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Little Black Dress Friday… April 23, 2009

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City Style Sleeveless Buckle Dress

OK, what?, huh?, hum?…what’s going on?  Welllll, it’s Little Black Dress Friday…  You see I have a wedding coming up in July.  Hubby’s good friend is getting married in New Hampshire and I have got to lose weight before then.  I have gone up and down 10-15lbs in the past year and I need to get my weight down and have it stay down!  If I post it here then I will be held accountable.  You gals…my blog team…my cheering section…my friends, I need you to hold me accountable.  Every Friday I will check in with my progress.  If I don’t…you can ask me what’s going on.  Every Friday will be Little Black Dress Friday.  Hopefully, just hopefully by July 4th…I can fit into a “Little Black Dress” for the wedding.  Any tips and tricks along the way will help.  This is it…no more chocolate…well atleast no whole chocolate bunnies ;-).  As I’m typing this there’s a Weight Watchers commercial on – see it’s a sign!!!! 

Thanks in advance for your support!!!!