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The mayor’s office called today… June 11, 2009

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and said I missed my court date for this…

It’s my speeding ticket from a couple of weeks ago.  If I don’t pay it, they will put a warrant out for my arrest.  Missey thinks I should not pay it so they’ll arrest me. She thinks it would make for a great blog post.  I, on the other hand, just don’t have time to get arrested right now. 😉 

Funny, there’s hard core criminals out there and they want to arrest me.

Lessons learned: don’t speed.

Have a good one!



8 Responses to “The mayor’s office called today…”

  1. Kathy Says:

    You forgot to mention your speeding ticket when you mentioned Eric’s a few weeks ago….;)

  2. djp Says:

    you should get arrested so I see you in the jail lovelies! hehe. okay, I totally agree with you about hard core peeps not getting arreste……they really shouldn’t be worring about fast drivers. hehe.

  3. Judy T Says:

    You like to live on the wild side, don’t you? 🙂

  4. jenifer harkin Says:

    They should be calling to give you a key to the city:)

  5. jyeger Says:

    Yes, Eric and I both received speeding tickets in the same week – he was first!

  6. missey Says:

    still waiting on the mug shot…..

  7. Karen Nuce Says:

    Did you take a picture of this cop too??? You know, if you were in jail, you could teach scrapbooking to the inmates…help them find their creative side…just make sure you are out in time for CHA!

  8. Patter Cross Says:

    Oh my! The two of you getting tickets in the same week! 🙂 My mom is there now. Should I ask her to stand out on Muirfield Dr. and watch for you to go by in the patrol car? LOL!

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