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A couple of links and a Giveaway! July 17, 2009

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Did you think I forgot?  I didn’t…just another crazy day at the Jillibean house! 


First,  let’s share some links…


*Read story below and then check this out.


Kathy (SIL) sent me this link – Kathy, why don’t you start a blog?  It’s a link to Aleida’s Challenge.  Read the story below and you’ll understand…


Many scrapbookers knew Aleida Franklin. She was a wonderful wife and mother and a brilliant artist. I didn’t know Aleida personally, but she taught me something I will never forget.

She emailed me last year to tell me she loved my blog and to ask if I like my short hair-cut. This lead to a series of emails which eventually led me to remark that I really loved how often she posted pictures of herself with her children on her blog. And she replied to me, “Have you ever seen a photograph of your own mother and thought to yourself how fat she looked? Or how she wasn’t wearing make-up? Or wasn’t dressed in a glamorous outfit?” Of course my answer was no.

She then responded with saying that she made it a goal to take a picture of herself with her children at least once every month. And that to use excuses about how we look, as women, is ridiculous, since our children will never care what we looked like, but only that we had physical evidence of the bond between mother and child.

Aleida tragically and unexpectedly passed away last September, leaving 2 small children and a grieving husband. After she passed I thought of how those children must feel to have those precious photographs. I have made it my personal goal to follow her wise suggestion and I now take photos of myself with my children….double chins, make-up free, bed-head and all.

I invite Mothers everywhere to take Aleida’s Challenge. To photograph yourself with your children each and every month. And to post them here so that we can see Aleida’s legacy unfolding.


I will be the first to say that I hardly EVER take photos with my children for the very reasons that were listed (hair not done, no makeup, bad angles, looking frumpy).  I think this is a good reminder and I’m taking on this challenge for the next 6 months.  Let’s see if I can do it!  Thanks Kathy!


Paper Pinwheels


*A couple weeks ago, Ingrid had some Jillibean pinwheels on the Bean Talk blog.  Check here for instructions from Martha.


*I posted pics of our new buttons today on the Bean Talk blog.  If you love vintage buttons, check these out on Etsy.  I think that’s a pretty good deal!


*I get tracebacks on the Bean Talk blog all the time for  She’s wraps up the weeks best blog posts (which yes, I’m excited to say Jillibean has had some links posted there).  Tutorials, templates, tips and tricks….it’s all there!  Warning…you might get addicted and spend hours in blogland!


Oh, and did I mention a giveaway too? 


If you’re interested in winning a paper pack of each the new Lentil, Alphabet and Talk Soup collections than leave a comment about July and what you’ve been up to!  A winner will be picked next Thursday, July 23rd 9:00pm EST.  I leave for CHA on the 24th so I’ll be sure to get it in the mail before I leave. 😉


Have a great weekend!



33 Responses to “A couple of links and a Giveaway!”

  1. CB Says:

    Thanks for the links! How tragic about Aleida. It’s on my to-do list now: take pics w/ my kids!
    For July – it’s been a whirlwind of summer day camps and keeping up w/ my 2 kiddos. Next week we’ll be going out of town…unfortunately, no CHA for me…we’re visiting relatives. But – I’ll be looking for your posts to see all your updates! 😉 Have fun, Jill!

  2. July has been kicking me in my butt! I am unwinding tomorrow though by going to a crop. Even have some Minestrone packed 🙂

  3. Michelle A. Says:

    I remember Aleida’s story… very tragic. I am going to take more pictures….life is too short.
    July seems to be flying by. My birthday just passed so the highlight so far has been my 2 year old nephew feeding me birthday cake, a bite for him, then a bite for me….so cute. I did manage to get a picture of us 🙂 I am looking forward to going to CKC at the end of the month…hope to score some jillibean goodies there!! I LOVE the new collections….would be so excited to win! Thanks!

  4. Diana Says:

    thank you for the reminder of taking my picture with my kids….I need the kick in the pants!

  5. jenifer harkin Says:

    July, July, July…..where has it gone?! We’ve been to girl scout camps, the zoos, a family reunion, the pool and swimming lessons, all to be topped off with a trip to Florida:)

  6. LisaNRoxy Says:

    Julyu has been a busy busy work month for me and I am waiting for it to let up so I can scrap again.

  7. Jennifer Says:

    thank you for inspiring me to take pictures with my children… I too don’t always get a chance to get in the picture or have excuses… I will make a point to do it more.

    we have been going to carnivals, going swimming everyday, scrapbooking almost everyday, enjoying my summer vacation before school begins…

    Thanks for the chance to win… I love the new lines and products1

  8. carriegel Says:

    Nothing too exciting has been going on in July around these parts. Gardening and just enjoying the cool weather has been the biggest priority.

  9. Kimberly (pierides) Says:

    That is so tragic. I have been trying to take more pics of myself but that just brought the importance of it home to me.

    So far this July, I have spent most of it working and trying to spend the weekends getting outside with my kids. But as of today, I am on vacation and the kids and I are going on day trip adventures all around our area. We are going to explore and discover as many new things as we can before I have to head back to work.

  10. Amy Coose Says:

    I was blessed enough to call Aleida my friend. ): She was such an amazing woman. I was in a circle journal group with her, and will treasure her entry into my journal forever. I love that she took so many pics with her kiddos, too. I know they treasure them.

    For July, it’s a whirlwind of bdays and pool trips for us. The epitomy of summer starts in July for us.

  11. Kathy Says:

    Why would I start a blog when you already have one? I actually thought about it (for ~1 sec) but realized my life wasn’t interesting enough to blog about — who would read it??

    We just finished up vacation Bible school. Looking forward to seeing my nieces next weekend. And going to visit an old friend at the end of the month. The summer is going too fast! Have fun at CHA.

    PS. If I win, I will share the goodies with the girls I crop with….

  12. missey Says:

    Thank you for sharing that story with us…I am up for the challenge 🙂

    Oh and PICK ME PICK ME!!!!

  13. Anita Says:

    Such a tragic story – but a reminder that we don’t know how many days God will give us and we need to make the most of those days we do have!

    I just spent a few days with my husband in Chicago and then some time with my family in Indiana – July has been vacation time 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  14. Clarissa Says:

    I’ve been working nonstop but I go to Florida next week for the first time ever! Just getting ready to move into the dorms next month 🙂

  15. rebecca keppel Says:

    Just trying to keep the kids busy and stay cool. This morning it was over 100 degrees by 9:00am!! Thanks for the reminder to be in the pictures too and for the chance to win 🙂

  16. Dawn Hopkins Says:

    July has been insane – and the rest of the month is non-stop. My parents were up were several days at the beginning of the month and took my two eldest boys to stay with them for a bit. While they were gone, I got a nasty sinus infection (thank God for antibiotics!). After a week with their grandparents the boys decided they missed me so last Monday I drove up to Richmond, spent a few days there and arrived home last night. Early next week my in-laws are coming for a couple days, and at the end of the week my parents and aunt are visiting again. Somewhere in there I’ll sleep. 😉

  17. Leigh Says:

    What a sad story. I am glad we got to spend 2 weeks with my in-laws and grandparents this July and took many, many photos.

  18. That is soooo true! I rarely take pictures of the girls and I because I’m not “done up”. But looking at pictures of me with my mom that thought never crossed my mind about her. Thanks for the reminder Jill, I’ll make the effort to take pics of me and the family.

    What an awesome giveaway!!! I would definitely put those products to good use! 🙂

  19. Cass Says:

    Thanks for the reminder to take more photos of myself with the kids. Will stop making excuses!

    We’ve been enjoying the school holidays – going to the movies, and playdates, and making cards, and baking cookies, and sleeping in, and reading books! I *love* the holidays! 🙂

  20. Sonja Says:

    Must try harder to put me into my kids scrapbooks. Thanks for the prompt.
    July has been mostly dodging the rain (Scotland), amusing the boys come rain or shine, scrapping, looking forward to Florida and the heat!

  21. Claude Campeau Says:

    I’ve been spending most of July inside, unfortunately, because it rains every single day…… not a great summer.

  22. Heather Says:

    Can’t believe we are halfway thru July… I’ve been working a lot, but did get a nice weekend away in Chicago.

  23. Susi Says:

    Love your products… This year I celebrated my 50th Birthday in July which thanks to my husband,children and grandchildren was perfect.

  24. Laura Says:

    Been getting to the beach every chance we get. Taking trolley rides. Enjoying visits from family. Elaina did a puppet camp (need to harness that drama). Reconnecting with friends after vacation. Feeling baby grow and kick. Basically enjoying summer as much as we can.

    Thanks for that story – an excellent reminder to remember what’s important!

  25. Mary Dunn Says:

    Juy has been a CRAZY month for me; I bought a house! Some Jillibean soup would be an awesome housewarming present. Thanks!

  26. Erin Bohland Says:

    I used to read her blog.She was such a funny and cool person. It was very sad she was taken so early.

  27. Julie Says:

    Love the advice about pics wiyh your children…I have a similar stoey…a friend of my sisters lost both parents together in a tragic car accident. When planning the funeral there were no pictures of the parents together other then at their wedding 20 years earlier. So my sister strarted an album for each of her kids of just her and her hubby…I have also started such an album. It is fun and I hope it will mean something to them when they are older. I guess the moral is like you said…get the pics no matter what ‘look’ you want to avoid. Your family & friends already know you!! I LOVE the calendar cards! I cannot wait to get my hands on them!!

  28. Connie Melancon Says:

    I love July. With July 4th holiday, my mom’s bday (5th), my godson’s bday(17th) and my daughter’s bday (22) it is a busy month!

  29. Jolene Says:

    Busy,busy,busy. I thought when our boys were grown, things would slow down. I’m still waiting! I feel like I’m not accomplishing anything, and I haven’t even had any time for scrapbooking.

  30. Daiva Says:

    July has been a whirlwind of swim lessons, day camps, trips to visit family and general hanging out. I did manage to squeeze in a weekend scrapbook retreat to recharge, though!

  31. lovin2scrap Says:

    WoW! I just got my first Jillibean suplies in a recent TSR kit! I cannot wait to wrap my hands around some more! I have been a scrappin’ gal in July, since I was a slacker in June!

  32. jen watkins Says:

    hey, just found your blog and your product is adorable!!!! Wondering where I can buy it locally???!! In July we have been busy planning our vacation…VBS…pool time…slip n’ slide…..and lounging! Hope to locate or win! some of your product soon!


  33. Christi Says:

    July has been very busy with three birthdays, a graduation party, a photo walk, catching up with college friends and a trip to see my college roommate.
    It got even busier on July 3 when my boyfriend proposed! Now we’re planning an October 09 destination wedding on top of it all!!

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