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Something to share… February 24, 2009

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For those of you that do not have your own blogs (that would be most of my close friends ;-)) – I have the ability to see who’s linked to my blog.  If someone puts a link on their blog then it’s traced back to my blog and I get the incoming link.  Anyhow,  I took a few minutes the other day to see what’s going on, I thought I would share…


Check out this cute layout and this very creative layout from Mimi Leinbach.  Love those handmade flowers – all wrinkled and distressed.  Thanks Mimi!


Check out this adorable “note” book on the  I think Nan made the book, but I’m not sure. 


Check out this sweet card made with a JB Soup journaling sprout from Tanya.  Love it Tanya!


Here’s another cute card from Ingrid in the Netherlands.  Thanks Ingrid!


Check out this beautiful layout from “Walk, Among Flowers” in Japan.   I can’t read the Japanese to thank anyone. ;-( 


If you have not seen these cards from Sarah…you’ll have to go take a look.  Cute stuff Sarah! 


Keep it up ladies!



18 Responses to “Something to share…”

  1. Cari Locken Says:

    Oh those are fabulous projects! I’m so glad that you shared them!

  2. Tina Says:

    Oh my at the BIA book! I LOVE IT! I went by the LSS today and they said the stuff should be in soon……oh I hope so!!!!

  3. Kathleen Says:

    Oh gorgeous!! I follow through Bloglines, don’t think that tracks…??

  4. Patter Cross Says:

    Oooh, cute, cute stuff! I just got some JB papers and alphas so I can’t wait to play too! 🙂 And sorry, can’t help ya with the Japanese. 😦 I wonder if you copy and paste into an online translation program if it would work. 🙂 Have a great day, and thanks for sharing!

  5. Sarah Says:

    Oh these projects are wonderful and the product is sooo stinkin’ cute!!! I hope I can get my hands on some soon!


  6. such great projects, thanks for pointing us there – i’ve bookmarked some of them for future enabling and inspiration – woo hoo!

    beware, my nerdy/researching side is surfacing. i worked for a company in the translations department and worked with people from 21 different countries – not that this is relevant in this scenario. my husband also reads/studies different languages (for fun) so i like to hear what he has to say – REALLY, i do!

    the japanese artist name will not translate in a normal translator online service. as we know, there are different forms of japanese language. this one ‘might’ be kanji or a mix of kanji, kana or katakana?

    i did follow some of her other links to find her name to be “YUKO” though.

    hope that helps!

    happy wednesday, rachel

  7. scrappermimi Says:

    Wow! Thanks so much for the shout out! I am just loving your products. Thanks for all these great links…so much talent!

  8. Karen Nuce Says:

    I sat in front of the computer during my lunch break today and checked out each of these posts….they are all absolutely adorable. Love them. So glad you posted the links. Some of these are things I never would have thought of…mixing so many patterns and using JBS as a background (I tend to save it for the spotlight!). To the artists…you are all very talented and creative!


  9. Ingrid Says:

    Hi Jill, thanks for the shout out. I was quite surprised to see my name mentioned in your blog post. 🙂 I really ♥ JB Soup. I hope that all products will be available over here soon. Thanks for the other links too. It’s great for inspiration.

  10. jyeger Says:

    Thanks for your comments ladies.

    Rachel…you crack me up. Thanks for trying to interpret the Japanese and finding Yuko’s name!

  11. Kathleen Says:

    Thats a problem we have over here too Ingrid, unfortunately we can’t get Jillibean in Australia 😦 Gotta find a good online store…any suggestions welcome!

  12. Awesome finds there Jill.

    You’re welcome to stop on over at my blog anytime 😉


  13. ellen s Says:

    not only is there great inspiration on here but i learned something too! love all the projects!

  14. Great links. Love to check out the jillibean love on the net!

  15. Tanya Says:

    Hi Jill,

    Thank you so much for linking me on your blog! I got a lovely surprise to see you had done that!!! If you check out my blog again I have just updated with more layouts and cards using JB Soup!!! I heart JB Soup!! Thanks again and also thanks for posting the other links – such great inspiration there 🙂

  16. Great inspiration. I know there’s a site out there that will translate an entire website from an different language to English or vice versa! Hope that helps!!


    The Jillibeans range is going down a storm over here in England, everyone I know is desperate to get their hands on it….I’m not sharing mine though, oh no!!! 😮

  18. tonya boone Says:

    all of these sites were awesome..
    thanks for linking them

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