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Fun Bits for the week… May 27, 2009

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Fun Bits for the Week of May 18th…

  • If you didn’t know, we went camping this weekend…I should reiterate “TENT” camping.  We have a large tent that will fit all of us including a Pak n’ Play. 🙂   Of course,  Leah and Kami wanted to sleep in the tent with their cousins.  Needless to say it was interesting.  The girls had a GREAT time hanging out with their cousins and making some new friends.  We all enjoyed stuffing our faces with hobo pies, burgers cooked over an open fire, stuffed sausage peppers, smoked brauts and turkey (thanks Jeff) and smores!  Nope, didn’t lose much weight this weekend. ;-(           Here are some pics to share…


  • See that tent in the background…that’s ours.  In some of the other pics you’ll see some campers in our group.  After one night in our tent, I had some serious “camper envy”!  Thankfully my brother and SIL allowed us to use their facilities.  Leah refused to use the outhouse!


  • Speaking of Leah…  the weather was beautiful on Saturday.  The girls enjoyed swimming in the pool!


  • The Indian Creek campground was very nice.  They offered lots of activities for the kids.  Here’s my niece Alyssa practicing her hula hoop. 


  • Ah, yes…guess who’s trying to climb up the skee-ball machine?  Geneva-on-the-lake has a boardwalk-type downtown.  We enjoyed a little bit of shopping and a trip to the arcade while it was raining outside. 


  • Leah and Kami tried on some hats while shopping.


  • Not sure if you can tell or not, but this is my neice Camille chasing her sister with a water balloon.  Aunt Kathy brought the balloons along for some water play – the kids LOVED it!  Oh, and yes, those are campers in the background…part of our group…camper envy.


  • Here’s Brooke trying to finish Aunt Kathy’s Sodoku game.


  • Here’s my brother who refuses to smile for a photo.
  • One other funny little tidbit.  Everytime we used the “facilities” we used our “handitizer” (hand + sanitizer) as Kami liked to call it.

Thanks for checking in!  Have a great week!



One Response to “Fun Bits for the week…”

  1. missey Says:

    looks like so much fun!!!
    thanks for sharing the pics….i was trying to imagine what camping life was like with 3 little girls 🙂

    i love the one with Brooke and the paper! she cracks me up!!

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