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Just another weekend… March 1, 2009

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* 3 sick kids…one with RSV and 2 ear infections…one with one ear infection…one with a cough keeping her awake at night…


*Brooke (the one with RSV)  is up at 3:00am, then 4:00am…


*I forgot Leah’s shoes at dance class…she cried


*Brooke vomited in my bed…


*Medicine, medicine, medicine…


*It’s cold outside…light snow today…


*Hubby is traveling for work this weekend…


*Brooke won’t let me put her down…


*I have to unplug the toilet…even though Brooke’s not feeling well, she still wants to help…


*Lily (dog) has a seizure…


*Kami wakes up in the middle of the night crying because of her coughs…


*Brooke coughs so much she vomits on me…


*I have to run a few errands for work…we leave Staples without buying anything because Brooke won’t quit crying…


*We eat McDonald’s twice this weekend…uggh…


*Did I mention hubby is working out of town…


*Did I mention Brooke is miserable…


*We go back to Staples because I still need supplies…I forget the Avery label number to purchase labels…


*I eat an entire bag of Hershey’s chocolate eggs (these things only come out at Easter time and of course hubby had to bring a bag home from the store the other night)…


I know it could be so much worse…just struggling a bit this weekend…better days ahead…




54 Responses to “Just another weekend…”

  1. Jamie Dones Says:

    Oh, Jill…sounds like a really tough weekend…{{Hugs}}. Hope things turn around this week and the kiddos start feeling better.

  2. Kathleen Says:

    Oh gosh Jill – its terrible when kids are sick, you feel so helpless eh? Im sure everything will turn around & there’ll be sunny days around the corner…

  3. Allison Cope Says:

    Awww…. sounds like one rough weekend Jill! Hope your babies are feeling better soon! My little guy was sick too… it’s just not fun!

  4. danni Says:

    oh what a weekend. here’s hoping that everyone feels better real soon! i have 4 & when 1 gets sick, they all end up with getting a bit of it. prayers for you momma!

  5. rebecca k Says:

    Yikes! Why is it that the kids wait to really kick the sick thing into gear for the time when hubby is away 🙂 I hope everyone in your house is feeling better and smiling again soon.

  6. Diana Says:

    sending you positive vibes your way….Hope all gets better SOON for you! 🙂

  7. jyeger Says:

    Thanks so much for your well wishes ladies…I’m sure we’ll get a break here some time. (crying, weeping, sobbing). 😉

  8. Cari Locken Says:

    Hey, we’re all sick here too! It’s not easy with 3 sick kids so I feel your pain.

    Hope your hubby is home soon and that your girls feel better very soon.
    And I’m betting you don’t want to see McD’s for a while eh? 😉

  9. Tina Says:

    OH Jill that is horrible! Hopefully tonight will prove much better and everyone will get some rest. And it is ok to have the NEED to eat McD’s in times like these. Praying for wellness at your house!

  10. Tricia Says:

    Aw, so sorry everyone including the dog is having a hard time these days. I am sure the chocolate helped though 🙂

  11. Heather Says:

    I’m with you on the Hershey’s chocolate eggs 😉

  12. Whoa, that is one heck of a weekend! I am sorry to hear that things have been so rough for you . You are right though, there ARE better days ahead!

  13. So sorry your weekend was so lousy, just keep thinking that this will be over soon & spring is around the corner!

  14. Must be in the air…I had a whole house of sickies too…we had one wake on Friday night and make a mess all over the kitchen floor…then the little one made it into my bed on top of me last night to then tell me she was sick…and got sick all over me…
    So…sounds like we’ve both been doing way too much laundry and passing out meds!!!
    Hope you all feel better soon…my secret has been that the nightime meds work great for making them nap during the day! :o)

  15. Tanya Says:

    big hugs to you Jill x

  16. Gracie Says:

    Oh I hope the kids will feel better. It’s tough when kids are sick. My little girl vomits a lot when she catches a cold so I always try to keep her from having one. I wish you better days ahead. Hugs.

  17. Adriana Says:


    I hope your kids will fell better today!!
    Take a deep breath and tomorrow will be a totally different day!!!

  18. Patter Cross Says:

    Oh Jill, I felt like I was reading about one of my days! I SO know what you are going through! I pray that today is a better day, that the kids and dog are feeling better, and that maybe someone locally can come and help you out! It is SO hard!!!! Get another bag of chocolate eggs, and sit for a “mommy moment” and enjoy each one of them! I will be praying for your day today! Hugs!!!!!!!

  19. Jen D. Says:

    Well here it is Monday….I hope things improve for you this week. Isn’t always the way…the minute DH is gone everyone gets sick and nothing gets accomplished.

  20. Jana Says:

    OOOOH Jill! Sending hugs and get well wishes to your family! Only sunshine the rest of the week! (at least in your house…hehe)

    I too LOOOOVE those eggs (and no worries, I’ve had more than my fair share this season too!)

  21. Regan Says:

    EEEK that just sucks on 12 levels…bleh RSV is nasty!!!

    Hope this week is better for you!!

  22. Amy Coose Says:

    Ugh, what a horrid weekend! So sorry it was so bad, and I’m hoping that this week gets better for ya!

  23. Oh my goodness…that’s a bad weekend. It’s amazing how much a mommy can withstand. Sending you get better and posotive vibes!

  24. tonya boone Says:

    i tell ya when it rains it pours

  25. so…are you saying you had a bad weekend? 😉
    dang lady. you can NOT catch a break if you tried.
    Ok, don’t try! With your luck it will be a broken leg.

    You know where to find me when everyone is feeling better!

  26. Karen Nuce Says:

    Just back from the National Youth Workers Convention and catching up on all your bad news… sorry!

    Please let me know if I can do anything to help out…I’m close by and willing!

    You are all (yes, even Lily) in my prayers.


  27. Missey Says:

    I hope today is better!!!!
    Give the girls a hug for me 🙂

  28. Aida Haron Says:

    Gosh I hope your kids are better, and you will get some time to yourself soon. A mom’s work is never done, it’s the universal truth ……. anywhere in the world.


  29. Stacy Cohen Says:

    Oh no! It sounds like a “Calgon, Take Me Away” weekend. I hope everyone is better soon!

  30. Christa P. Says:

    Oh my! I bet you were actually HAPPY to see Monday come! Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  31. Ingrid Says:

    Oh boy….did you have a tough weekend. I feel sorry for you (….and your kids). I hope they all feel better soon. Hope this week turns out to be much better. Hang in there!

  32. krumeluran Says:

    sounds like a though weekend…. I hope that It will get better soon


  33. Samantha Says:

    That sounds awful. Just horrible. I hope things calm down for you soon. As I say to my friend all the time “I hope your life gets boring soon!”

  34. Sarah Says:

    Oh my, I heard it’s all really going around right now.
    It’s so sad when the little ones are sick.

    And the candy thing, my hubby brought Junior Mints
    home this weekend (my favorite) and of course I ate
    the entire box! Shame on me…oh well.

    Better days adead!

  35. Janet Zeppa Says:

    So your weekend just SUCKS the big one!!! Things can only get better…..right??? Hang in there!

  36. “Two vomitting kids, one sicko mom and dad off to work.”
    (Crappy Christmas carols by The Hodgkinsons).
    My week has started like your weekend.
    I hope your people are feeling better soon.

  37. tinawerner Says:

    yipes! what a bad weekend… sending well wishes to your little crew… hugs…

  38. Ashley Meek Says:

    If it cheers you up at all I just made my first class using JBS product! I used a piece form the Chopped Tomatoes piece from the Minestrone Collection as the backdrop of my layout…this splash of red polkas brought my whole project together perfectly!!!

    Check it out here:

  39. Holly Says:

    You poor thing! Sounds like you had a very tough weekend. Hope everyone starts feeling better soon. If there’s anyway I can help, just let me know.

  40. Jill:
    Hope your kiddos are getting well soon, nothing like sick kids and hubby out of town, so you have to deal with everything….Of course you know this will pass, but when you are in the midst of the storm sometimes it seems impossible.
    Will be sending some prayers your way for things to calm down soon. Karen aka nanakaren

  41. Ashley Meek Says:

    If it makes you feel any better I just created my first classing using JBS product!!! I used the Chopped Tomatoes piece from the Minestrone Collection as the backdrop to a vintage layout…the red and white makes everything else pop so perfectly!

    Check it out here:

  42. Nathalie Says:

    That did sound like a good weekend AT ALL!!! I hope things are on the upswing for you today!!!

  43. Loretta, Artful Yogi Says:

    I hope today is a bit better.
    Chocolate is a trigger food for me as well.

  44. txscrapddict Says:

    HUGS! Hang in there Mommy!!

  45. michele Says:

    oh man. i have literally been there. just hold on, count to ten, and take one thing at a time. that’s all that helps. do you have a friend or family member who could run over for an hour so you can shower and do laundry? it’s amazing what one hour of sanity can do. sending hugs and get-well vibes.

  46. Andrea Amu Says:

    Ohhh boy! Gotta hate those kind of days/nights! Soo sorry… hope it’s all getting better today for ya! 🙂

  47. Sounds rough. Hope it gets better for you soon. Take care.

  48. ellen s Says:

    oh man, sorry to hear about all of that! shamrock shakes from McDonalds cheer me up this time of year or wine 😉

  49. jent Says:

    hi! i hope everyone is feeling better soon for you!!!things can only get better!!! take care!! jen t. 🙂

  50. Cass Says:

    Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  51. awwww, HUGE healing hugs to all, hang in there!

  52. Debbie Cook Says:

    oh jill.
    i SO know how you feel.
    it can only get better…remember that 🙂

  53. Amy Musser Says:

    Oh Jill,
    I am so sorry. I feel for you since my two children are sick too. Thankfully it doesn’t last forever. This is when our job gets tough, however I know neither of us would change it for the world. I pray things calm down for you and that your family stays healthy. Spring will be here soon! YEAH!

  54. Laura Says:

    Jill, I feel for you! It’s so hard when Hubbies are away . . .and kids are sick. . .and . . . what a rough week! Just know you’re not alone (in fact I think I had that week recently! ugg!)
    Love you guys!

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