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Fun Bits for the Week March 31, 2009

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Fun Bits for the Week of 23rd…

  • I enjoyed the Memories Expo here in Columbus.  I shared a booth with one of our LSS – B&B Scrapbooks.  It was really enjoyable and I met lots of great scrapbookers!  I worked the booth with Terry and Alecia and it was just plain fun…love those gals.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by.  Here’s a pic of the booth…


  • Not quite as fancy as CHA…but it served it purpose!  We decided we would go larger next year! 
  • Kami and Leah enjoyed some cotton candy from the Expo – Mommy guilt. 


  • Brooke has become obsessed with buckling herself into her high chair and Kami’s booster seat.  Once she gets buckled she gets upset because she can’t get out.  When I go to help her…she says “no” and pushes me away.  Last week she decided just to take the booster seat with her.


  • In the next photo she is trying to sit one booster seat in the other – while it’s attached to her!


  • Kami has officially started potty training – or I guess “we” have officially started potty training.  I can’t wait to get one more child out of diapers!
  • Brooke was being her normal mischievous self when she threw a bunch of paper scraps on the floor and refused (by saying “no”) when she was told to help pick them up.  This prompted a timeout from Mom.  Brooke didn’t flinch…she started walking towards the chair where she usually has to sit. She could care less when she’s in timeout.  She just gives me dirty looks.  I have to remind you that this child is only 20 months old!  What is she going to be like at 15?
  • We discovered Hip Hop Harry on Discovery kids.  Leah loves it and tries to dance Hip Hop when it’s on…it’s quite the show (Leah -that is). 
  • The girls have kept me in stitches this week – thank goodness they’re here for great laughs!  I constantly need that nudge from them – a quick reminder of what’s important.

Have a great week everyone!



{Cheer}ios… March 23, 2009

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{Cheer}ios…a layout I did last fall at a retreat.  Lots of green and brown…imagine that!  There’s a “hint” of Jillibean Soup on there…see it?  Yep, there’s a sprout.  I’ve been using these things on everything! 

Other supplies: Patterned Paper: Luxe Designs, Pinecone Press; Diecut designs: KI Memories; Paper tape (orange flowers): Doodlebug; Letters: Heidi Swapp; Ribbon: May Arts; Journaling Sprout: Jillibean Soup


Thanks for looking!



Fun Bits for the Week

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Fun Bits for the week of March 16th…

  • It’s spring!  Woo Hoo!  The weather has actually felt like spring too.  We’ve spent several evenings outside already! 
  • I need to do a shout out to my SIL Laura…congrats on the pregnancy!  Looks like I will be an auntie again!  This is #3 for Laura…welcome to the club. 🙂
  • Kami and Leah had blue taffy after dinner the other night.  Guess what happens when you eat blue taffy and then suck your thumb…


  • The other day Kami (2.5 yr old) told Leah (5.5 yr old) she did a “good job” eating her dinner.  Then she proceeded to give her a high five.
  • We enjoyed a trip to the zoo yesterday.  Some of the animals were making funny faces…




  • Ooops, looks like the “animals” have some of their lunch on their faces. 😉
  • While eating dinner tonight, Leah said “can I have the recipe for this?”…we were eating pasta salad (another reminder it’s spring).
  • I forgot to mention last week that I made an apple cake (yum,yum, yum) at 9:30 at night because I had been craving it for a couple of days.  I ate probably 2/3 of the cake all by myself!  It only took 2 days to devour that thing. 

Have a great week!



Lipstick anyone? March 21, 2009

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Wonder who got into my make-up bag?  I guess it could have been worse…she managed to put the lipstick on her lips (kind-of)! 

BTW…she’s wearing her spring jacket with her pajamas and clogs.  Love it!  No matter how my day is going, these girls make me smile. 



Catching up…

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Yeah, yeah, I know…worst blogger of the year.  Blah, blah, blah.  I keep waiting to get a comment in my in-box about how bad my blogging has become.  I don’t usually go this long in between posts.  I’ve been trying to close out my books from last year.  Not a fun job and I’m not an accountant! 


I do have some things to share if you’re interested…

First of all, I need to do a shout out to a couple of birthdays I missed!  Jan (mother-in-law) and Mark (brother-in-law) both celebrated their birthdays last Monday.  Happy belated birthday to both of you!!!  Hope you had a great day!


Second, I need to do a shout-out to some friends who have helped me bunches in the last couple of weeks.  Missey, Ryan, Tracy, Kent, Sarah, Heather, Judy, Marisa, Christine, Daniela, Jamie, Kelly, Melissa and Holly.  You guys are awesome and I’m so thankful for your help!!! 


Third…the winner of the kit has not e-mailed yet. 

#116  Mel Cloutier…congrats!!! 

Mel, can you please e-mail me your address so I can send you your kit.  If Mel does not e-mail by the end of this week, I’ll pick another winner.


Fourth, Bean Talk is doing a giveaway.  Check it out! 


Back soon…promise. 😉




Fun Bits for the Week… March 16, 2009

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Fun Bits for the week of March 9th…

  • Yeah! We spent some time outside this past week!  The girls were loving it!  Brooke refused to come inside…imagine that.
  • Brooke has discovered the word “no”.   I get the response “no” for EVERYTHING right now!  Ughhh!
  • We enjoyed our St. Patty’s Day parade on Saturday.  Our friends Tracy, Nickolas and Delaney joined in on the fun.  Here are a couple of pics…





  • You would think we were at the Macy’s Day parade with that frog balloon!  Ha!  I see some scrappin’ with the Jillibean Whitebean collection!
  • Leah has started recording everytime Kami is nice (yes) or not-so-nice (no) to her.  It looks pretty even right now.



  • Kami has an affinity for “chep-up” (ketchup).  She loves it with everything!
  • Brooke has figured out that she can push the chair over to the kitchen counter and get what she wants…


  • Yep, she has her jammies on and her favorite shoes.  If you don’t know the story of the Airwalk clogs, read here and here.

Have a great week everyone!



“Trick or Cheese” March 15, 2009

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is the winner for the mouse halloween layout title.  Love it and it will fit in the space below the pic.  I think Linda was the first to mention it!  I’ll get your gift certificate out to you tomorrow Linda!  Congrats! 

I loved reading all your fun ideas ladies!  Thanks for making me smile!

Nite, Nite…



Bean Talk – our new blog

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The new blog is up.  You can see it here.  Kimber has been active in getting the DT member’s blog links up as well as setting up photo albums for all of our DT members. 

This does not mean you have to stop visiting The Soup Bowl every once in a while (crying, sobbing, weeping).  It just means all JB Soup company info, announcements, new product peeks and DT member work will be displayed on the Bean Talk blog now. 



And the excitement continues….

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Good Sunday Morning…this is the day…

I can see lots of you are looking for this announcement.  I’m very excited about this but I must tell you it was a very difficult decision.  I feel like the bachelor and I’m sorry that I can’t give everyone a rose.  The team was picked based on design, experience and the ability to market JB Soup.  There were so many great applications.  I’ve visited many blogs and galleries in the last week just to get a feel for people.  Thank you everyone who submitted.  It’s been very rewarding for me to have so many people apply…so many talented people.  I was also thrilled to see numerous international applications.  The internet is an amazing thing.

If you did not make the team this time, we will be doing another call in 6 months.   Please do not get discouraged this time around. 

So, without further ado…




The guest designers will be e-mailed this week to discuss their participation. 

Thanks again ladies for applying!  I am completely blown away by the responses and the awesome support from all of you! 



Welcome Kimber March 14, 2009

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