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What the heck? March 2, 2009

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What’s the matter with Jason?  I think he’s got some issues…


I’m with Melissa – he took away that one special moment in her life and made it a crappy memory! 


Run, Molly, Run!!!!


Note: From the Bachelor, for all of you non-Bachelor fans.


26 Responses to “What the heck?”

  1. I am soooo with you!!! What a jerk! My whole family is stunned that he would do something like this!

  2. Daria Says:

    I completely agree! I was really excited at first when he picked Melissa, but now I just don’t get him at all.

  3. i’m terribly vexed? someone PLEASE tell me who these people are? and now i will hang my head in shame for not knowing OR duck before the shoe hits me because i don’t watch television…am i close?

  4. txscrapddict Says:

    Sorry…I’m with Rachel!

  5. Julie Says:

    It took me a minute because I don’t watch but I think it is from the Bachelor.

  6. Holly Says:

    SERIOUSLY!! He completely changed my opinion of him. Now I’m starting to think maybe he wasn’t so innocent with the issues surrounding his first divorce. I definitely don’t feel so sorry for him now. Sure wish he would have explained what happened to make his feelings change…I’m sure Melissa is saying the same thing. And what the heck is Molly thinking going back to him?! Can we say, “too into reality TV, Holly”? Sad…I know…

  7. regan Says:

    I know- I didnt actually watch thsi season but watched last night…all I’m gonna say is WTF???

  8. What a thing to do!!! Seriously, that was so wrong of him, poor Melissa, I felt so sad for her. I hadn’t watched the Bachelor in a long time and I don’t think I’ll watch it again. I hope Melissa is the next Bachelorette.

  9. Daria Says:

    I agree, Melanie. I think Melissa would make a great Bachelorette – she definitely deserves to be happy after what he put her through!

  10. okay WHEW, i’m all better now!

  11. Jamie Dones Says:

    I’m pretty sure they’re going to announce Jillian as the next Bachelorette on tonight’s show (and…yes, I’m also a member of the “too into Reality TV” club). I think Melissa said it best when she called him a complete “bastard”. Real classy breaking up with her on national TV and then running immediately to #2 and acting like a giddy little school boy. Jerk.

  12. Tricia Says:

    lmao. This has made some headlines, hasn’t it!!!!!??????? Shame on the network for that one.

  13. Janet Says:

    Hmmm…wonder why the heck Jason is divorced???? And what the heck is Molly thinking.

  14. Sarah Says:

    This was all over the news this morning. I think that he totally ruined it for both ladies!


  15. Melissa Says:

    O.M.G. Seriously, he is soooo not the kind of guy I thought he was! What a loser.

  16. Dolores Says:

    I agree Jason has some personal issues. I thought he was the good guy, I felt so bad for Melissa.

  17. lol I love that you wrote “Run Molly…RUN!” What was he thinking?! Why would he do something like that?!

    I love that show, but that was so wrong! I felt so bad for her.

  18. Stacy Cohen Says:

    I agree. And it’s sad because he seemed like such a nice guy. What a terrible thing to do on national TV.

  19. Houston Says:

    Whoops, had to go and read about it and then come back I just couldn’t watch it happen… I just knew he was going to do something ridiculous. All I can say is poor kiddo, he must be so confused.

  20. Amy Says:

    amen, sister!!!! 🙂

  21. ellen s Says:

    you watch ellen, right? she is on a tear with it and it is crackin’ me up! she had {is it jeff probst?} on today and was letting him have it…too funny. the show has too many unrealistic expectations but it is darn fun to watch!

  22. amandanewton Says:

    I totally agree with everyone! He definitely wasn’t thinking with the head that’s on his shoulders!!!! I’m really sick of his little hurt puppy look…..that might work for his son Ty……I think he was a complete bastard and Melissa had every right to not want to look at him EVER again, especially on national TV again….I hope she’s the next Bachlorette after Jillian! I hope Melissa can “recoup” from this blow….she was really sweet and I too was very happy when he chose her……Molly just seemed too cocky about it all…I hope they’re very happy together!

  23. Not only did he dump her on national television, he asked for her back. AND SHE WENT!!!!! There are so many things wrong with that. hahahaha They are absolutely perfect for each other though…..haha

  24. Heather Says:

    Jason is a total jerk! How can you break up with someone on TV? I am done with The Bachelor/Bachelorette!

  25. Dawn Says:

    holy cow, I can’t believe how this show sucked me in, chewed me up and spit me back out. what an emotional roller coaster. I was so disappointed in Jason!!!

  26. Pamela Says:

    Just saw this post. And yeah…Jason has issues. He went from being one of my favorite Bachelors to me hating him (in a matter of minutes). Poor Melissa! I still can’t believe it.

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