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Little Black Dress Friday – week 8 June 28, 2009

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Embroidered Dress with Tassel Sleeve


Little late on this one…the week was good.  I didn’t lose but maintained and considering the amount of stress on my plate right now…that was pretty good.  This coming Saturday is the wedding where I will wear my “little black dress” so we’ll see how this week goes.  Anyone got any ideas for losing 15lbs in 1 week?  Ha!

Hope everyone else is doing well!



2 Responses to “Little Black Dress Friday – week 8”

  1. Missey Says:

    you know we want to see a pic of you in your little black dress!!!

  2. Karen Nuce Says:

    Ditto to Missey…It is a must after all the prelude! You will undoubtedly look fabulous…have an awesome time!

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