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Tidbits about Jillibean Soup and the life behind the bowl…

Couple of Cards to share… April 20, 2009

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“Celebrating the Mommy to Be”

  • Kraft Paper/Card: Jillibean Soup
  • Patterned Paper: Jillibean Soup Minestrone collection
  • Bean Seeds (felt flowers): Jillibean Soup
  • Stamp: Stampendous
  • Photo Corners: Canson



  • Patterned Paper: Jillibean Soup Minetrone Collection
  • Alphas: American Crafts
  • Bean Seeds (felt flowers): Jillibean Soup
  • Pen: Sharpie

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Fun Bits for the Week…

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Fun Bits for the week of April 13th…

  • Kami looking at my profile and saying “Mommy, you have a big nose like Pappy”.   Sorry Dad.
  • Brooke loves to get up on the 2nd bunk of Leah’s bunk beds.  Today, she refused to come down.  Everytime I tried to grab her, she would back away so I could not reach her.  Finally when I got her to the ladder, she pretended like she was going to jump.  Friendly reminder…Brooke is 21 months old and will probably give me a heart attack before I’m 40.
  • Leah was the special person at school this past week.  Her classmates each make a page for her “special person” book where they draw pictures and make comments about Leah.  Here are some comments:
  1. I like Leah because she all was (always) helps me.
  2. I like Leah because she is a very special person and very kind to pipel (people) and I like her so much.
  3. I like Leah because she is nice to evrey body (everybody).
  • That makes me a proud Mama!
  • Hubby recently called Kami his “buddy”.  She said “I’m not buddy, I’m toad”.  “Toad” being his favorite nickname for her.
  • I enjoyed some scrappin’ time this past weekend.  My friend Karen invited me to join the Tarragon scrappers for a crop.  I got a few layouts/cards done, ate some good food, met some new people and had some great laughs with the girls.  Thanks Lori for organizing!
  • One evening last week, the girls and I took a trip to the mall.  I’ve been venturing out more with the 3 of them by myself.  They’re getting a little easier to manage.  Anyhow, I don’t get to do much shopping anymore so I was VERY excited to pick up some $12.99 knock-off Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses from a kiosk in the middle of the mall.  They were more hip than anything I’ve purchased in a while.  Somehow, during the course of our stay at the mall…Kami managed to lose the sunglasses that I had just purchased.  As I’m loading everyone in the car for our trip home, I started realizing that the sunglasses were nowhere to be found.  Crap, I just bought them.  There went my bargain sunglasses!  I looked everywhere when we got home…purse, under seats, diaper bag, everywhere.  BTW…thought I lost my Blackberry at the mall too.  After the girls went to bed, I was bummed about the sunglasses.  The next day, I checked the stroller again and they had fallen down between the seats.  My Blackberry was there too. Yippeee!We probably won’t be making a trip to the mall anytime soon or I will be going by myself. 😉     


  • Cool, huh?  I know…you can’t really see them.  Take my word…they’re cool for me!

Have a great week!