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Happy Belated Birthday to Kimber… February 22, 2009

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So sorry Kimber!  I did not know your birthday was on the 18th!  What a lame-o I am!  Sorry!  I just found out when I saw a posting on Sarah’s blog! 


Kimber has become an integral part of Jillibean Soup!  You’ll see alot more of Kimber around here soon!


Also, Kimber’s hubby has been in Iraq for quite some time and is on his way home.  He’s in the states now and is expected to be home this week…for good.  Yeah! 


OK, ladies…can you help me wish Kimber a “Happy Belated Birthday”!  If you help me out…I will let Leah pick 2 bloggers to win some Jillibean Soup goodies!   How about some paper, bean stalks, bean seeds and sprouts!  Yum!


Leah will pick the winners on Tuesday night at 9:00PM EST. 


Thanks in advance!



97 Responses to “Happy Belated Birthday to Kimber…”

  1. Happy birthday Kimber! I hope you had a wonderful day of celebrating!

  2. Jen Stock Says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope your year is wonderful!

  3. txscrapddict Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Kimber!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!

  4. Janet B Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a terrific day. Thanks for the chance to win–I’m dying to try your products.

  5. Happy Birthday GIRL!!!!! Hope you had a happy scrappy day!!

  6. Nicole Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kimber! What a wonderful present…your hubby is coming home safely! Please tell him thank you from a grateful US Citizen 🙂

  7. lovin2scrap Says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope all your scrapbook dreams come true!

  8. Regan Says:

    Happy belated Birthday Kimber!!!

    I would loooove to get my hands on some JB goodness, can’t wait for my LSS to get it in!!!

  9. Janet Says:

    Happy belated birthday. Hope it was a good day.

  10. Andi M Says:

    Happy Birthday Kimber! I hope you had a great day!

  11. Amy A. Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Kimber!! What a great gift – having your hubby home!!

  12. jill you are a goof ball!
    thanks for the birthday wishes!

  13. Erin Bohland Says:

    Happy Birthday Kimber. Kimber is a Ohio State fan. She had a awesome banner on her blog during football season.

    Im so happy your husband is coming home.. Have fun and happy belated birthday.


  14. Cynthia Says:

    Happy belated birthday to you, Kimber! I do follow your blog…and you didn’t even mention that your Bday was last week. Hope it was fun! I’m so happy for your whole family that your hubby is coming home! Hooray – best belated Bday present ever, I’d say. 🙂

  15. jana Says:

    Happy Birthday Kimber: enjoy celebrating YOU!

  16. Jen Tapler Says:

    Hope you had a FANTASTIC birthday Kimber!!!

  17. Daria Says:

    Happy Birthday, Kimber! I hope you had a great day!! 🙂

  18. Sasha Says:

    Happy Birthday Kimber … hope it’s fabulous

  19. Happy Birthday Kimber!!!! Congrats on your husband’s safe return! What a relief it must be.

  20. Karen Nuce Says:

    Kimber….happy, happy birthday and best wishes for a year full of happiness! How awesome that your husband has made it to the states…hopefully he will be home very, very soon and home to stay.

    Look forward to seeing more of your creativity on JBS!

  21. Jenn Says:

    Happy Birthday to you!!!

  22. Ingrid Says:

    Happy belated Birthday, Kimber. I hope you had a wonderful day!

  23. Tracey Says:

    Happy birthday Kimber! I hope it was fabulous!

  24. Dawn Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Kimber! How exciting about your hubby!

  25. Janet Zeppa Says:

    Happy Birthday Kimber!! I hope you had a great day!!! What wonderful news that your hubby is coming home safe and sound!

  26. jodi Says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Kimber – so happy your hubby is coming home!!

  27. Heather Bowser Says:

    Happy Birthday Kimber 🙂

  28. Heather Says:

    Happy Birthday, Kimber… so glad your husband is returning home… what a great belated birthday gift for you! Hope you had a fabulous day 🙂

  29. Missey Says:

    Happy Birthday Kimber 🙂

  30. Christa P. Says:

    Happy Birthday!! And what a great present for you to have your hubby on his way home!

  31. Anita Says:

    Happy belated birthday, Kimber!!! Hope it was great and so happy to hear that your hubby will be home soon 🙂 Now that is a great belated birthday present 😀

  32. Teresa Matz Says:

    Happy belated birthday!!!

  33. Amy Coose Says:

    Hope Kimber’s bday was fantastic! Glad her hubby is on his way home!

  34. Kathleen Says:

    Hope you had a fantastic Birthday Kimber!!!

  35. Ruth Allmart Says:

    Happy belated birthday Kimber! Hope it was agood one :o)

  36. Sammye Jo Says:


    What a great bday present to get your hubby home!!! 🙂


  37. HUGE birthday cheers to you kimber! did you have cupcakes!? best wishes for a fantastic year filled with fun, love, good health AND cupcakes – tee, hee. it’s good to hear that your hubby is on his way home. xoxo, rachel

  38. laura j Says:

    All the best to you on your birthday Kimber!!!

  39. Houston Says:

    Happy Birthday Kimber!!!

  40. Claude Campeau Says:

    Kimber!!!!!! I wish you a great year!!!!

  41. Happy Birthday Kimber! I am so glad to hear that your hubby is coming home. My son is in the Navy and I miss him so much. We will all be happy to see you around here more!

  42. Cass Says:

    Happy Birthday Kimber! Love your work!

  43. Sarah Says:

    Happy Birthday Kimber! I’m so happy to hear that your hubby is back in the states and will be home soon. I’ve asked Lisa periodically about him and you two have been in my thoughts and prayers. I’m sure you and the kiddos will LOVE having him all to yourselves very soon!!!

    Happy Bday!!
    -Sarah Mullanix

  44. Judy T Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Kimber! I’m so happy for you that your husband is on his way home!!

  45. Sue Christian Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Kimber , hope you had a wonderful day!!

  46. Heather Says:

    Happy Birthday, Kimber. Here’s hoping you were spoiled rotten. 🙂

  47. rebecca k Says:

    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear Kimber,
    Happy Birthday to you.

    And you are so lucky not to have to hear me sing it in person 🙂

  48. Gracie Says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Kimber! Hope you enjoyed your birthday. Wishing you more success and blessings in life.I’m sure you’ll even be happier when your hubby arrives. 🙂

  49. StacyC Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMBER!!!! Hope you had a great day!!!

  50. calonghorn Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Kimber! And how wonderful to hear that your dh is coming home safe and sound this week! Give him a big thank you for doing his job for us in Iraq!

  51. Giselle Homer Says:

    Hope you had a wonderful day & are looking forward to getting your hubby back safe & sound – best present ever!!! 😀

  52. hera Says:

    Happy Birthday Kimber! How exciting that your DH is coming home.

  53. TammyM Says:

    Happy Birthday Kimber! What a wonderful birthday present – your husband coming home to stay!!

  54. Heather Says:

    Happy belated birthday Kimber!! I hope you have a wonderful celebration when your hubby gets home!

  55. {vicki} Says:


  56. jen t Says:

    happy be-lated birthday kimber!!!!!! hope you get to see your hubby soon too!!! jen t.

  57. tina Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Kimber!!!
    So happy that hubby is on his way!!!

  58. Patter Cross Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Kimber! And how exciting that your get such a wonderful birthday present–hubby coming home!!!! Enjoy, and many happy and blessed days ahead!

  59. Ashley Says:

    How wonderful for you and your family! A very merry belated birthday to you. Happy Scrappin!

  60. Brianna T. Says:

    Happy Birthday Kimber!! So happy to hear that your hubby is coming home!! YEA!!!

  61. Leigh Says:

    Happy Birthday Kimber! What a great gift to have your husband come home – for good!!
    All the best.

  62. Happy Birthday Kimber – here’s hoping you’ll have a hubby & a margarita in your hands soon 🙂 love ya!

  63. silvia haynes Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Kimber!!! Hope you had a FABULOUS day!!!!

  64. Holly S Says:

    Happy, happy birthday from all of us to you…
    and many more!

  65. Cassie Says:

    Hope you had a Happy Happy Birthday!!!
    Make sure you call your local Patriot Guard to get an escort home for your husband!!! I am a member and it an amazing thing to be a part of!

  66. tonya boone Says:

    happy birthday Kimber.. Hope you have a wonderful birthday.. let’s celebrate

  67. Jen Martakis Says:

    Happy belated Birthday Kimber!! Enjoy having your hubby home!! Yay!!

  68. krumeluran Says:

    Happy birthday!! Hope you had a terrific day!

  69. Christi Says:

    Happy Birthday Kimber!
    February girls rule!
    (I’m the 7th!)

  70. jenifer harkin Says:

    Hope you had a ‘boot stompin’ good day!:)

  71. Carrol Says:

    Happy belated birthday.

  72. Cindy Says:

    Happy belated birthday, Kimber. Hope your day was very special. I know you are looking forward to an even better day, when hubby comes home.

  73. Renee' Morris-Dezember Says:

    HAPPY HAPPY BIrthday Kimber…and having your hubby come home is the best B-day present ever 😀

  74. Cari Locken Says:

    You bet I’ll help wish Kimber a Happy (belated) Birthday!! I hope you had a fabulous day girl!!!
    AND I’m so happy for you that you sweet hubby is coming home!!!!

  75. MandyK Says:

    I wished you a Happy Birthday on the big day but will do it again as I always say here at home a Birthday should be a week long celebration so Happy Happy Happy birthday to you Kimber!!!So excited that yor hubby is on his way home for good too!

  76. danni Says:

    May the kiss of your hubby make this year a blessed, oh so happy & safe one for you! Happy, Happy Birthday Kimber!

  77. Jen D. Says:

    Happy Birthday Kimber! Hope you had a great day.

  78. Jessica Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Kimber!!!!!!!!

  79. Trace Geworsky Says:

    Happy Birthday, Kimber!!!
    Hope you got spoiled rotten:)
    Trace G

  80. Audrey Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Kimber. Great news about your hubs coming home. Be lovely to see your work here too.

  81. scrappermimi Says:

    Happy Birthday Kimber! So glad your hubby will be home soon…sounds like a great gift!

  82. Amy H. Says:

    Happy Birthday and have fun spending time with your husband!

  83. Gina Says:

    I hope your day was grand Kimber! 🙂

  84. Jennifer Says:

    Hello Kimber! Happy belated birthday to you! so glad that your hubby is home with your for a while.

    Hope you had a wonderful day!


  85. AndreaWiebe Says:

    Happy Birthday Kimber!!!
    Sounds like you are getting an amazing present of your hubby coming home…so happy for you 🙂

  86. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Kimber!
    I have come across to here from your posts about the DT call at 2Peas… you deserve a birthday wish from me ;)…bleated or not LOL.
    I am loving Jillibean Soup and am super excited to see some Australian stockists already!

  87. Rona Says:

    Just keep celebrating that birthday for a couple weeks!! 🙂

  88. Deb Says:

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Kimber!

  89. Roxann Says:

    I’ve already accomplished wishing Kimber a Happy Birthday, so instead I will wish her much happiness and joy while she and the kids welcome home their American Hero, Bill, today!!

  90. Adriana Says:

    Happy birthday, Kim!!!
    Hope you had an excellent day!!!

  91. Laura Says:

    Happy Birthday Kimber! I hope your day was fantabulous and that you have a wonderful year!

  92. Tanya Says:

    Happy, Happy Belated Birthday Kimber!!!! Sounds like you have the best b-day present coming your way this week.

  93. Jamie Dones Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Kimber! Hope you had a really great day 🙂

  94. Kim Jones Says:

    Happy Birthday Kimber!!!! Hope it was a good one. Great to hear that your hubby will be home with you and kids very soon. Enjoy your time together!!

  95. Debbie Cook Says:

    i am loving what kimber does with jillibean soup! she is so talented.
    and her hubby coming home safe is such a fabulous birthday gift!!!

  96. amy hula Says:

    “HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMBER!”- and thank your hubby for us!

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