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Need Your Help… March 12, 2009

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Hey Ladies…need your help…


I was fortunate enough to scrap with some girlfriends last weekend at one of my favorite local stores…Scrapbook Art.   I don’t know about you, but some days (ok, most days) I have difficulty with titles.  So, I’m asking for your help.  I’m posting a layout below and would love it if you can help me with the title?   If you help me out…then I’ll help you out with, say, a $30 gift certificate to Two Peas in a Bucket!!!  Then you can buy some more JB Soup stuff. 😉    Just leave a comment and I’ll pick my favorite title on Sunday 3/15. 




BTW…It’s a halloween layout and I love the pics.  I know the paper has nothing to do with halloween but it matched the pics perfectly (it’s Bo Bunny – Alissa).  Since I didn’t use JB Soup paper, I had to throw in a sprout. 🙂  Also, I seem to be addicted to those cute little paper clip thingies from Stampin Up (I think they’re called library clips)! 


Thanks in advance! 



90 Responses to “Need Your Help…”

  1. Missey Says:

    Oh by the way is she a bunny or mouse?? hahaha!!
    I had to toss that out there, who was it that was teasing you..Holly?

  2. so cute! my first thought would be to title it “Mini Mouse!”

  3. Beadmad Says:

    Mini-mousechief maker

    (Cheesey I know but couldn’t think of anything else)

  4. jyeger Says:

    Thanks Missey, yes, I forgot to mention that she’s a mouse…not a bunny. Holly…

  5. Stacy Cohen Says:

    How about:

    Mousin’ Around


    I love “mices” to pieces (ala Sylvester the cat).

  6. DANGER: Cute mouse on the loose! (like mice usually are…)

    because it appears that she is up to something with her cute grin and the way she is holding her hands in the photos but then there is one where she is acting ever so innocent with a hint of sneaky. LOVE these photos!

  7. Misty C. Says:

    boo bunny

    it’s always great to scrap with friends – they help fill in the blanks!!

  8. Misty C. Says:

    oops – she was a mouse…should have read the other ideas before I posted

    boo mouse works but boo bunny did sound better

  9. Cassie Says:

    How about…There’s a mouse in my house

  10. “mouse”ing around

  11. Linda Says:

    “Trick or Cheese”




  12. How about:
    Cutest Mouse
    Quiet as a Mouse
    Mousin’ good time
    Mighty mouse
    Too Cute to Spook
    A Little Mousin’ Around
    Just Good Mousin’ Fun
    Sweet Little Mousey Thing
    It’s all about the Ears…

    Cute page!!!

  13. Andrea Amu Says:

    How about… “Cheesin’ For the Goodies” or “Cheesin’ For Treats”!

    So cute!

  14. Maryann Says:

    i like:
    Chesse Please?

  15. Maryann Says:

    spelling typo:

    cheese please?

  16. Lisa - Funky Fairy Says:

    Well, I was going to say ‘Some Bunny to Love’ except now I see it’s a mousey costume….doh…will have a rethink.
    So cute btw : )

  17. debbie Says:

    Your layout is just the cutest along with your little one!! house mouse , Cheese nipper, Parmagian Pal

  18. Amy A. Says:

    How about:

    Got CHEESE??

    Lil’ Miss Whiska’s – don’t know why I am so drawn to her whiskers, but I am!! Too cute!!

    which brings me to… “It’s as plain as the whiskers on my face!

  19. jenifer harkin Says:

    I was going to think of something so clever, because you know I can be (Ha!)…..but, I absolutely love the ‘Trick-or-cheese’ one! Too funny!

  20. jenn emch Says:

    I like “It’s all about the mouse” or “It started with a mouse”

  21. Patter Cross Says:

    Ooh, what a cutie! And how about:

    Mouse or Cheese?
    Cute as a Mouse!
    Halloween Mouse Club
    Our ‘lil Halloween Mouse

    Hmm, if I think of more, I’ll be back. 🙂

  22. tinawerner Says:

    Trick or Squeak?
    Treats for me
    Squeak’r Treater

  23. Emily T. Says:

    Hoppy Halloween!

  24. Houston Says:

    Because of her cute eyes and the tongue in the largest shot I would say… The Cutest Critter!

  25. StacyS. Says:

    Trick or Squeak!

    Cute papers – love the fact that it’s a halloween without being the traditional colours.
    Great layout:)

    StacyS. (Alberta, Canada)

  26. Kathy Says:


  27. Kathleen Says:

    Oh so adorable!!! I can’t top these titles, though, some fabulous ideas here girls!! Good luck!


  28. Kim Collee Says:

    mice are nice

    cute líl rodent

    how cheesy

    where’s the cheese?

  29. Jen D. Says:

    Wow…some really great titles going on here!
    how about…A mousey good time!

  30. Jen Stock Says:

    My first thought was “Got Cheese?”

    “I (heart) Cheese!”

    “Mmm Cheese!”

  31. scrappermimi Says:

    What a cutie!

    How about Mousin’ Around!

  32. Diana Says:

    Trick or EEK?!

  33. Lynn Judge Says:

    How about “Bunny Love” or “you got to love somebunny

  34. rebecca k Says:

    How about “Of Mice and Tongues” (if there is a story to be told about getting some candy from the corner of her mouth with her cute little tongue) ? Or, “While the Cat’s Away…” or just “EEK!” (what I would say if I saw a mouse in the house 😉 )

  35. Christa P. Says:

    “Happy Mouse-ka-ween”

  36. Holly Says:

    Awwww…she’s the cutest little BUNNY I’ve ever seen! Hee hee! Obviously, I have no title suggestions or I would have given them to you last weekend.

  37. Sara Says:

    I saw a bunny, so I keep thinking the good ole “Hoppin Down the Bunny Trail”

  38. squarestudio Says:

    Headline: Quiet as a mouse?
    Subhead: I don’t think so! (because of the mischeivious look!)

    ~Kim F.

  39. squarestudio Says:

    “Mickey’s got nothing on me! ” hehe…Mickey Mouse that is!

    these photos are so cute!
    ~Kim F.

  40. Cute like a mouse
    Cute as a mouse
    Cute little mouse
    Our little mouse

  41. Cari Locken Says:

    Oh man! I always struggle with titles too. They’re the hardest part of the layout because you want them to be eye-catching and just “perfect” for that layout.
    Darling page by the way! I do like the white sprout added on there too! 😉

    Ok, let’s see here. How about:
    “Some treat for Li’l Miss Squeak”

  42. Tina Says:

    Mousing about Town
    Hide the Cheese!

  43. Mary Dawn Says:

    mini mouse, tha’ts what came to me too, too too cute

  44. Jodi Says:

    How about All Hallows “Squeak”

    What a cutie!!!!

  45. Juliana Says:

    She is so cute!
    How about…Sweet Squeak!

  46. Jennifer Says:

    “Your Mouse or Mine?” ( as in, “your house or mine”) or
    ” If You Give a Mouse Some Candy….” ( as in, the “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” book)

  47. Roxann Says:

    Forget the CHEESE…I’ll take CANDY, Please!!

    A Mouse About the House…

    A Mousy Memory

    I love the picture with the tongue! Totally priceless!

  48. Gina Says:

    Very Cute . . . how about Trick or Cheese! 🙂

  49. Tanya Says:

    Soooo Cute!!! How about “A (halloween) Tail…”

  50. I’d go for “Bunny Hop” .
    That’s a cute photo! Thanks for another generous giveaway.

  51. ellen s Says:

    hmmmm…..she is cuuuute!

    mousin’ around
    lil’ miss mouse
    please feed this mouseketeer!

    Hickory Dickory Dock
    The mouse ran up the clock
    The clock struck one
    The mouse ran down
    And ate up all my candy!

  52. Cynthia Says:

    How ’bout…”If you give a Mouse a pumpkin…” – you know, like If you give a mouse a cookie, If you give a moose a muffin, etc.
    She is adorable, by the way! I love the little whiskers on her face and her expression w/ her tongue sticking out. 🙂
    Looks like she was ready for candy! (my kinda girl)

  53. tia shields Says:

    Pip squeak!

  54. calonghorn Says:

    how about

    will squeak for candy!
    mouse for me

  55. Gracie Says:

    How adorable! Love that little mouse costume. For the title:
    “Say Cheese!” or “My little mouseketeer”

  56. Janet Zeppa Says:

    Lots of great ideas already! How about…”There’s a Mouse in the House.”

  57. isabel Says:

    perhaps in French : “petit lapin”
    “not afraid ?”
    “my cutest rabbit”

    nice photos !!!

  58. ShellyJ Says:

    “Squeak Squeak”
    … now I have the Emperor New Groove in my head so…
    “Squeak-eter Squeak”

  59. How about Mouse Treat………….

    So cute she is,

  60. krumeluran Says:

    ohhh such a sweetie…. I would probably put the title:
    “Mommys little trick and treat” on this adorable page 🙂


  61. Linda Beeson Says:

    I’m not even going to try because you have a ton of super adorable title ideas here! She will need to be a mouse again so you can use more of them!!! CUTE!

  62. Lynn R Says:

    How about “Trick or Squeak?”

  63. Lynn R Says:

    Thought of a couple more…
    *Too Cute To Spook

  64. MandyK Says:

    Little Miss Squeaky
    My Little Mousey poo
    1 little mouse+ a bag of treats= Halloween 08
    A sqeaking good time
    princesses, pumpkins,ghosts and My little Mouse
    Spooks and Sqeaks
    Halloween Mouse Style

  65. Christi Says:

    If You Give A Mouse A Treat…

    There’s a Mouse at My Door

    Halloween 2008

  66. Kathy Says:

    I like #47 Roxann’s…..Forget the Cheese…

  67. I would name and title it….

    A little mouse named ________.

    Then fill in your daughters name. I love that large photo! What a cute little face!

  68. Shawna Says:

    How about “Elephants Beware” Just thought of how they are scared of cute little mice

  69. Julie Says:

    ” Face de rat” in French
    Ratatouille in English or French

  70. Debbie Cook Says:

    Too Cute To Spook!

  71. I immediately thought of “Trick or Squeak” but I see someone else already posted that one.

    so how about… “Just Say Cheese!” ( you know, since it is a picture of a mouse)

    BTW- such a cute picture !

  72. Oh, I just thought of another one…
    how about:

    “Trick or Cheese!”

  73. Karen Says:

    For once a cute title won’t come to me 😦 “Trick or Cheese” is adorable, and so are those pics! All I can think of is “As cute as a mouse”

  74. Karin Says:

    Wow – there are some great ideas already posted…. Sweet Tooth is what I would suggest

  75. Cass Says:

    I was going to say Trick or Squeak, but it seems several other ladies beat me to it! 🙂

    How about Forget Candy, Gimme Cheddar!

  76. ziggyeor Says:

    I like all the ones that were mentioned! I like the non tradtional papers for the halloween LO! I just used Halloween papers on a Birthday LO for me (mine’s in May) and a Thanksgiving page of my niece using my craft supplies LOL.

    I think doing squEEK! would be cute for the Halloween title.


  77. She’s adorable! How about “Cutest Mouse On The Block”? It’s a bit long, I have a thing for long titles right now, LOL! Good luck choosing!

  78. I’m cute…now where’s my candy?


    Got Candy?

  79. Julie O. Says:

    What a cute layout with adorable photos!! And how generous of you!!

    Here is my idea….’Did somebunny say ‘twick o’ tweet?’
    Until I just realized it was a mouse…..LOL!! That’s what you get for not looking close enough!


    “Lookin’ a wee bit mousechievious!’
    Sub Title….’Trick or Cheesin’ or ‘Halloween 08’

    Have fun chosing!!

  80. Judy T Says:

    My LIl’ Pip Squeak


    That cheese was here a minute ago!

  81. danni Says:

    there are tons of ideas that are so adorable, but i really like the “trick or cheese” 🙂 good luck picking one…he he

  82. Sarah Says:

    How about…Hickory, Dickory, Dock?
    You know “the mouse ran up the clock”.

  83. Jennifer Says:

    How Cute!!

    How about, “A little bunny in the pumpkin patch”?


  84. Jennifer Says:

    Oops, not a bunny.

    How about, “Trick or Treat, no mouse traps please”?


  85. Jo-Ann Says:

    I Love My House Mouse ! ( she’s the cutest! )

  86. Heather Says:

    Too cute to spook.

    I used that one on a Halloween page a couple years ago and she is definitely too cute 🙂

  87. Tracy D. Says:

    “No cheese please, just treats!” This layout is adorable!

  88. Nicole K Says:

    “If you give a mouse some candy…”

    Based on that popular kids book series… Adorable!

  89. Ginger Held Says:

    got cheese?

    (the pics are adorable!)

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