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Another Kit Giveaway… March 10, 2009

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Love these things! has a great kit this month.  They’ve already sold out of the first lot and ordered more papers for another set!  In the meantime, I’ve got one to giveaway!  Check it out….




There’s that Minestrone line with some other yummy goodies!  Check out their site too, the design team created some fun stuff with this kit! 


If you would like to win this kit, all you have to do is leave a comment about online shopping…where’s your favorite place to shop?  It doesn’t have to be scrapbook related. 


The winner will be announced Friday 3/13/09 at 9:00PM EST. 


Good Luck!




138 Responses to “Another Kit Giveaway…”

  1. Barb Says:

    I love shopping for books on amazon! A book is the one thing I never have to return because “it didn’t fit.”

  2. AndreaWiebe Says:

    I love etsy!!! I could gaze all day!

  3. Sue Christian Says:

    I love to shop at addict to scrapbooking they usually have some great sales.

  4. Sammye Jo Says:

    This would be great since NO STORES in my area carry your line yet! UGH!!!! When will they learn???(Alothough I have asked a couple of them to look at picking it up!)

    I love – They have ONE thing for sale a day that is discounted and when it is gone it is gone. Great lil site!!!

    Thanks for the chance!!!

  5. Patter Cross Says:

    Ooh, such a fun give-away. And I am a HUGE online shopper! I can’t name a favorite store I don’t think because I shop everywhere even for furniture! I am pitiful! But if I have to name one, I will just say Ellen Hutson because I shopped there this morning! LOL! 🙂 Have a blessed day!

  6. Pamela Says:

    Amazon and etsy are my favs! There are a lot of scrapbooking sites that I shop at though.

  7. Lisa C Says:

    I shop mostly on Amazon because of the huge selection. I also love etsy because everything is so unique!

  8. Emily T. Says:

    I love online shopping at Nordstroms for clothes…books and movies…Amazon and Target for just about anything else!

  9. Andrea Amu Says:

    Hmmm, I love on-line shopping, and I LOVE this kit that you are so graciously giving to some lucky person! My favorite on-line source isn’t really a scrappy place, although you can get scrap stuff here too… I am a faithful QVC shopper 🙂

  10. Daria Says:

    I’d have to agree about….I spend hours on there just looking at stuff I want! 🙂

  11. Erin P Says:

    i love pottery barn. they always have the nicest things to make a house a home. for scrap stuff i love 2 peas!!!

  12. Cassie Says:

    I also love Amazon, Etsy and Scrapgal!!

  13. Ruth Allmart Says:

    I like to shop when the shipping is free :o) I love to shop at Papertrey Ink, fun stamps and gorgeous cardstock and ink colours!

  14. Ruth Allmart Says:

    I like to shop when the shipping is free 🙂 I love to shop at Papertrey Ink, fun stamps and gorgeous cardstock and ink colours!

  15. netha Says:

    I love to shop at Ebay, becuse there are so many things that we don´t have here in Sweden.
    Have a nice day.

  16. jean Says:

    I could live in Barnes and Noble. They have everything!

  17. Stephanie K Says:

    Seriously…..I LOVE office supplies and my shipment is at my doorstep the next day!! 🙂

  18. scrappermimi Says:

    Gotta love online shopping a week before Christmas…when all you have to do is pop online, put that CC number in and a week later it is sitting on your doorstep!

  19. Janet Zeppa Says:

    Thanks for a chance to win this kit! It looks great. Most of my online shopping happens on a scrap site called Scrap Central.

  20. LisaW Says:

    I love shopping online! There’s so much out there to choose from and I love all the quirky finds…you just never know what you might come accross…love love love etsy for one of a kind finds.
    btw – Great kit!

  21. I’m an ebay addict! I also love zappos for shoes, old navy & children’s place for kids clothes & Cherry on Top for scrapbooking stuff!

  22. Misty C. Says:

    I love…have for years! Shop there so much that I get a discount. But they do not have your line…need to work on that!

  23. LOVE to shop online…Paper Popsicles has a great sale going on right now…

  24. Kathleen Says:

    Im an online shopping addict, eeek! I’ve got a few stores I’m lovin’ atm, including A Million Memories ( and Wicked Princesses ( – but alas, no Jillibean around here either!!!


  25. Elisa K Says:

    I totally love shopping at ETSY…. so addicted… Love that collection also..

    Elisa K

  26. What a great giveaway, my favorite place to shop online is, that is a hard one for sure, peachy cheap, amazon, etsy, I just do not have a favorite, I also like I am a scrapaholic and scrapattack for kit clubs………..

  27. Regan Says:

    I am a huge online shopper- Im an ebay girl but as far as scrapping stuff I like to support my LSS !!

  28. Cynthia Says:

    I’ve been addicted lately to checking the “deal of the day” scrapbook sites:,, They all offer one product each day at significant savings, and shipping is usually a flat $4.99. But if you miss that day’s deal, you’re outta luck! So there’s a sense of “oh, I’d better get it before somebody else does!” 😉 )
    Hopefully these sites can carry jillibean soup stuff soon?

  29. Anita Says:

    I don’t do a lot of online shopping – Amazon is probably the place I got to most.

  30. Anita Says:

    I don’t do a lot of online shopping – Amazon is probably the place I go to most.

  31. Erin Bohland Says:

    I love shopping at etsy . I love to buy from other crafters…

  32. Melissa Says:

    I love to shop online! My favorite store is A Cherry On Top – I love them because they carry a ton of brands (I just ordered Jillibean soup!) and offer great shipping discounts.

  33. Christa P. Says:

    My newest obsession is etsy for just about anything! I also love to online window shop at Pottery Barn-love their stuff!

  34. Essense Says:

    i shop online at LANE BRYANT and AVENUE–they’re the only stores that have pants that fit my body nicely–theor new line is called RIGHT FIT–and boy, do they fit you to the “T”—good luck to every who participates in the giveaway—remain blessed!!

  35. Nathalie Says:

    Oh, I love the Minestrone line and would love to play with this kit!!!! My favorite place to do some window shopping is by far Etsy… now the place where I spend the most $ online might actually be Land’s End (I know not as cool but the kids stuff lasts forever!) or Amazon for everything else…

  36. Ashley Says:

    I am a Two Peas junkie. I work at a scrapbook store and tend to buy my scrapbook stuff there but… buying digital scrapbook goodies at home in your pj’s is just so fast, east and dangerous…i luv it! Instant gratification 🙂

    -Ashley Meek

    (p.s. Paypal is the enemy! lol)

  37. DJP Says:

    I don’t do much online shopping, except for plane tickets home to MN or columbusscrappers group buys and retreats. hope that counts!


  38. what a great giveaway – just the ingredients i need for the winter funk i’m in – you are so generous jill – thank you!

    i ♥ etsy – i’m a huge fan of buying handmade, recycled, repurposed or the like. i just found this very cool graphic designer that does these very cute/vintage-like illustrations:

    cheers to etsy!

  39. Rachael Says:

    I do a lot around Christmas from Amazon. Can’t beat their prices and shipping! My latest online scrap purchase has been from Scrap Diner!

  40. carriegel Says:

    my favorite online store has to be amazon. they have everything!

  41. TRACY M Says:

    I love Barnes and Noble….so much knowledge in 1 little building!

  42. Chelle Says:

    i love etsy…i really like to buy handmade gifts and support other crafters…you can find anything and everything…it’s fabulous!

  43. jodi Says:

    I love etsy, amazon, and for scrapping stuff. 🙂

  44. Gracie Says:

    I usually shop for my scrapbook supplies at Joann’s online shop. They usually have great items on sale plus they have those coupons where they either offer free shipping or discounts.

  45. Ooooh, thanks for this great giveaway!
    I used to love Ebay, I sell some craft supplies there too before but a lot of sellers have made it so commercial and make so much money out of shipping not to mention Ebay has raised their fees up to the sky.
    So my faithfulness is now to Etsy. Lots of honest crafty souls who are trying to make some extra money out of their passion. I’d rather support people like that or smaller businesses – you always can’t beat personalized service!

  46. jenifer harkin Says:

    Ebay, but now I think I’l lhave check out Etsy……..

  47. Tina Says:

    OH what a wonderful kit and they did do some great stuff with the product!

    I have several places I love to shop online: (I like to look here…haven’t bought yet) (same as the above on this one)

    But I just love to shop online. At Christmas I would rather buy online as to fight the madness!

  48. Prairie Girl Says:

    Well, I mostly do online window shopping. 😉 Since I’m in Canada, I prefer to order from Canadian e-stores. My favourite window shopping sites are etsy and Antropologie! =)

  49. spokanebookclub Says:

    love love love amazon and anthroplogie. nothing’s better than a good book and some hipster chic clothing. 🙂

  50. Sara Says:

    There are so many places that I like to window shop that have already be named such as Amazon, etsy, ebay. There have been others that have come and gone. One I recently like is Oozak because of Copics. I’m really liking your new papers and can’t wait to see them in the stores to try them out.

  51. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Jill. What a yummy kit you’re offering! I love Minestone too. I guess my fav. on-line shopping would be They have great deals on books.

    Thank you for a chance to win. Good luck to everyone.


  52. rebecca keppel Says:

    For scrap stuff I shop online at Two Peas. Favorite online clothes shopping is at the Gap. Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome kit!

  53. Holly Says:

    What a fun kit for a giveaway! Seems I’m mostly shopping online from Amazon…so many things, so little time (and money…ha).

  54. txscrapddict Says:

    Looks like a yummy kit! I’m very partial to eBay & Etsy!

  55. i ♥…i ♥ etsy …i ♥ Studio Calico… i ♥ Old Navy….i ♥ ebay…i ♥ Pottery Barn….i ♥ Rachel Ashwell-Shabby Chic….i ♥ jcarolinecreative!…i ♥ BroadWay Papers….i ♥ elizabeth and kate…i ♥ GiveSimple….i ♥ LaylaGrayce… and i ♥ Life time Moments!

    lol can you tell I love to shop online? We only have one car so when my hubby is gone at work, I get to shop at home 😉

  56. I shop online with whoever gets my favorite scrap supplies first. LOL! But I do love scrappin Deals and A Cherry on Top!

  57. patricia galang Says:

    well my favorite scrapbook or cardmaking online store would be two peas in a bucket! they have great deals and right now they are offering free shipping! 😀

  58. Adriana Says:

    I like to buy my scrapbook stuff at

    And Im glad they have your products now!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  59. Dawn Says:

    My favorite scrap site is I also like etsy, ebay, and amazon. I’m addicted to online shopping. 😉

  60. Amy Coose Says:

    Love that kit! Thanks for the chance to get one. I am a huge online shopper, and could spend hours at etsy, ann taylor loft, PB, and many, many others! (:

  61. Houston Says:

    Yummy! My favorite place to shop online is, I love that you can get everything from magazine subscriptions to Lego StarWars toys!

  62. {vicki} Says:

    ONLINE SHOPPING———it’s the best way to shop–I have soooooooo many Favorite sites to shop from it’s hard to pick one–so I’ll just put the first one that comes to mind. (great prices on books, video games and dvds)

  63. tinawerner Says:

    favourite place to shop… ebay and chapters indigo (free shipping if you spend over 39$).

    love that kit! thanks for the opportunity to win!

  64. Alyssa Says:

    I don’t shop much online, but I do shop at occasioanlly. I love the great deals!

  65. I actually love shopping at amazon. : ) Not for scrapping stuff, but I am a total bookaholic, and can spend hours noodling around on that site.

  66. Lynn Judge Says:

    I love – LOVE it!!

  67. piradee Says:

    for me it would be ebay… it’s just amazing what you can find on it sometimes. 🙂 thanks for the opp!

  68. Amanda Muirhead Says:

    Beautiful Kit!

    I love ebay…lots of great finds there 🙂

  69. DeAnna T Says:

    Boy, online shopping…..where do I begin? I-tunes, Amazon, Crate and Barrel so many to choose from!!

  70. Cari Locken Says:

    OH what a great giveaway!
    I love etsy shopping! So many fabulous finds!

  71. abbie Says:

    Sooo many places…I definitely love though, I’m a real bookworm!!

  72. Janet B Says:

    Lol–one favorite place to shop online? Are you serious? Only one? My credit card wishes I only had one place to shop online…..too many too list though…..I really shop online where they have something that interests me, so my favs change all the time. My latest online shopping is coming from The unity stamp company.

  73. MandyK Says:

    I love etsy everything you buy on there is unique. I shop @ Your Scrapbook Stash and Studio Calico for my scrapping goodness.

  74. Sarah Says:

    Such yummy supplies…these could make some wonderful layouts and projects!!


  75. Tracey Says:

    Great kit! I would love to bring that home!! 🙂

    I don’t have any one specific place I like to shop. It all depends on what catches my eye. Mostly I buy stamps online since I can’t get them from my lss.

  76. justlisa Says:

    I love to shop at Treasured Scrapbooking, Lifetime Moments, etsy…..lots of places!!

    Very sweet kit!!!

  77. lovin2scrap Says:

    Love the variety of items on this kit!! And of course I would sure love to win one!! THanks for all your opportunities!

  78. jamie Says:

    i love online shopping, such a variety of products,

  79. Mary Says:

    I get sucked into by ing from Barnes and Noble alot because they e-mail you those “member only” discount coupons! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  80. Lynn R Says:

    I don’t really shop online but I do love to “window shop” on etsy! Wonderful things on there!

  81. HeatherC Says:

    My favorite place to shop online is For the last 2 years we have purchased almost all our Christmas presents there — good prices, free shipping and no hassle of going store to store. We have had great success there.

  82. Judy T Says:

    The only online shopping I do is Amazon although I usually look up the books and then reserve them on the local library site. Doesn’t reserviing books online count as “online shopping”?

  83. Mel Horn Says:

    I like Amazon. It seems like I always get the best deals and free super saver shipping.

  84. Missey Says:

    I love shopping….on-line and in the stores! Anytime Anyday!!!
    I have a site that I have signed up for that allowed me to pick all my favorite stores and clothing return they send me an email each week with all the great deals along with links straight to the store. I think it’s called “Shop- it-to-me” 🙂
    So totally cool!!

  85. Debbi M Says:

    Since all our LSS has closed in our area I tend to shop at and two peas till I can get to St. Louis. So winning this would be great. Thanks for the chance.

  86. Andi M Says:

    My favorite places to shop on the web are and My favorite online scrapbook store is — great selection and customer service.

  87. I only spend my money on scrapbook stuff! I love to shop at for my basics– any place that will ship free with a $25 order makes me happy! I also like– they have good stuff & a great blog (awesome project ideas).

  88. Jolene Says:

    I love to shop at any little (or big) scrapbook store that is not a chain. I find all kinds of little goodies that the chain stores don’t seem to carry.

  89. Karen Nuce Says:

    I love to shop online at Tastefully Simple…not just because I sell it but they have the yummy recipes and pictures of food and I am a true foodie.

  90. Jessica Says:

    i’ve never done online shopping. my husband swears by though.

  91. Amy A. Says:

    I am still a fan of ebay – both selling and buying!!

  92. Cindy Says:

    What a great give-a-way! My fav online shopping sight is etsy and scrapyland. If Jillibean had an online store I would definitely shop it.

  93. Cherie Castle Says:

    Thanks for a chance at an awesome give away.

    I love Awesome (guaranteed) quailty products, free shippping and return for card holder, and their customer serivce is top notch (which I am big on).

  94. Donna Coughlin Says:

    Hi there Ellen sent me over here.
    My favorite place to shop online is Amazon, I just love the Minestrone line. Good luck to everyone!

  95. stamprgrl Says:

    hi jill!
    if it’s ribbon it has to be , if I am buying books at , if it’s getting a scrapbook deal then its , if it’s for the perfect card kit then it’s , let’s see… for die cuts or embossing plates is , if it’s for cute big and matchy matchy kits then

    — dalis

  96. Chris Says:

    The mail lady hates me. She dreads delivering to me because there are always boxes to leave at the door. *sigh* I love to shop at Pottery Barn on line as well as Williams Sonoma. Living in a smaller town makes on line shopping a necessity! Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy! (Ellen sent me :o)

  97. Mel Says:

    I love shopping at great for gorgeous little boys clothes and they are great quality – also check out the birth notice onesie – too spesh for that adorable little one and perfect to scrap! I actually have one framed in my little one’s nursery 🙂
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this lush kit 🙂

  98. Jacqueline Says:

    love shopping on line for scrapping stuff and ebay for clothes for my son. thanks for the chance to win…

  99. Debbie Says:

    Ebay forces me to make purchases, with the pound not as strong cant really afford to buy from the states so my fav shop at the moment (and its local) is modscraps. Fantastic service and the lady who runs it is lovely.

    BTW Ellen sent me here 🙂

  100. Beadmad Says:

    I love all your papers and embellishments, they’re so fresh and new. Here’s hoping.
    By the way Howdee sent me the link

  101. Beadmad Says:

    ooops I forgot to say my favourite online shop is Happy Scrapping

  102. Hils Says:

    Fab kit, I’d love to get that through the mail! Fave online shops – Amazon, I’m on there all the time, they sell virtually anything and everything. Happy Scrapping Scrapbooking – great shop with lots of choice, and their forum is a daily must-visit – fun and friendly 🙂

  103. I love shopping at Dick Blick Art Supplies online. I also enjoy gandering and shopping at Etsy.

  104. kmthornton Says:

    etsy is my fave! thanks for the giveaway!

  105. Donna R Says:

    My favorite place to start shopping is Amazon, then I go do a search for other sites to compare the best prices. BTW I love the new line of Minestroni – THIS IS A MUST HAVE on my list

  106. Claude Campeau Says:

    I’m not a big online shopper, but I have used Ebay once in a while (that’s where I got my Canon Rebel!)

  107. isabel Says:

    I ADORE this Minestrone collection… and I leave in France but I shop in 2peas in a bucket… and I’m waiting for an order with…. your minestrone collection : what a coincidence

  108. Vicki Says:

    I love watching out for good deas at LUSH online. 🙂 is an awesome place to get bargain books, if you don’t mind waiting a bit after a book is first released. And I do most of my crafty shopping online; I’m discovering more Canadian online scrapbook stores every week, it seems! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity! Can’t wait to try some of your yummy products!

  109. I love shopping at, I always seem to find a good deal there. Oh, and I love to shop for groceries…it’s a sickness!

  110. celeste Says:

    i love and scrap diner.

    i love etsy too!

  111. Lynne Mann Says:

    I like shopping at twopeas as well as a cherry on top!! love your products! Thanks for the opportunity to win the ab-fab kit!!

  112. Deanna Kroll Says:

    Oh, I love to shop everywhere online! LOL. My favorite spot lately has been A Cherry On Top or for books, loving Amazon!

    What a great give a way!!

  113. Hmmm…definetly ETSY and Check them everyday!

  114. danni Says:

    oh what a kit, how fun! i love to shop etsy, love to support handmade & LOVE all the things i’ve purchased.

  115. Mel cloutier Says:

    only one favorite spot to shop at online?? I would narrow it down to Etsy, savvynsassy and scrapbookingfanatics, oh ebay too!

  116. Teresa Matz Says:

    What an awesome kit! My all around favorite store to shop at is Target! For scrappy stuff I love to haunt Etsy.

  117. calonghorn Says:

    i always go for the best deal online, but my dh is the big internet shopper in our house and his favorite place to shop is REI!

  118. Heather Says: is my favorite… i can find just about anything and when you spend more than $25 you get free shipping, not only do i not have to leave the house, but i am not spending money on shipping, so i can buy more… i sound like an ad for amazon!

  119. Maryann Says:

    i love to shop… it could be the dollar store for all I care!

    i just love to shop period! OK I’m off to Target!

  120. Deanna Says:

    Wow! Great kit! I love to shop to pick one is hard. Maybe one per category? Like I love Publix (groceries), Target, Hobby Lobby and Michaels. But I looove Gymboree for my girls, and Old Navy for me. Online scrappy purchases are definitely fun too and I shop all over the place!

  121. Jodi Says:

    I love to shop at and!!! I am a total online shopper!!

  122. Julie L. Says:

    ebay and etsy probably get a fair share of my online business. But one of my stand bys for baby gifts is I actually found her on ebay, but now shop through her store for personalized burp clothes. New baby, new burp cloth…and everyone loves them.

  123. aleks Says:

    My favourite is! Rhea is awesome with excellent customer service, and she has out of this world ribbon kits she puts together monthly!

  124. Valerie Says:

    I love to shop at Gap for me, my kids and my hubby!!!

  125. Lucy Chesna Says:

    I love to shope amazon and ebay for great stuff and for scrapping it would be scrap diner and a walk down memory lane…they rock!

  126. ShellyJ Says:

    I love shopping at Studio Calico! 🙂 it is a great place!

  127. krumeluran Says:

    Im in love with online shopping. I love to buy books, bags and bling on the net 🙂


  128. Nicole Says:

    The only online shopping I do is for scrappy suppplies. I love Memorable Seasons and Two Peas mainly for all the great choices, sales and quick turn around!!

  129. Corry Heinricks Says:

    i love Ebay for this and that..Etsy for neat crafty things…..Savvy N Sassy and Scrapbook Fanatics are two of my fave canadian scrap sites for shopping. my list is long…….

  130. Nicole Says:

    I think lately my favorite place has been ebay since I can find some books I have been looking for at a cheap price.
    Have a great day.
    Nicole M.

  131. Melissa miskell Says:

    I so love Target!

  132. I love ETSY, AMAZON, SCRAPBOOK.COM the best….

    FYI – I just bought three packs of your journal sprouts…they are so dang cute !

    Could you have an online store so we could order directly from you? I need more Jillibean stuff but having hard time finding it instock. Thanks for the great stuff.

  133. Julie Says:

    I like shopping on Ebay!

  134. Karen Says:

    I love Amazon for books, DVD’s, music, I usually find things there that I can’t find in stores. I also love E-Bay, unfortunately for my husband. lol

  135. Karin Says:

    My favorite online place to shop would have to be ebay – I find some great deals on there :0)

    That is a beautiful month kit.

  136. Nancy Riggs Says:

    My favorite online store is Hero Arts. I love stamping and we don’t have the best selection where I live. Thanks.

  137. angel shelton Says:

    I love Papertrey ink and stop & scrap for scrapbooking/stamping supplies!

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