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Etsy, Etsy… April 25, 2009

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goes to #1 Jenifer Harkin – congrats!    Yea!  Jen! 

I’ll get your Etsy $$ to you soon and you can go shopping!  Lots and lots of goodies on Etsy.  My friend Heather just started a business on Etsy called Cards By Heather.  You can check it out here.  I asked Heather to make some custom cards for me and they turned out great!

Thanks to everyone for participating and for the great “green” tips!  Apparently, there’s a lot more I can do to help the environment!

Nite, Nite.



2 Responses to “Etsy, Etsy…”

  1. jenifer harkin Says:

    Super cool! Thank you so much!

  2. Karen Nuce Says:

    Good for you, Jen!!! Now comes the hard part…choosing from all the goodies!

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