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Win some JB Soup goodies… February 9, 2009

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Not from me, but from 2 friends of JB Soup…


Sarah – the “friggin’ wicked paper crafter” from Canada is giving away some Jillibean Soup goodies.  If you’re interested in winning some Minestrone (along with some Core’dinations cardstock)…go check out the Only in Hollywoodstock blog.


Kimber – the “multi-talented, paper crafter extraordiare” from Indiana is also giving away some Jillibean Soup goodies!  If you want a second chance at winning some Minestrone (along with some Worldwin cardstock)…go check out Whirlwind – taking it one day at a time.


Thanks Ladies!!





Fun Bits for the Week…

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Fun Bits for the week of February 2nd…

* My oldest daughter Leah dissed me at kindergarten drop off the other morning.  I went in for the “goodbye kiss” and she turned her head away and said “bye”.  I guess I’m embarassing already!


* I called Kami a “nincompoop” the other day and she said “I not naked poop”.


* Remember how I told you last week that Brooke had begun throwing shoes from our 2nd floor…well yesterday she threw an alarm clock (not a new light-weight one, but an older heavy one).  It made a nice thud and thank goodness did not hit anyone on the head!


* Even though she’s only 2, Kami has figured out her “sarcastic, loud, snooty, teenage voice” already.   Too much talking back  going on in this house right now. 


* Brooke has started playing with babies all the time.  It’s cute to see an 18 month old playing with babies.  She, of course, grabs them by the neck and drags them around…but it’s still cute.


* Leah enjoyed her first Girl Scout Father/Daughter dance.  She came home and showed me how to do the “chicken dance”.  She doesn’t know Mom’s already a pro!  Here’s a pic of the two of them…




Thanks for looking and have a great week!



Happy Birthday Jen!

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It’s Jen’s birthday today!   Happy thirty-something chickie!  Jen is a very good friend of mine from college.  We met through ex-boyfriends and have had a great friendship even though we’re hundreds of miles apart. 


Here’s Jen on our trip to California to see Ellen (in case you didn’t see it the first time I posted it). 




It makes me chuckle everytime I see this pic. 


Can you help me wish Jen a  Happy Birthday????