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Happy Belated Birthday to Kimber… February 22, 2009

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So sorry Kimber!  I did not know your birthday was on the 18th!  What a lame-o I am!  Sorry!  I just found out when I saw a posting on Sarah’s blog! 


Kimber has become an integral part of Jillibean Soup!  You’ll see alot more of Kimber around here soon!


Also, Kimber’s hubby has been in Iraq for quite some time and is on his way home.  He’s in the states now and is expected to be home this week…for good.  Yeah! 


OK, ladies…can you help me wish Kimber a “Happy Belated Birthday”!  If you help me out…I will let Leah pick 2 bloggers to win some Jillibean Soup goodies!   How about some paper, bean stalks, bean seeds and sprouts!  Yum!


Leah will pick the winners on Tuesday night at 9:00PM EST. 


Thanks in advance!