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Let’s celebrate! May 2, 2009

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It’s National Scrapbook Day and Happy Birthday to “The Soup Bowl”!!!  Woot! Woot!  Obviously, I have a great deal of passion for this industry!  You guys have been so great in supporting me and Jillibean Soup!  Can you belive my blog is a year old already?  It was a little over a year that I started “The Soup Bowl”.  I was still developing my first paper designs.  I was hoping the blog would be a way for me to relate to the everyday scrapper.  50,000 hits later – I guess it helped. 😉  You’ll get some laughs if you check out some of my early posts here and here.  Thank you bunches for your support through the past year!

As a tribute to National Scrapbook Day and “The Soup Bowl’s” 1st anniversary, we’re doing an awesome giveaway!  The girls and I (DT) have had great support from some industry leaders.  I want to offer you some product from Jillibean as well as some from our scrapbooking friends!

Check it out…


Woo Hoo!  I think I see some Jillibean, some My Sentiments Exactly stamps, some Core’dinations cardstock, and some Fiskars tools! 

All you have to do to enter this giveaway is leave a comment.  Tell me why you’re having a great “National Scrapbook Day”!  I will pick a winner on Wednesday May 6th at 9:00pm EST.

Good Luck and a HUGE thank you to all of you for your support!!!

UPDATE: This Giveaway is now CLOSED.



52 Responses to “Let’s celebrate!”

  1. Heather M. Says:

    I’m lucky enough to be cropping with a very fun group of ladies! Happy NSD to you too!

  2. Andi M Says:

    I’m having a great NSD, because I actually get to scrap today!

  3. Lucy Chesna Says:

    I love your stuff and would just scream in delight to get those goodies. I am checking out my favaorites sites with challenges and scrapping away till I cant scrap anymore

  4. carriegel Says:

    I am having a great day because I have a chance to win some of your awesome scrapbooking stuff. What could be better than that?

  5. Erin Bohland Says:

    I just love those froggies…….I could do some cute pages with my son. Happy National Scrapbook Day…

  6. HeatherC Says:

    Wow — great giveaway and your products are hot — I see them popping up on blogs and in magazines all the time! I plan to celebrate with my neighbor this afternoon during naptime for the kids — scraptime for mommies!

  7. I’m spending some scrappy time today…while enjoying the beautiful Spring weather outside with family!!

  8. Diana Says:

    I’m having a great day because I will be scrappin’ with my girl AND it’s a BEAUTIFUL day outside!

  9. Leigh Says:

    I love the fact that is a day all about scrapbooking and we can celebrate our passion. I am having a great day because I just picked up some new adhesive and I am ready to start creating 🙂

  10. Dani Says:

    It’s a rainy day here… what better to do than stay in and SCRAP all day 🙂

  11. Sarah W. Says:

    It is a great day to be inspired by all the blogs and LOs out there to celebrate NSD! Thanks for the chance!

  12. Michelle A. Says:

    I am having a great NSD b/c I get to stay home, relax, surf blogs and create!

  13. StacyS. Says:

    I love that there is a day devoted to scrapbooking! That is really cool:) I’ve got some great photos that are just begging to be scrapped!
    Have a great day!
    StacyS. (Alberta, Canada)

  14. CB Says:

    NSD is such a great annual tradition! I wish I could participate more today in all the scrapping activities, but I’ve got kids to handle at different sporting events and hubby’s out of town! Still, I’m enjoying stopping by my fave blogs to see what people are up to, and I do actually have some pictures to scrap – maybe ONE LO tonight?? And that, my friends, makes me happy. 🙂 Happy NSD!

  15. Janet B Says:

    Its’ great because I get to make cards all day. What could be better?

  16. Laura Stewart Says:

    well. I ain’t working!!!

  17. Juliana Says:

    My best friend just arrived and we are getting ready to scrap the day away!!!

  18. jodi Says:

    Just having the opportunity to be creative, and enjoy this day – I’ve missed the last 3 years for various reasons!

  19. lovin2scrap Says:

    Today is a great NSD because all of my family members are in other parts of the house or outside doing their own thing….. which is great as it leaves me free of obligations! I can scrap to my hearts content……. (or play around on computer!!) Thanks…. I am lovin your products and seeing them more and more!

  20. ania Says:

    Such yummy stash! 🙂 (deja vu tho, I thought I did comment on this one but can’t find my name here so 🙂 )

    Im having a great NSD – well, not really NSD but a nice evening despite having to bail out from my girlfriends cropnight….spending time w/my hubby instead = ❤ 🙂

  21. Sammye Jo Says:

    Thanks so much for the chance and happy bday Soup Bowl! I am DYING to use your products!!! Today i too am doing a giveaway on my blog and I am creating! Since I live in Louisville, KY the Derby is front and center. SO, GO BABY GO!!!! 🙂

  22. Nicole Says:

    I am enjoying a nice day at home scrapbooking and searching online for tons of ideas. I got married just 3 weeks ago today and I am going to start scrapbooking our wedding album.
    I love that paper with the frogs on it. I LOVE frogs.
    Have a great day and Happy NSD.
    Nicole M.

  23. Trace Geworsky Says:

    woohooo!!! That is such a great RAK..I have spent NSD between a blog hop and hosting a garage sale, so now I have made a few dollars to buy more scrapping goodies;
    Happy NSD

  24. Melinda Says:

    Of course it is a great day…it is the weekend, it is NSD and I got some great shots of the kids playing baseball and softball today to work with. Life is great!!
    Happy NSD and thanks for the chance at a great looking prize!

  25. happy NSD! *sigh* – great goodies. i had travel plans cancelled so i played hookie from ‘crafting’ today to go to market with the girls. we are saving our ‘craft’ time for this upcoming week. hugs, rachel

  26. Heather Says:

    I am having a great NSD b/c I found lots of great deals on supplies for my cards today and made a couple and sold a few today too!

  27. Heather Says:

    I’m having an awesome NSD b/c it’s a beautiful day and my hubby is busy boating with his buddies. The kids and I joined him for the morning and got lots of sun and fresh air. Now they’re cleaning up in warm bathes and I’m scrapping. Have a couple hours till dinner and then after dinner I’m free to scrap again because it’s ‘Hockey night in Canada’ so DH will be busy for a few more hours. Love it!

  28. Amy J Bagnall Says:

    Hanging out, making some cards. Thanks for the RAK!

  29. Cass Says:

    I’m having a great day because I am about to go watch my brother-in-law marry a lovely lady!

  30. Tracey Says:

    Hmmm, well I didn’t do any scrapping today but I did visit my favourite scrappy store so that was enough to make my NSD fabulous!! Great giveaway – thanks for the chance to win!!

  31. Wow! Great giveaway! Today was a great day all around not only because it was NSD. My hubby had his first Saturday off in a really long time and we got to spend it together. One of our stops today was to the LSS where I picked up some goodies. I haven’t scrapped at all today but I’ve got some great stuff for when I do. I was happy to give up a scrappy day to spend time with my sweetie!

  32. jen t. Says:

    hi! i think no one should have to work (especially not clean) on nsd…everyone should scrap! i actually got stuck cleaning the house for company(that called at the last minute) that is coming tomm. so my little one got lucky to use my supplies and she made a page for her album. i hope to scrap on monday to make up for missing today! have a great day! thanks for a chance at an awesome rak! jen t. 🙂

  33. rebecca keppel Says:

    Happy NSD! I did a bunch of scrapping today. DH took the kids outside to garden and I was very productive. So much fun! Thanks for the chance to win that awesome giveaway!

  34. Heather H. Says:

    I had a great National Scrapbook Day because I was able to spend it with my very dear friends at my favourite scrapbook store. I made four beautiful cards, ate some yummy food, and was able to pick up some fabulous products at great prices. Then I came home and had time to scrap some fun layouts with some of my favourite lines — including a layout using Jillibean!!!!

  35. jennifer Says:

    I am very lucky to be scrapping all weekend with some old friends that I haven’t been able to see for awhile. Happy National Scrapbook day!

  36. Kathy Says:

    I was lucky enough to get some scrapbooking done with a group of friends. I even used some JBS products! Thanks for the chance to win. Could always use more JBS stuff.

  37. Courtney Says:

    I’m making it a weekend of scrapbooking! I’ve only got a couple projects done, but that’s good for me. I love all the ideas posted on the web from people all over the world! Thanks for the chance to win, your so generous!

  38. Judy T Says:

    It was a great National Scrapbooking Day because I got to organize some photos and take more of my son for prom night! Thanks for the chance to win the awesome give away! Here’s to many more NSD with Jillibean Soup!

  39. jan mosier Says:

    Well, I’m not actually spending my weekend scrapping like I had hoped, unless you count the one little card I made this morning while the boys were still asleep. I am spending it doing something that I enjoy just as much and that’s spending time with my boys.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their NSD with friends or on their favorite message board!

  40. Julie Says:

    I’m definately enjoying NSD and making it last today too! I’ve been trying to work on some challenges as well! Happy NSD to you!

  41. Lynn R Says:

    Not scrapping much…but reorganizing my scrapbook area because it HAD to be done and I thought that was a good goal for NSD! So while I am not enjoying NSD as much as if I were scrapping…I will soon be enjoying a newly organized and purged desk!

  42. Have yet to do any scrapping this weekend, but have surfed the scrap net quite a bit. I took the kidlets to Build a Bear last night so I guess that is somewhat creative…lol.

  43. Tracy Says:

    I ran a half marathon today with some friends. I’m celebrating that I finished!!

  44. Holly Says:

    I had a great “National Scrapbook Day” croppin’ with Jillibean!

  45. missey Says:

    thanks for the great chance for some awesome product!

    i spent NSD with 12 great ladies scrappin’ the day away!!!
    lots of good food and treats:-)

  46. abbie c. Says:

    I spent NSD at home doing a lot of creating! We also had a birthday party for me, my husband, and my SIL. Great day!!

  47. I had a great National Scrapbook Day because I now have my very own live-in scrapbooking partner with whom to share supplies and encourage each others’ scrapping adventures.

  48. Christi Says:

    I didn’t scrap on NSD but I attended two very scrap-worthy events and took pictures: a 1st Communion and my sorority reunion!!

  49. Vicki Says:

    I had a good NSD because I attended a crop at a LSS, where I finally managed to finish the heritage album I’ve been making for my dad and intended to be a surprise 60th birthday gift for him LAST year! (A year late, but better late than never? ;b ) Hope you had a good one too! Thanks for the opportunity!

  50. Jana Says:

    The NSD it was great because i teached how to scrap to my bestfriend and now she’s scraping all day!!! one scraper more!!!
    And congratulations!!!

  51. Connie Melancon Says:

    I had a great NSD Day with my online friends! I didn’t get alot of scrapping done but (like I do when I go to crops) I did do alot of visiting and chatting!

  52. piradee Says:

    i was at a local scrapbook store celebrating NSD… had tons of fun playing games and hanging out with everyone… and strangely enough, after all the activities, i even finished 3 layouts!!! yeah! hope you had tons of fun also 🙂 thanks for the opportunity.

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