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Fun Bits for the Week… July 13, 2009

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Fun Bits for the last 3 weeks 🙂  Catching up here…

**WARNING – Long post!

  • Kami singing gotta get, get as in Black Eyed Peas “Boom, Boom, Pow”.  We’ve got to start listening to another radio station!
  • Brooke looking in my shirt and saying “boobies”!  What?  I guess we talk about boobies way too much around here.  Poor hubby is surrounded by females!
  • Leah is becoming the “big sister” more than ever now.  She thinks she’s the boss of her two younger sisters.  She tells them how many bites they need to eat and directs them to the toys she thinks they should play with. ;(
  • Got lots of  pics from the last couple of weeks…


  • Leah had soccer camp a couple of weeks ago.   She had a great time with her friend Anne.  The last day everyone enjoyed a water gun battle.


  • Here’s my serious soccer player!  Check out those quads!


  • The birthday party crew.  My 3 girls have birthdays 3 weeks apart so this year we decided to have one big party for all 3!  It was a fun celebration!


  • Here are my nieces Alyssa and Camille helping Brooke make her “goodie bag” for the pinata.


  • Here’s Brooke going after the pinata. 🙂


  • Here’s Grant going after the pinata – check out that face!


  • Here’s Kami holding up her freshly decorated goodie bag.


  • Leah and her friend Brooke showing off their artwork.


  • Heather and Lucas look like they’re having difficulty with the egg carton nature hunt. 😦


  • Here’s Kams with her yummy birthday cake!


  • The family. Aww.


  • We were lucky to have all of hubby’s family in town for the party.  His sister’s live in Maine and Washington state so it’s not easy to have everyone together.  The kids had a great time!


  • After party fun included more eating and water fun!


  • Grandma bought the girls a Slip n’ Slide…


  • Kami didn’t slide much – she decided it was more fun to get a drink out of the squirting water.


  • I’m thinkin’ Lucas had some fun! 🙂


  • I’d say Elaina was havin’ some fun too!  Cute pics of the Maine cousins!

So glad to be getting caught up!  I still have another weekend of photos to post but will hold out until later on.  Up tomorrow – Happy Birthday Kami!




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Anybody out there?  Anyone…anyone…anyone?  Hello, again – it’s me Jill.  Do I need to introduce myself?  😉 

Ugh, Grrr, Gees…guess the blog is the first thing to go when you’re busy.  No, I take that back – exercise is!

I’ve got so much to share – lots of family stuff going on this past couple of weeks as well as some pics from our trip.  I’ve got to get back to fun bits this week too!  Look for some posts – finally.   Karen also reminded me to post some pics of the AWESOME book that my Jillibean supporters made.  I will share soon! 

I’ll leave you with this tonight…



The dress….maybe I should have worn black! 😉



Greetings from New Hampshire July 3, 2009

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Hubby and I are here for a wedding!  We are having a great time catching up with some old friends! 

I know I’ve been MIA the past week – it’s been a bit crazy.  We hosted family last weekend for a combined bday party for all 3 girls.  Yes, I have lots of pics to share…just need the time to throw them together in a post.  Also, if you haven’t already checked it out…Bean Talk has lots of CHA-Summer Sneak Peeks going up this month and a chance to win new product!!! 

Will post more in the next couple of days! 

Have a great weekend and a safe 4th!