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Fun Bits for the Week… March 16, 2009

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Fun Bits for the week of March 9th…

  • Yeah! We spent some time outside this past week!  The girls were loving it!  Brooke refused to come inside…imagine that.
  • Brooke has discovered the word “no”.   I get the response “no” for EVERYTHING right now!  Ughhh!
  • We enjoyed our St. Patty’s Day parade on Saturday.  Our friends Tracy, Nickolas and Delaney joined in on the fun.  Here are a couple of pics…





  • You would think we were at the Macy’s Day parade with that frog balloon!  Ha!  I see some scrappin’ with the Jillibean Whitebean collection!
  • Leah has started recording everytime Kami is nice (yes) or not-so-nice (no) to her.  It looks pretty even right now.



  • Kami has an affinity for “chep-up” (ketchup).  She loves it with everything!
  • Brooke has figured out that she can push the chair over to the kitchen counter and get what she wants…


  • Yep, she has her jammies on and her favorite shoes.  If you don’t know the story of the Airwalk clogs, read here and here.

Have a great week everyone!