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Greetings from Orlando… July 27, 2009

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Hello!  Got some pics to share.  We had a VERY successful day yesterday setting up the booth so just a bit of “fluffing” today to do. 


Here’s what we start with…crates.  Yes, after losing a dresser, a couple of walls, 8 frames – we decided it was time to crate everything.


A very sweaty Eric.  They don’t turn the air conditioning on in the convention center until show time so it’s just a bit HOT!


Booth look familiar?  Lighting is horrible until show time so I apologize for the dark photos….  I see a Christmas tree in the corner…


Summer and Kimber…after running in the rain.  We had some serious rain and thunderstorms yesterday.  They’re having way too much fun!


Soup Staples board…needs a little fluffing. 


Stamps and Alphabeans board.

More tomorrow.  Have a great day!