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I wish… April 15, 2009

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“I was a grown-up so I could stay up and watch Dancing with the Stars”.  This said by my 51/2 yr old who LOVES to watch the show (and only gets to watch the first 15 minutes before she has to head off to bed).  She is funny about keeping track of everyone’s scores too.  The other night, after Lil’ Kim received her scores, she said, “Mom, I knew she was going to get  a “10”.  

That’s my girl!



One Response to “I wish…”

  1. CB Says:

    LOL! My 7yo daughter loves to watch too. Sometimes we just record it on our DVR it so she can watch…and then I can skip through the parts she thinks are “ick” – like Gilles without his shirt on. (*sigh* baby, you don’t realize that there are other reasons to watch the show besides the dancing! 😉 )

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