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Little Black Dress week 2 May 8, 2009

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Cute dress…wish I had the legs to go with it.  Update – week 2.  Not too much to say, I’ve avoided the scale this week and would be embarassed to tell you that I gained the 2 lbs back and then some.   I’m going to do this…really I am. 

I was chatting last night with some friends at dinner.  Most of them run, in fact 1 of the girls just completed a half marathon and a another a marathon.  {Congrats again Tracy and Shannon!}  I’m not a runner.  I don’t like the pounding on the pavement (nor the movement in my chest) and I’m the type of person who runs so fast in the first quarter mile that I’m exhausted by 1/2 a mile. ;-(    Anyone have any good tips for getting back into a workout groove?  I’m stuck.  My neighbor and I spin together, but the 5am workouts are really difficult when I’m up until midnight or 1am. 

I’ll get there…after Mother’s Day brunch…that’s when I’ll start. 😉

Have a great weekend everyone!



5 Responses to “Little Black Dress week 2”

  1. jyeger Says:

    That looks funny…looks like I cut that lady’s head off…not the case. She came that way from 🙂

  2. Kathy Says:

    Best idea is get a partner. One that will hold you accountable. I would never be doing WW if my friend hadn’t called me up and said “do you want to go tonight?” You’ll do it. You’ve done it before. Good luck.

  3. Kathy Says:

    I just had another idea…BUY the dress! That way it will be hanging in your closet staring you in the face. Just don’t cut the tags because it might be too big by July! 😉

  4. jan mosier Says:

    I agree with Kathy, a partner helps a lot. If running is not your thing then try walking. If you can’t find a partner then get the hubby involved.

  5. jenifer harkin Says:

    I know exercising is a routine thing…once you start, which is the hard part, it gets easier. Plus, I think you get more exercise than you know, especially with the little ones. I know how fast you push that stroller! I always thought it was interesting to get a pedometer and track how many steps you take on an average day. You would be amazed:)

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