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Some Bean Stuff… February 18, 2009

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Please bear with me…I know I’m the worst blogger in the world right now.  Once we get this set of orders out, hopefully things will slow down just a bit and I can get back to blogging. 


Thanks to all the stores who ordered from us at the show!  Jillibean Soup is getting some serious exposure!  


I really need to do a shout out to all of the DT applicants!  Woot Woot!  You guys rock…thank you so much for applying.  I’ve seen some awesome stuff so far!  I feel bad that I can’t pick all of you.  😦


Also, with the DT…I probably need to make a few clarifications.  When I say “instructions” with the layout/card/project…I’m talking about a few tid bits about the craft, not a full out -this is how we do it- instruction.  It’s also been brought to my attention that 2 layouts, 2 cards and 1 project is a bit to ask.  I’m pretty flexible…I’d be happy with 2 layouts and/or a card/project.  I certainly don’t want this to be stressful!  One other thing, I’ve had another question about compensation…yes, you will be compensated for published submissions, projects used for Jillibean Soup marketing or advertising purposes and projects used for our tradeshow booth.  If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


Ohhh, almost forgot.  I have another giveaway!!!  Melissa at Paper Popsicles has been VERY, VERY generous and given me a kit to giveaway!  Thanks Melissa!



If you’re interested in winning this kit (which has lots of JB Soup goodies), just leave a comment about spring.  Leah and I are ready for spring – we’re tired of wearing our winter coats.  What’s your favorite thing about spring? 


A winner will be picked via on Saturday at 9:00PM EST. 

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.

Good Luck!



111 Responses to “Some Bean Stuff…”

  1. Andi M Says:

    Flowers are my favorite thing about spring. I love when the spring flowers pop out of the ground.

  2. Janet B Says:

    I love the smell of spring–the smell of rain, mud, fresh growth. There’s nothing better!

  3. jodi Says:

    I know this is going to sound strange, but I love the smell of dirt when spring has first sprung!

  4. Jessica Says:

    My favorite thing about Spring is my mom’s birthday. I have never to this day seen anyone be so excited for a birthday as her.

  5. Mary Baker Says:

    Finally after a long winter of wearing socks and shoes, I get to
    go barefoot! I am 54 and have always loved to go barefoot.
    Walking in the new growth of grass in my yard with my toes squishing in the dirt is heaven on earth!!!!!

  6. Tracey Says:

    I am so tired of winter. I hate being cold! I wanna see the sun!!

  7. Lynn R Says:

    The colors! I am tired of no colors! I want to see green grass and all the pretty flowers!

  8. I love that everything seems to comes alive again. To me Spring is about new beginnings.

  9. rebecca k Says:

    I love wearing flip flops with jeans– i.e. its not to hot to comfortably wear jeans and yet it is warm enough to show off a new pedicure with a cute pair of flip flops!

  10. Cynthia Says:

    I live in the South, so we don’t have winters that are too too cold, but when we have spring-like days (like today – 70 degrees-WOW!) I like to put on sandals and enjoy the sunshine and cool breeze. I also like not having to turn on the heater – saves us on those gas bills!

  11. Anna Haarsager Says:

    I can’t wait to be able to walk my dogs on sidewalks that don’t have any snow on them! Walking around on unshoveled sidewalks is making me show a side of myself I don’t like! 🙂

  12. Brianna T. Says:

    I love seeing the tulips start to bloom!

  13. Ruth Allmart Says:

    I can’t wait for Spring. The wind is howling as I write this and the snow is swirling around. Brrr! I love the fresh smell of Spring, I love to open the windows and freshen things up. I love getting the bikes up from the basement so the kids can ride them again. Please hurry Spring :o)

  14. Tina Says:

    My very favorite thing about Spring is being able to be outside as all of the beautiful flowers being to grow!

  15. Prairie Girl Says:

    I’m actually still not tired of winter. It’s my favourite season, believe it or not! lol
    I do love all seasons, though. What I love most about spring are the return of (some) birds and crocuses and daffodils! Here, Spring will come… hmm…sometime in April. =)
    Thank you Paper Popsicles for this draw!

  16. LisaW Says:

    I love it when everything starts to thaw out and bloom!

  17. ikkinlala Says:

    My favourite thing about spring (or at least the thing I’m most looking forward to at the moment) is that the moister air means my hands don’t dry out and crack.

  18. TRACY M Says:

    Spring, I love the freshness of a\the new season, all the sweet baby animals and of course I love fresh flowers. I am SO ready for spring!!

  19. spring…oh yes, the pictures for sure! Longer days and warmer weather, so more pictures without jackets. Yahooooo!

  20. katrina h Says:

    i’m in the phoenix area, so now winter coats here. but i am looking forward pretty flowers and some spring clothes shopping with my girls.

  21. Dawn Says:

    I love the smells. We moved to Georgia last year from Pennsylvania, so winter has a whole new meaning. I think we’re already in spring…it was in the 70’s yesterday. 🙂

  22. Cari Locken Says:

    I think Spring is my favorite season (next to Fall). I just love the fresh smells of new life! I love seeing the crocuses and tulips come rising out of the ground. It’s so exciting – the colors are just refreshing!

  23. Allison Says:

    Well it is a while till spring here…..In Australia….but the things, because I cannot narrow it down, that i Love about spring is the colours and freshness that the season brings. It always gives me hope.


  24. Janet Zeppa Says:

    Spring is the time I love to pull out my flipflops and go for a pedicure. Pretty toes means Spring is here. LOL!!!

  25. patricia galang Says:

    i love going to the beach even during winter i still go but spring is always the best time its not cold not too hot… i can wear shorts a t-shirt and flip flops.

  26. Adriana Says:

    I love the nice weather and the flowers!!!!!!!

  27. wendyp Says:

    I love being able to put away the winter jackets and finally warm up after a long winter. I’m so ready for spring!!!

  28. HeatherC Says:

    I love the first trips to the park — the kids are so joyful — like they have never been there before!

    On a side note — I found your products in a SS in Cincinnati yesterday — yeah!

  29. jenifer harkin Says:

    I really, really like daffodils!

  30. Jen M Says:

    I love when it is nice enough to start wearing shorts and feeling the warm sunshine on my skin.

    Jen M in Texas

  31. Lynn Judge Says:

    I love to set in the wooden swing out in the back yard during spring when it is just starting to warm up!!

  32. Amy Coose Says:

    Thanks for the chance at a great kit! I love seeing the tulips in the spring, they are my fav flowers!

  33. Lynn G Says:

    I love Spring! I’m a bit of a green thumb and have lots of little flower gardens around my house. I love to just get out there and tend to my flowers and, oddly enough, picking weeds is one of my all time favorite relaxing things to do. Love it!

    Lynn 🙂

  34. Sarah Says:

    My absolute favorite thing about spring that I look forward to every year is getting out in my yard and planting. Adding all of the flowers, new plants, and a fresh coat of mulch just makes everything feel so fresh and clean, just like SPRING!!


  35. Cindy Says:

    I love Spring, because i know that just around the corner is summer, which i love even more.

  36. Regan Says:

    OOOOOOH I am so ready for spring, I woke up to blowing snow…again. I cant wait till the kids can be outside all day again!

  37. PaulaSG Says:

    I can’t wait for Spring – it’s been a long winter here in the North East. I’m looking forward to seeing the buds appear on the trees and flowers poking through the ground. It’s just so hopeful! Ah, the warmer weather doesn’t hurt either 🙂

  38. danni Says:

    i love seeing my kids play in the puddles. we live in the mountains so there’s still a lot of precip. here but the puddle-playing as the snow melts is the best 🙂

  39. Jana Says:

    I like the noises of spring: the birds, the wind and rain, and kids playing! It is so refreshing.

  40. Deb Says:

    My favorite thing about spring is the massive spread of daffodils that bloom on our farm every year. They have been blooming here for over 50 years – before my grandparents even bought this place. I take pictures of the kids in the middle of them every year, and pick big bouquets for the house – the same flowers that my grandmother picked years ago.

  41. Cassie Says:

    I love that we can open the house back up. I love the fresh air. I love not having to bundle up in a big coat to go outside. I love baseball season.

  42. Robin O Says:

    I love being able to keep the windows open and air out the home during the beautiful spring weather. Also love to hang my sheets out to dry instead of using the dryer.

  43. KateB Says:

    I love being able to just wear a light jacket and getting the kids outside for photo shoots! It’s been raining & snowing entirely too much here…

  44. Judy T Says:

    Spring? It seems so long since we had warm weather! I love getting outside and riding our bikes and watching the new flowers pop up! Let’s hope the groundhog was wrong and Spring is just around the corner!

  45. AndreaWiebe Says:

    My favorite part about spring is taking my doggie for a walk! It’s so amazing when the sidewalk is visable 🙂

  46. Holly S Says:

    Spring!!! My favorite thing about spring is the nip in the air and the warmth of the sun on my skin…love seeing the early blooming flowers peeking up from the cold soil…love seeing the birds coming back to my feeders…I could go on all day-only 3 1/2 weeks until spring is officially here-can’t wait!
    Thank you for the great give-away!

  47. Sammye Jo Says:

    My favorite thing about spring is watching my little boy run and play outside without a care in the world! The innocence of a child is priceless!

  48. Pamela Says:

    I think I am ready for Spring too…but unfortunately Feb and March are our biggest snow months…so I feel like we haven’t even really hit winter yet. But I do look forward to seeing some flowers! Oh and the rain…I love rain. 🙂

  49. Janet Says:

    It’s not winter!!! That’s my favorite thing!!! Love being able to go outside without freezing. Green grass!!! Fresh air!!!

  50. Houston Says:

    My favorite thing about spring is when the apple tree and crabapple tree bloom!

  51. LizM Says:

    I can’t wait for spring… because it means golf season is just around the corner! Love getting outside in the fresh air!

  52. Melissa H Says:

    I live in Minnesota so spring is a LONG ways away. But my favorite thing about it (when it finally comes) is when the kids can get outside and play without being bundled up.

  53. Nickynoo Says:

    For me it’s just got to be the daffodils, I love the displays of their cheerful yellow nodding heads! 😀

  54. abbie Says:

    My favorite thing about spring is the smell…you know, when it starts to get warm outside and it just smells like spring and you KNOW it’s going to get warmer faster? I love that smell 🙂

  55. Karen Nuce Says:

    I dealy love it when my hyacinths bloom…the beautiful lilac and purple colors along with the amazing scent is one of my favorite things in the world. It makes me sad that it lasts such a short time but I suppose that’s what makes it special.

  56. Jana Says:

    Yes, I love seeing the growth of new life and the smell of fresh air and being able to open my windows again but let’s face it. Those of us who work in a school system know that once spring arrives, it reassures us that “the end is near!” Just a few more months until summer vacation! 🙂

  57. amy ("ahula") Says:

    I’ll be glad to get my fingernails back….they’ve been stuck in the steering wheel since the first snow storm I had to drive to work in!

  58. amy hula Says:

    I’ll be glad to get my fingernails back….they’ve been stuck in the steering wheel since driving to work in this Winter’s first snow storm!

  59. Sue Christian Says:

    I can’t wait for spring . I love to open the windows and let the fresh air flow through my house . No more furnace !!! Yeah !!!!

  60. Jing-Jing Says:

    Where I live, there isn’t much of a spring. We don’t get “spring” till late April, sigh… The nicest thing about spring is the opportunity to be outside!! After a long and harsh MN winter, it’s just so nice to be outside!!!

  61. Holly Says:

    The smell of a spring breeze is my favorite!

  62. Teresa Matz Says:

    My favorite thing about spring is getting outside and starting my veggie garden! I just love getting my fingers dirty. I also love all the time I get to spend outside with my kiddos

  63. Misty C. Says:

    I love spring – it’s my favorite time of year…time to get OUT of the house and get dirty in the flowerbeds and such…love to plant new flowers and mow the lawn for the first time…weirdo I know but I love it!!

    gave up the lawn dude when I decided to stay home with the kids – have enjoyed getting dirty in the yard but do so wish I could have my housekeeper back!!! Cannot seem to get my husband to agree!!

  64. Amy Says:

    I love how everything turns green again. I love the dogwood trees blooming, the crocuses popping up and covering the yard, I love the fresh air coming in the windows.

  65. Cathy Schellenberg Says:

    My favourite thing about Spring is that when I say, “OK guys….off to school,” it means a simple kick-on of the flip-flops and out the door….no more ski pants and boots and scarves and toques and mittens. Sheesh. Makes me wanna stay inside till Spring just thinking about it 🙂

    You have lovely product…this is my first time seeing it/hearing about it.

  66. Chelle Says:

    i love when the lovely tulips start to peek up from the soil…where they have been hiding for so long…so fabulous to see flowers come to life right before your eyes…the end result, a beautiful colorful garden to gaze at….

  67. StacyC Says:

    I love that I can go barefoot. The very blue sky here in Northern Nevada… That I can sit in the sun and not be to warm… Spring is my fav season..

  68. Urban Craft Says:

    Cool giveaway! There’s nothing I love more about spring than the smell of fresh rain.

  69. Erin Bohland Says:

    I love all of the spring flowers. And the promise of warmer weather… Thank you for the oppurtunity to win some of your great product.

  70. Jolene Says:

    I love to see the green of my perennials peek through the ground. I just started to notice some when the snow was gone last week. I hope they survive this cold and lake effect snow we are getting now.

  71. Cass Says:

    I love all the bright colours in the flowers, and I love that the grass grows so needs mowing! I love the smell of freshly mown lawn! 🙂

  72. Kat Says:

    I love spring flowers!! What a awesome giveaway!

  73. thanks for the updates on the dt search. i will work for beans, simple as that.

    ah spring, just hurry up and get here, done with the cold already! my favorite part of spring is ‘green’, planting flowers and veggie garden.

    cheers and have a great weekend!

  74. jen t Says:

    my favorite thing about spring is seeing the flower bulbs starting to poke thru the ground…..i know this sounds silly but i get really excited when i see my winter crocus bloom cause i know the daffodils are coming soon too! 🙂 thanks for a chance! jen t.

  75. My absolute favorite thing about SPRING TIME is sitting on my patio with the sunshine shining down and the tempuratures just cool enough to enjoy it 🙂

  76. calonghorn Says:

    well, having just spent the past 4 days skiing, i can’t say i am tired of the snow just yet, but it would be nice if it was a bit warmer!

  77. Gracie Says:

    I love the colors of spring! Lots of pastel colors and it just feels so light and happy.

  78. Delia W Says:

    The pink flowers on fruit trees always tells me spring is here. I love them.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  79. Ann Says:

    I love the flowers that come up in the spring. Thanks for the chance to win!

  80. I love going barefoot! My husband says it is my hillbilly nature, since I grew up in the country!

  81. Caecilia Says:

    I love the sun, higher temperatures and ofcourse colourful flowers! They inspire me… and your beautiful products!

  82. Jewel Says:

    I can’t wait for the first warm day that we don’t have to wear a coat! I love seeing the buds on the trees starting to peak out and the grass starts greening up and everything looks like it is new and fresh again!

  83. I love all the flowers and trees budding and birds singing and sun shining, it just makes me feel that love is in the air…..

  84. Leigh Says:

    I love spring because it means all the local fresh fruit is on its way. Plus I don’t have to wear a heavy coat.

  85. Kristine Says:

    I love when the spring rains wash all of the dirt and grim from winter away! And seeing the new buds on all of the trees!

  86. I love spring because that means…. I can finally go outside lol. I get Bronchitie REALLY BAD every winter, so to not get it I need to stay indoors. Thank heavens I have scrapbooking as a hobby! 😉
    This is a delightful give way.

  87. Debbie Cook Says:

    i love that spring brings back greens and flowers for better photos. i love to take pictures in natural light, so the brownish grass in the winter is a tricky obstacle! the green jsut makes everything feel fresh!

  88. krumeluran Says:

    the first warm sunbeams and melting snow, the first crisp tulip buds, the beautiful colours of green, pink and yellow… that is spring for me…

    And I would love to win me some goodies…..

    Thank you so much for this opportunity

    /Katarina (finland)

  89. Jen D. Says:

    thanks for the updates on the DT requirements…I was concerned with the workload…I may now apply. 🙂

    As for spring…love the warmer days but my absolute favorite is that beautiful shade of green that everything turns as it comes back to life in the Spring.

  90. Stacy Cohen Says:

    My favorite thing about Spring is the wonderful weather — no rain, and it’s neither too hot or too cold . . . it’s just right!!!

  91. Celeste B. Says:

    I love when the daffodils and tulips start to emerge in spring. It is so refreshing and I am happy to know that warm weather will be here soon.

  92. TammyM Says:

    My favorite thing about spring is all of the beautiful flowers that come into bloom. Right now the daffodils are popping up everywhere and some of the trees are budding. I love this time of year!

  93. Susanna Says:

    The first flowers (daffodils) and the first blooming trees (Bradford Pears). How my yard looks covered in snow on the first windy day after my plum tree has flowered. Looking so forward to warm days and being OUTSIDE!!!!

  94. Laura Stewart Says:

    just ready for better weather!

  95. Marcie R. Says:

    Spring means getting back outside and getting my hands dirty!
    Listening for the return of the orioles. Watching the perennials emerging from the warming soil.

  96. squarestudio Says:

    I love the first rain fall of spring! The air is warmer and there is a fresh smell in the air:)

  97. scrappermimi Says:

    All I can say is I am ready for it…not more of this ice/snow nonsense. Give me tulips and green grass!

  98. Juliana Says:

    Spring make me so very happy!!!

  99. Daria Says:

    My favorite thing about spring is the first few times it’s warm enough to open the windows and getting fresh air back in the house! 🙂

  100. Julie O. Says:

    I love how it starts to get brighter earlier in the morning. And of course all the beautiful flowers!!

    Great kit!

  101. Allison Cope Says:

    My favourite thing about spring is just seeing the colour green emerge from every crack and crevasse. Gotta love new leaves and new grass!

  102. Kathy Says:

    My favorite thing is the crocus starting to bloom. Even if there is snow on the ground, it means warm weather is coming soon.

  103. Sarah Wright Says:

    I love the colors of Spring, the beautiful pinks and whites of trees in blossom, and then all the bright colors of tulips and daffodils!

  104. laura j Says:

    I love to see my garden start to sprout in the spring. Everything seems to grow so fast…. you can see changes everyday!

  105. Jennifer Says:

    For me, Spring means that my birthday is coming up! And I love cards and gifts and cake!


  106. Amy A. Says:

    In the Springtime, I look forward to watching the flowers come up that I planted in the Fall – the crocus, daffodils and tulips. Each day I try to go out and see what progress has been made, assuming Mr. Squirrel hasn’t beaten me to it and eaten my bulbs!!

  107. Alyssa M. Says:

    i love everything about spring, but especially the smells, like the flowers and fresh breezes, and the first time the lawn gets mowed!

  108. Loretta, Artful Yogi Says:

    Spring smells good. The flowers bloom and your car doesn’t get grimy from road salt!

  109. Michelle A. Says:

    Spring is my favorite time of year…I love the flowers blooming, the warmer temperatures and the opening the windows & enjoying the fresh air after a long winter.

  110. Beth Says:

    I love to watch all of the spring flowers bloom. They smell so wonderful and add such wonderful bursts of color.
    Can’t wait!

  111. lovin2scrap Says:

    I love being able to open the windows again in the house and let fresh air in!

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