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And the winner of the kit is… February 6, 2009

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#96 Alison…congrats!!! 

The year my husband made and decorated heart shaped cakes for me.

When you get a minute, can you e-mail me your address…I had to start deleting all the comments coming into my inbox.  Please send it to:


I love the kit and would like to keep it for myself!


I loved reading all your great stories and ideas for Valentine’s Day!  Wow, so many babies born on Feb 14th…so many people getting engaged or married! 


I never knew my brother was a romantic either (this is from my SIL)…

My most memorable Valentine’s Day…. A barbershop quartet showed up at my door to sing for me. I was very surprised & a little embarrassed. It was something I never would have thought of. After all these years, he can still surprise me.


If you have some time, read some of the fun comments.  Thanks everyone for participating!  I’ll have another kit to giveaway next week! 


Have a great weekend!



Ahhh, It’s good to be home…

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A little family wrestling.



Brookie’s up to her old tricks. 



Kami has decided she wants to suck her own boogs out of her nose. 

Yep, it’s good to be home.




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And a whole bunch of it! 🙂  🙂  🙂


*First of all I’m getting the “worst blogger” award this week!  I’m having a little difficulty keeping up with everything. 😦


*Many of you have been e-mailing about the design team.  I’ve started working on the requirements, guidelines, etc…  Hopefully I will post early next week.  All are encouraged to apply!


*I’ve started developing an additional blog that will be used by the design team for postings as well as JB Soup retailer news, giveaways and new product releases.  The Jillibean website will be redirecting to that blog once it’s up and running (instead of The Soup Bowl).   I will make sure to fill you in once it’s up and running!


*Nadia, Tom and I have started working on both the “store directory” and the “recipes” section of the website.  Look for them soon! 


*I haven’t forgot about the Zutter-bound monthly kit that was mentioned in this post.  I’m working with Alecia of B&B to get the rest of the products.  The kit will run around $30.  Hopefully that works for everyone that signed up.


*Friendly reminder that I’m teaching at card class at Scrapbook Art on February 25th.  If you haven’t signed up…we’d love to have you!  We will be making 6 cards – some with JB Soup’s newest lines.


*Got some links to share…

Beth and Susan Opel Typepad  (thanks Julie!)

You Tube Vidoe from Scrap Supply (thanks Missey)

Memory Makers

Craft Gossip

Emilie Ahern


I think that’s it for now.  Love the Valentine’s Day stories…I’m making hubby read them. 

Nite, Nite.