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Fun Bits for the Week… May 5, 2009

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Fun Bits for the Week of April 27th…

  • Kami speaking in her most “manly” voice – mocking her father.  Need some video for this – both Eric and I were laughing out loud!
  • Brooke decided to color her eye orange with a marker…


  • So glad she decided to match her dress. 😉
  • Leah talking about a boy in her class being cute (as seen in the last post)…oh my!
  • I enjoyed cropping for part of the day Saturday.  Had some great laughs with Holly who shares the same life struggles as I.  😉 
  • Eric took the girls to Indiana for the weekend.  This was good and bad.  Friday night I discovered our fridge was leaking and had been for several days.  The hardwood in our kitchen was starting to warp.  I went into the basement and we had water in our crawl space too.  Sooooo, I had to pull out the fridge, shut-off the valve, clean-up the nasty mess it made behind the fridge and move boxes in the basement.    Might sound easy…but it wasn’t.  Isn’t this what husbands are for. 😉  I could have asked the neighbor but my house was an absolute MESS and I was too embarassed!  UPDATE: Floor guy was just here and we need a new floor.

Have a great week!



One Response to “Fun Bits for the Week…”

  1. Laura Says:

    I love reading your posts! They always make me laugh and always make me miss you guys! Can’t wait to see you in June!

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