some great family time.  I was thrilled to be able to spend the week with hubby and the girls.
  • While in Florida, we were fortunate to stay in a house with a pool as well as a clubhouse pool.  Hubby very rarely gets naked in front of the girls so it was very funny when Kami saw him in the pool and said “no Daddy, you’re dirty” (meaning his hairy chest).
  • Leah trying to rationalize every purchase at Disney…if I get the bag of rocks, can I still have the snow globe,  Mom “no”;  If I share the bag of rocks, can I get the snow globe.  Mom “no”.
  • Miss Kami telling me she wants to be a “clock” when she grows up. 
  • Brooke batting Kami over the head with her magical wand.
  • Hubby telling me that on his car ride home from Aunt Kathy and Uncle Ron’s that the girls started singing “Joy to the world, Barney is dead and we barbecued his head”.  Missey, do you know anything about this?
  • Leah telling me our 2nd day at the Magic Kingdom was “the best day of her life”.
  • Brooke learned all her colors while Mommy was in Florida at the tradeshow. 😦
  • On our final day in Florida, we decided we were too tired to do another park (our plan was to go to Seaworld) so instead we went to local “Olde Towne Kissimmee” where they had rides.  I think the girls had more fun at this place than they did at Disney (no lines either)…



  • Can you believe Leah – who’s afraid of bugs – rode this coaster with her Dad?  Can you see them?  He’s the one with his arms up.



How cute is that face?

Have a great week everyone!