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How about a Giveaway? February 2, 2009

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It’s been a while…  There are a couple of kits clubs with JB Soup products in them this month.  Zany Zinnia is one featuring some of our products.  The “Notorious” kit has several products including…




The “Black Text” Alphabeans.  “Black Beans” from the Black Bean Collection and “Lemon Juice” from the Cold Raspberry collection.  Love it!  Thanks Stacy!


If you’re interested in winning this kit all you have to do is post a comment with your best Valentine memory.  If you don’t have one…sorry ;-(  …just post something about Valentines Day.


The winner will be chosen via on Friday February 6th at 9:00PM EST. 


Good Luck!



226 Responses to “How about a Giveaway?”

  1. Anita Says:

    One of my favorite Valentine’s Days was when my husband and I went to Gulf Shore, AL for the weekend. It was cold and gray but “we had our love to keep us warm” 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway and your girls are just too cute!!!

  2. Brenda Says:

    After nearly 24 years of marriage, it’s hard to pin down a favourite! And the one that stands out is not what I would call ‘romantic’ but it certainly was memorable. I was pregnant with our first child, and was just discovering that ‘morning sickness’ had nothing at all to do with mornings! We attempted the usual night out…dinner, a movie, and so forth. But I spent so much of the dinner and movie in the bathroom throwing up, that I was in no mood for the ‘so forth’. That may have been the moment we realized that having kids was going to change our lives forever. Fortunately, the changes were all good, and we now have 3 happy, healthy children. And the little guy that kept me in the bathroom all those years ago? He got engaged last week!

  3. katrina h Says:

    dh and i have never been big valentine’s day fans. it really is just another day for us. but we love each other just the same. i love your new stuff!

  4. Deb Says:

    Thanks for offering this giveaway! My favorite Valentine’s Day memory is when my sweet hubby surprised me by sending me flowers to work. He’s not one to typically do things like that, so it was a nice surprise.

  5. Heather Says:

    my best memory is last year, when Valentine’s Day was on Thursday… it was our day off, so we just spent the day together shopping and laughing and eating!

  6. Marilyn G in Virgina Says:

    newly married and hubby booked Us a ski holiday to France and at the same intro his 2 children. Exciting apart from the fact it was a studio room! I was NOT going to miss My 1st VD so I cut LOTs of paper pink and red hearts and strung them w/tulle fabric & had also red heart lights (similiar to xmas lites). B’cuz of the flight type only a carry on type suitcase was the Only luggage allowed i had to make sure to carefully and discretly pack them. On the Grand day I decorated this itty bitty room and embarrassed the heck out of my 2 step kids. But Hubby was smitten and 11 yrs on we’re still smiling.

  7. Jana Says:

    i love valentine’s day! DH and I will be spending “heart you” day number 9 together this year!

    my favorite is going to the melting pot, downtown minneapolis, absolutely FREEZING, well, how about 60 below the freezing mark (think minus 30) and we enjoyed every minute of our meal! we even ordered 2 chocolates just to stay in a bit longer!

  8. This is an easy one. You’d think it would be Valentine’s Day 2002, when my then boyfriend took me out coffee after dinner and then proposed to me by the fountain where we had spent many a date night talking into the wee morning hours during he previous year. But actually, it’s the following year when, having to be in NYC over the Valentine’s Day weekend for a college choir performance, he surprised me at work the day he left with a courier who brought not only my pre-packed suitcase, but also an airline ticket, leaving in about two hours, to join him in NYC for holiday weekend. He’d taken care of everything from care for our dogs to packing some racy things in my suitcase (now who thought he’d forget that???). Talk about romantic. We were married that following summer, but he set the bar so high that year that we basically stopped celebrating the day after that – it just couldn’t be topped!

  9. We usually don’t do anything too special for Valentine’s Day…kids seem to take up most of our time! But I would say I love the little crafts the kids bring home from school for Val day.

  10. Jen Tapler Says:

    My favorite Valentine’s memory is when my husband and I were dating in college and extremely broke and I taught myself to crochet (very poorly) so I could make him a stocking cap to wear on his morning weight-cutting runs (he was a wrestler for the Univ of Oklahoma at the time). The thing was so bad and my stitching so loose that when he put it on, it stretched out so that it looked like it was covered with huge holes – NOT exactly keeping his body heat in!!! But he wore it faithfully every morning run the rest of that season (at least when he left the house he had it on).

  11. Dondrea Says:

    Valentine’s Day is dead in the middle of tax season, which is the busiest time of the year for me. A couple of years ago my boyfriend created the perfect night. He had red metallic streamers as I came through the front door and our little pup greeted me with a red bow tie around his neck. We had a wonderful evening complete with dinner, great champagne, and Godiva chocolate covered strawberries – my absolute favorite! No V-Day is complete without them. :0)

  12. Tracey Says:

    Love this line! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

    Not much of a Valentine’s fan actually. Hubby and I usually keep it low-key! 🙂

  13. Cassie Says:

    My best Valentine Memory was from when I was a kid. I got home from school one day and my mom was making gigantic sugar cookies for us. Last year I told her it was one of my favorite memories growing up. She told me that was funny…she did that when we had absolutely no money. She was just doing something for us because she wanted to make the day special.

  14. Cassie Says:

    You are also in the February kit at Scrapbook Takeout!!! Yay!!!

  15. Tanya Says:

    thanks for the chance to win a gorgeous kit filled with Jillibean goodness! My most vivid Valentines memory is Valentines Day in the year of 2005 when my partner of 7 years proposed to me! We were married in December of that same year 🙂

  16. Jennifer Says:

    I have not been a big fan of Valentine’s day, because I always dream up something big… and whatever “wonderful” thing my dh plans… it doesn’t live up to the dream. I don’t know why I do that… but a few years ago, we cancelled valentine’s day, we were not going to celebrate it. I got home from school and there was a trail of wrapped chocolate covered cherries leading me from the doorway, upstairs to our bedroom. MY husband bought me the bedding that I wanted for our new house at the time… and had my favorite rose sitting next to the bed, “fire and ice.” It is my favorite memory of Valentine’s Day.

  17. Cris Says:

    I think I’ve only *twice* ever dated someone when V-Day has come around. But my favouritest memory is that my mother always buys an iteresting (often organic & healthy) treat for me!
    Thanks for this chance!

  18. Jennifer Says:

    That’s easy!!! Valentines Day 1992 was when mt husband proposed to me!!! 16 years and 6 kids later, we’re still going strong. I CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on your products!!!

  19. I don’t have a favorite memory of Valentine’s Day…but I do have a favorite tradition: my dh always brings home a heart-shaped Black Forest Cake! Simply…delicious!

  20. llpzps Says:

    many years ago a friend of mine bought me a 2-liter bottle of 7-up and a nice mug to drink it out of along with some flowers and some of my favorite snacks!! you see all my friends were real drinkers, but i was always drinking 7-up and he was one of very few people who knew that it was only 7-up in my cup! i had thought it was my secret and was surprised when he brought me this valentine gift.

  21. Kat Says:

    My favorite Valentine Memory is when my hubby bought me my Canon Rebel XT 2 years ago. I love every Valentines though because I always get a handmade card from my kiddos and that is truly the best.

  22. melita Says:

    so glad i found your blog! perfect timing =) i heard a lot about your fabulous products and am off to see my LSS owner tomorrow to see if she is ordering your products and if not, to get her too! wish me luck! LOL!

    valentine’s memory–i just remember loving it when i was in school and getting to open all my valentines because they came in envelopes back then! and it was so fun to decorate your box and walk around the classroom and give out the valentine’s as well as receiving them!

  23. Gracie Says:

    Well Valentine’s day isn’t really that big for us coz we can always express our love for each other everyday. We try to keep things simple by having dinner with family, sometimes my hubby and I surprise each other with small gifts. I always love receiving chocolates more than flowers. Hehe.

  24. Adrienne Says:

    Hmmn… lets see *racks memory*… Welp. I really like hearts! I like that they look great in any color too! 😀 Hahha. I love making v-day cards because now-a-days… (now that I am not 8 and giving them away to every classmate) people do not expect them. I am certainly looking forward to giving them away!

    I just came across your guys’ company. And let me tell you. The pics that I saw of your release at CHA. Was absolutely Amazing! I’ve got to tell you! Those little flowers from the Journaling Sprouts are TO DIE FOR! 😀

    Thanks for being great! You have a new follower!

  25. Amy H. Says:

    I am loving all your new fun products I am seeing! Can’t wait to get some soon!
    My favorite valentine memory was when I was in elementary school and a boy (on Valentine’s Day) said he liked me and then gave me a teddy bear and chocolate! I was so taken a back and didn’t think anything about it and then when I got home I realized I had lost his gift to me. I still do not know what I did with the gift. haha. Maybe he took it back when I wasn’t looking or something?

  26. Cass Says:

    No fave memory here. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day as our wedding anniversary is Feb 5 (so we usually go out for dinner that night).

  27. Adriana Says:

    My hubby (at that time he was my boyfriend) took to a fancy place to dinner. It was SOOO bad that we finished eating the best sanduich in town, at the ugliest place…
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  28. We never go out on Valentine’s Day because it’s always a disaster at the restaurants, so my husband always makes me the most amazing dinners on these nights! I always look forward to what he is going to come up with next!

    I love your paper lines and products! Thanks so much for the chance on the giveaway!

  29. jenifer harkin Says:

    I’ve never really liked valentine’s day…..probably because it’s so close to my birthday. They tend to get mushed together. I’d rather receive flowers or candy or hugs/kisses on an unexpected day!

  30. carriegel Says:

    just being a kid and decorating a brown paper bag for valentines at school. of course, i enjoyed choosing just the right valentine for everyone in the class.

  31. Lynn Judge Says:

    oh love that kit!! i dont really do valentines day anymore for reasons i dont want to publically post – but it involved my ex husband and some really bad memories

  32. What a fun giveaway, I’ll play!!

    I truly love every Valentine’s Day. No matter what my husband does, or how small the gift, he’s always so thoughtful… even down to the writing in the cards. He really does make me feel special and loved.

    Thanks for the chance!!

  33. Kelley Says:

    best Valentine memory… 1st Valentine’s Day with my now-husband. We were having dinner at my favorite spot, candlelight & fireplace blazing, and spending hours talking & laughing. As he drove me home that night I remember thining I wanted to spend my life with him…ahhh.

  34. Cindy Says:

    My most memorable Valentine’s Day would be when my son was opening his card and present, he pretty much did a comedy routine. I of course had my camera and captured most of his actions. Something only a mother finds darling.

  35. Kathy Says:

    My most memorable Valentine’s Day…. A barbershop quartet showed up at my door to sing for me. I was very surprised & a little embarrassed. It was something I never would have thought of. After all these years, he can still surprise me.

    Congrats on the various kit clubs. I may have to check into them.

  36. Barbie Says:

    I found out the sex of my son on an ultra sound on Valentine’s Day many years ago. The picture is scrapped with hearts all arond it. Love your new stuff.

  37. Judy T Says:

    Since we celebrate our anniversary on the 6th, Valentine’s Day is usually about our love for our kids. My favorite memory is my DH buying a bouquet of roses for his first baby girl because he wanted to be the first man in her life to buy her roses. (He bought me some that year, too).

    Love the kits! I’m going to have to check them out. Congrats!

  38. My hubby and I don’t really celebrate valentine’s day. We like to say it’s because we love each other every day of the year. Awwwww! Cheezy I know! 😉

  39. Robin O Says:

    My favorite happy/sad valentines memory is: I had worked for this company for about 10 years and I did the payroll & paperwork for about 80 men that worked in the field – they were all like family too me. They all knew it had been a rough year as my husband had passed away after along illness. So I was not expecting anything for Valentines as my husband was gone and that is not something that they had every done in the office. But I came it that day and they had flowers, candy and a stuffed animal for me – It made me cry in a good way.

  40. Melanie Says:

    I have 2 best memories and I love them both dearly.

    1) My engagement to my husband

    2)The birth of our 3rd child.

    How can I pick between the 2?

    Your products look great and I can’t wait to use them!!!!

  41. Rebecca V. Says:

    24 years ago this year, I had been dating my now husband for about 4 months. I came out of work on Valentines Day and he had filled (yes filled!) my car up with balloons! They weren’t helium filled but when I opened my door up, they flew out because there were so many and it was a windy snowy day here in MI! We still laugh about that!

  42. Lesliemc Says:

    Our first Valentine’s Day together…long weekend at the Mayflower Hotel in DC…flower petals on the bed, candles, massage oil…you get the picture!

  43. JEanette Says:

    Last year my husband rented a cottage for us at the Woolverton Inn Bed & Breakfast. It was sooo romantic!

  44. Louise #3903 Says:

    A fond memory I used to have for Vday is that my dad would send me a card or gift as I was the only girl in the family. He passed away 3 years ago & I really miss that little gesture he would make.

  45. Heather Says:

    My best Valentine’s day memory is a scrapbook that my husband and two little girls made for me! It is made from cardboard, tied up with a shoelace…I’m pretty sure nothing about it is acid-free…but it is the sweetest thing anyone has ever given me!

  46. We always order a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s and bring it home to make it. Side dishes include red Jell-O, red Kool-Aid (a treat since I don’t really care for it much), red heart candies on something sweet…you get the idea. The kids love this tradition (Ages 10 and 8 now) and they like to think up new RED additions to the menu. Everyone helps prepare!

  47. Tara Says:

    Gorgeous product! I’ll definately be keeping my eyes peeled for it while shopping!
    My favorite Valentine’s memory goes back a few years. My husband and I started dating while I was still in high school, so we’re talking 1990. He bought me a dozen long-stemmed red roses. Kind of a big deal for him because he’s a little “frugal”. They wilted after about a day and a half because he’d kept them in his car overnight. He thought that since they are kept in a cooler in the store that it would keep them fresh. He now knows that flowers don’t like to be kept in freezing conditions. But it was definately the thought that counted and I can’t complain!

  48. Heidi Roboertson Says:

    My favorite Valentine’s Day memories are from being in elementary school. I loved picking out a specific Valentine for each classmate. I loved making my box and and covering it with GLUE and construction paper. Maybe that is where my love of scrapbooking came from. I loved the party at the school and putting the Valentine’s cards in the boxes.

  49. Chrissy Le Says:

    I think the best moments of V day is when our family went to our favorite restaurant for dinner, in bitter cold and snow. But it was warm and toasty inside the restaurant. Bittersweet memories, because next year, the restaurant closed down 😦 . So I will always remember our last outing to that restaurant on V day. Zany Zinnia rawks!!!

  50. Heather Twing Says:

    When I was still dating my husband, he bought me the cutest teddy bear and put a diamond heart pendant around it’s neck. Then he hid it in the fridge for me to find. He told me to go get him a snack and was making me so mad trying to get me to go do it. Well, I finally did get up and go to the fridge for his “snack” and saw the bear. He was busting up laughing, I felt like a dope for giving him such a hard time about not wanting to make him a snack. Best Valentine’s gift ever!

  51. Jennifer Dahman Says:

    My best valentine’s memory happened 16 years ago (yikes!). My college boyfriend and I lived in 2 different towns. He was a high school music teacher. Since we were apart for Valentine’s day, he coordinated a recorded message with my roommate. His high school choir class sang “I can’t help falling in love with you” and left it on my answering machine. The school secretary and all the students were just oohing and aahing over the thoughtfulness of this gift. I appreciated all the effort and planning that it took to put this together. It made me feel loved and I think that is what Valentine’s day is all about!

  52. Cheri Says:

    My favorite Valentine memory is when my now husband took me on a date when we were dating to a very romantice restaurant and when we arrived at our reserved table he had already delivered a huge rose floral arrangement. It was a very romantic and fun evening.

    That kit is awesome!!!!!

  53. Molly Joly Says:

    Best Valentine memory – I made a special card for my husband – I took a pregnancy test on Valentine’s Day morning to confirm what I already thought – I signed the card from me, our 2 year old daughter, and _____? I still remember his face when he figured it out. We found out about a month later that we were expecting twins!

  54. justlisa Says:

    I think my most favorite memory is the year we stayed in (we lived in upstate NY and there was a lot of snow) and had a candlelight dinner, he brought me flowers and a small gift and made me the sweetest homemade valentine out of construction paper – I still have too!!

    Sweet kit and products – thanks for doing a giveaway!! 😉

  55. Jess M. Says:

    One of my best Valentine’s was when I was in college and my boyfriend at the time had next to no money. But he was creative, which we all know is even better! He surprised me by hanging 100 paper hearts from his ceiling, all with a reason why he loved me.

  56. Betty P Says:

    We really don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day but after 40 years of marriage we still love each other very much and my scrapping the memories makes every day special.

  57. Karen Says:

    My husband has surprised me with many wonderful valentines over the years, but it is my father who comes to mind with Valentine memories. It was his favorite holiday. Every year growing up, I received a beautifully store-wrapped gift–usually a new piece of clothing–he had exquisite taste. After I married he continued to send me a Valentine gift every year until he passed away. Needless to say, it’s still a favorite holiday of mine.

  58. Amy Noel Says:

    A few years ago I helped my then 2 year old son decorate a shoebox for a Valentine contest. We decorated it with photos, stamps, stickers and paper! He won first place! I feel like I won too because it’s not too often I play with my little guy with my scrapbooking supplies! We had a great time!

  59. heather Says:

    My favorite memory happened two years ago. The kids and I made a special card/album for my hubby….complete with goofy pictures spelling out how much we love him!

  60. Linda Schmidt Says:

    My dh and I don’t really do valentines day anymore but I think the best was two years ago when he suprised me with roses on Valentine’s Day. The funny part is he bought them at Walmart and they were half dead and droppy though I didn’t care cause the thought was there and he made me sooo happy!

  61. Ange Says:

    Vday has never really been big with me, so we don’t do much. But one of the best memories I have is when my oldest was little and my dh came home with a gift for the 2 of us (usually we’d get something together for her, but not for each other). He’d gotten her a couple little books and her own little mixed box of chocolates, which just lit up her little face. Loved it!

  62. Juliann Says:

    The best Valentine memory I have, is my daughters very first! She was born13 weeks premature, and we gave her a heat covered beanie baby bear. She still has it and she just turned 6 on 2/1. We also spoiled the wonderful Dr’s and nurses in the NICU with candy, cakes, and much more!

  63. Carrie Young Says:

    I still have such fond memories of the old-fashioned Valentines parties we had as kids. I loved decorating the shoe boxes and then dropping our Valentines in each one. I remember one year making a Valentine out of doilies and then attaching a sucker to each. My friends loved those.

  64. Jennifer Engle Says:

    My Husband got me red roses and a teddy bear with I love you written all over it for our first valentines day when we were dating. When my daughter had her first valentines day, she was 8 months old: we took her to get her pictures with the bear. So cute! Still one of my favorite photos of her! Thanks for the opportunity!

  65. cindyf Says:

    I have to agree with some of the other comments here –we don’t do V-day. Instead, try to make every day special (not always so easy -lol). Speaking of “love” I’m loving all new Jillibean stuff –it’s very yummy.

  66. LaurieStar Says:

    Hello – just found out about your drawing through Zany Zinnia’s newsletter. Love the new papers! My favorite Valentine’s moment was years ago when I received rose bouquets at work from two different men I was dating! That happened only once and will never happen again now that I am happily married – but I’ll never forget the looks and questions I got! 🙂

  67. Madeline Says:

    My best valentine memory has got to be my ex boyfren sewing a card for me. We were very young and dont have much $$$ then, yet he is so creative enough to make his own card for me 🙂

  68. Jayne Says:

    Wow! I love the ZZ Kit — but it will be very hard to beat any of the previous wonderful Valentine memories. Mine was 47 years ago when my darling boyfriend surprised me with an engagement ring. WOW!!! 47 years ago. (Hard to believe when we only feel 25!!) but at 68 we still LOVE and enjoy each other’s company. He’s my biggest Scrapbooking supporter.

    Saw a cute project on Michael’s website today and think it will be perfect with Minestrone — in fact, I thought it was at first.

    Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

  69. Vicky Kelly Says:

    My favorite memory of Valentine’s day was probably the year my older sister helped me to make an awesome Valentines box. It was huge & heart shaped & I won a contest at my elementary school for it!

  70. Joyce Rougeou Says:

    I don’t care for chocolates at Valentine’s Day, and I remember my husband gave me a little pin that said, “I’ll never stop loving you”. He soon passed away, and I cherish the memory.

  71. Denise Sandifer Says:

    Truthfully every day is Valentine’s day for us. My husband and I have been married for 19 years and we are still on our honeymoon. Last year was a total surprise when he hired a barbershop quartet to come to my office and sing love songs. My lovin’ man is just a kid.

  72. Lauri G Says:

    Gorgeous Kit, I love the combination put together here! I like the simple things at Valentines, freinds, family, the ones I love and of course Chocolate! 🙂

  73. L Frost Says:

    took what was left of case of champagne from our wedding (six bottles?) and threw a Valentines day party in our first year of marriage. what fun!

  74. lynnfrompgh Says:

    My favorite Valentine memory would be our 1st married v-day.
    My husband bought me an antique crystal heart shaped candy dish…… this day it is my favorite gift from him!!!

  75. Giselle Homer Says:

    Thanks for the chance of a Freebie! Best Valentine’s memory for me?… Flowers picked from my own garden by my daughter when she was age 5! LOL

  76. Jennifer Engel Says:

    A few years ago I introduced my kids to the Charlie Brown Valentine DVD. Watching it as a kid was one of my fondest memories & it gives me great pleasure to share that feeling with my kids…….

  77. Jacqueline N Says:

    I think my best Valentine’s Day is coming up this month. My son is 4 and just getting the hang of these celebrations. He already has his V alentine’s picked out for preschool and is beyond excited…can’t wait to see what he cooks up for me. LOVE, LOVE, Love your stuff – so fresh and new. Thanks for the chance to win!

  78. Susan Milotich Says:

    My favorite memory was the year we made cards for each other, poster board sized cards. All the words were from the heart and the time that we both put into making them was priceless.

  79. Marianne Says:

    A romantic getaway to St. Thomas many years ago! Just wonderful memories.

  80. Barbara from Bellflower Says:

    Time with my grandchildren is “Valentine’s Day”

    Barbara in Bellflower

  81. Theresa Hunsinger Says:

    A few years ago finances were not very good in our household so a Valentines dinner wasn’t really an option. My then 9 year old daughter asked us what our favorite food was and if she was allowed to use the stove. She created a beautiful card/menu that said Happy Anniversary and she printed the what we were having for dinner on it. She rearranged our living room furniture, put a card table with a red table cloth and a candle in front of our Bay window so we had a view. I took pictures of everything she did because my husband and I were so amazed at her thoughtfulness. She aslo downloaded our wedding song (Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton) and had it playing on the stereo! I would have to say that was my most memorable Valentines Day!

  82. Anna S Says:

    The memory that stands out the most was when I was in 6th grade. A boy down the street who was a few years younger than me had a crush on me. At school he gave me a heart shaped box of candy and a card. I was totally embarrassed. Looking back it’s one of my favorite Valentine memories.

  83. Ann McKuin Says:

    Valentine’s Day – love the candy, love the hearts, love the love!!

  84. Diana L Herranen Says:

    My husband never forgets a holiday, birthday, or anniversary. So, I guess you could say I’m a very lucky lady! One year (I think it was 1998), on Valentine’s Day, my husband came home with gifts for my our two daughters and me. He had given our daughters some really cute stuffed animals with hearts on them. He brought me home a teddy bear with a tennis bracelet on it. (Yes, the bear was wearing the bracelet!) I was so very surprised, as were my daughters! We now have three daughters and he still brings something home for all of us. And he tells me that he loves the cards or scrapbooks that I make for our family.

  85. Denise Says:

    My favorite Valentine was a belated one, hubby was in Iraq during the traditional day of Feb 14, he did get to call me on that day though. Anyway, after he was home the very next 14th of that next month he surprised me with flowers, candy, a date night and to make things extra special he made me a handmade card out of my scrap supplies. I will never forget that day!

  86. abbie Says:

    What a gorgeous line of products you have!

    My fav V-day memory occurred just last year. My fiance (now husband) sent me flowers with a note that said “Happy Valentine’s Day, I can’t wait to marry you!” We got married May 31 of 2008. It’s not much, but it made my day. I still have that note in a scrapbook somewhere!

  87. Patricia Flores Says:

    My favorite valentines memory was from when me and my DH were in highschool. We had just started dating and he didn’t have much money but managed to scrape up enough for a cute Valentine Balloon!
    It was so cute!

  88. Karen Says:

    My favorite thing about Valentines day is that I always fix a “totally red dinner” for my kids including a red velvet cake for dessert. I even make their scrambled eggs red for breakfast and give them strawberry-rhubarb jam on their toast….it is silly but they love it and I love the looks on their faces!

  89. Paula G Says:

    Although I’ve had many wonderful love-filled Valentines Days, my best memory is somewhat unusual. I attended an all girl Catholic school. One Valentines Day when I was feeling lonely, Sister Mary Campbell cheered up the class by saying “better luck next year. The best is yet to come for all of you girls.” She gave a very upbeat talk in her class that day that really lifted my spirits. I’ve been able to call upon her pep talk numerous times when I’ve either had a rocky love life or other life struggles. Now I have a teenager who is not in the “popular” crowd and has not dated yet. I call upon Sister Mary Campbell’s words and share her philosophy with him. Sometimes just hearing words of encouragement means more than candy hearts or flowers!!

  90. Linda Says:

    The Valentines Day that was most memorable to me was the first time we babysat our 1st Grand-Daughter we took her to lunch with us and had an GREAT Time all afternoon. We don’t get to see much of her and this was a real treat that we did not want to pass up.

  91. MichelleG Says:

    Here’s my best Valentine’s Day memory…my old boyfriend arranged for a local boutique dress shop to stay open just for us. He brought a bottle of wine and let me try on lots of dresses…and bought my favorite one!

    Thanks for the fun prize! Love your new products!

  92. Dawn Says:

    Mine would be Valentine’s Day 1999…when my hubby proposed. 🙂

  93. Debbi M Says:

    One of my fondest memories is when I was in the 4th grade. This boy liked two of us girls. He brought her a big chocolate heart and brought me a half eaten bag of candy hearts and I didn’t even care. Love was even grand that long ago. Have a great week and thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  94. Tina Says:

    My favorite Valentine would have to be everyone of them since Valentine’s Day 1991, the best Valentine’s Day ever. It was the a cold February Thursday morning as I awoke to the beautiful sun and a smile on my face for this was the day I would marry my high school sweetheart. As the day went on and preparations were coming together joy kept building inside. Finally it was almost 7pm, all of the candles were lit, and it was time for me to take the long walk down the aisle to embrace the change from Ms. to Mrs. and everything was stunning. As the ceremony went on things were going just a bit to perfect if you know what I mean. Then it happened as we were to light the unity candle a beautiful young lady was singing a one line tune as it was not meant to take long. However, my candle was stuck. It wasn’t an ordinary candle because there was carpeting in the church. It was a spring loaded flame candle. Did I know this? Not until I let go of it to re-grasp and it sprung up off of the holder. The entire church had a great laugh, well except for me. Now, 18 years later it I can chuckle a little about this. Everything was put back together and worked well. The ceremony ended as beautiful as it started. They opened the doors when we were to leave the church as husband and wife and the most beautiful snow was falling so gracefully. Not only has this been the most memorable Valentine’s Day ever, it will forever be impossible to top.

  95. Cheryl Says:

    My favorite Valentine Day was when my husband took me to a 5 star restaurant in Maui. The restaurant was full of red and pink balloons. We had a wonderful romantic meal. It was so much fun!

  96. Alison Says:

    The year my husband made and decorated heart shaped cakes for me.

  97. ramasyl Says:

    Last year, a florist crosses(spends) in lorry in front of to us once, twice then stops(arrests) and there, a bouquet red as ever!

  98. Wendy Lust Says:

    I remember the fun of helping my children come up with an idea for their Valentine box for school. Then they spent a lot of time creating what they hoped would be a winner!

  99. Anne Says:

    When dh and I were first married, we went to a wonderful restaurant for a romantic dinner. and the couple next to us got engaged, it was so sweet to watch. My bil proposed to his wife on Valentine’s day at the top of the Empire state Building.

  100. Laci Says:

    Oh YAY!! Valentine’s is my absolute favorite Holiday by far, mostly because its actually a Holiday created from lov and it hasnt lost its meaning. I’d have to say that this coming V-Day is going to be my favorite, my husband is making plans but most of all because I’m making Valentine’s packages with homemade aprons and valentine cards and more. Instead of sending Christmas cards I sent Valentine cards, because people get plenty of stuff on Christmas. Thanks for giving me a chance at winning. Happy Valentine’s!

  101. Marylee Says:

    Picture it! Dallas TX! February 14, 2004!

    My hubby & I went to a hotel in Dallas TX to celebrate our
    first V-Day. (We’re an E-harmony success story!) We woke
    to find it had snowed like CrAzY!!! So we slid over to the
    Galleria Mall and shopped.

    I was in your booth at CHA & love … love … love your line!

  102. Lisa Says:

    My best Valentine’s Memory is the year, 3rd grade, when my Mom beautifully decorated a Valentine’s box for me for the school party. I still have it and enjoyed my own daughter taking it to school for a party one year.

  103. jmnphotography Says:

    i never do too much for valentine’s day, but one year i spent a lot of time making a cute box for my boyfriend with a bunch of pictures of us in it. {And by cute I do mean, manly :)} It was a lot of fun and I think he really liked it. It has a prominent place on his bookcase! thanks for the drawing!!

  104. jill Says:

    i love valentines day! i can’t pick just one memory. but i would say i love all of the love stuff you can find in the stores…

  105. Erin Bohland Says:

    One of my favorite memories was when my husband I first started dating. I got in his car to go out to dinner and he had a teddy bear sitting in my seat with a neclace around it’s neck. It was so sweet.

    Also wanted to let you know that I was listening to Lain Ehman’s “Scraphappy” pod cast and she did a shout out to you. She said she loved your booth and papers at CHA. Congrats.

  106. Janet B Says:

    I’d love to win your papers–I’ve never had a chance to give thema try. As for Valentine’s day–I finally met the man of my dreasm–after a few bumps in the road called my life. We had our first V day last year…….I got a huge giant bear! But, it wasn’t the gift that was most important. It was the fact that I have met my soul mate and for that, I am so grateful.

  107. Kristi B. Says:

    My favorite Valentine’s memory would be the rose bush hubby bought me as my gift. Why buy cut roses when I can have a whole bush right? I’ve had the bush for about 7 years. We live in So. Califorbia so it basically blooms year round. They are the most beautiful, yummy smelling roses I have ever seen & 7 years later, I am still enjoying them everyday.
    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome kit! :o)

  108. Kelly Braund Says:

    My favorite Valentine’s memories are every year when I get something from one of my kids that they made themselves!

  109. erika Says:

    One of my most memorable Valentine’s was my first one with my (now) hubby. He gave me my first scrapbooking kit. cheese alert: I’ve been in love with him and scrapbooking ever since. 🙂

  110. Abbie Says:

    hmmm my best memory was last year because my husband came home from a deployment on Valentine’s day!!

    Super cute stuff!!! Crossing my fingers!

  111. cindy b Says:

    Hi there. I don’t really have a specific memory but I do love Valentine’s day because for the past 8 years I started the tradition of having a Valentine’s Day party for my daughter with her cousins and a few friends. Everyone must wear red, pink or purple. We play games, eat and have crafts. The girls love it and so do I. I hope the tradition continues through their teen years as well. (they are 11 now) 😉 Thanks for the chance to win a great kit!!

  112. angela gutshall Says:

    When my dh and I started dating I made a spaghetti dinner for us. I was so simple but so nice. We found out we had alot in common. Here we are 8 years later happily married w/ 3 kids.

  113. My favorite Valentine’s Day was when my dh (pre marriage) planned a very romantic evening. He cut out (hand cut) tons of hearts and wrote the different reasons why he loved me on each one. They led a trail through the house to a dinner he made for me! It was great! Love your stuff!

  114. jodi Says:

    Spending my first Valentine’s Day with my husband was the most wonderful V-day yet, simply because we were together. 🙂

  115. misty c Says:

    my fav. memory is the year my daughter was born…not only did I get goodies but daddy showed up with a stuffed bunny for our new baby girl!!

  116. Lisa J. Says:

    My favorite memory is as a child in middle and high school. I was never in the popular crowd and my mother would send me flowers on Valentines Day (sometimes as anonymous) to make me feel better about myself. That she would do that for me is so sweet. 🙂

  117. Stephanie A. Says:

    My favorite Valentine’s Day was in 2007, when we found out that baby #2, was actually babies #2 and #3, twins! Now I have 3 wonderful boys and a hubby to spoil on Valentine’s Day!

  118. Maggie Says:

    Watching my 3 year old write out all of her own Valentine cards for her pals at pre-school. She was so serious about it!

    Love the kit!

  119. Jo B Says:

    My best valentines has to be 2007, My daughter was not long home from hospital where she spent her first month, and my partner was being a real sweetie, its got to be the first valentines day that i have loved and been loved so much! I got a card from the love of my life, and one signed from the puppy and the baby too, it really made my day! I dont recall if there was a gift, but i remember the love!

  120. Tracy C Says:

    I love the Notorious kit- so cool! My dh and I don’t do Valentine’s day big- usually flowers, candy and a card. My fav. Valentine’s memories have to do with making Valentines with my kids 🙂

  121. kimkirt Says:

    When I was single in my late 20’s, my older brother came to where I worked and gave me a red rose one Valentine’s Day. It was so sweet and special, sure did make my day!

  122. Keely Says:

    My company cafeteria always sells little decorated heart cakes. I like to buy them so my husband and son each have their own. Something sweet for my sweethearts!!

  123. Jec Tyger Says:

    When I was like 8 my dad sat down with me in the living room and we read all my valentines I got from school together.

    I love all the lines you guys have. So cute!

  124. Amy Coose Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win a kit! My fav V-day would have to be the first one I had with my hubby. Such a romantic time. (;

  125. Jeanne K Says:

    My favorite Valentine memory was a long time ago. I gave Birth to my first at 6 1/2 months. I was not allowed to touch him and could only see him through the viewing window. (Boy have things changed!). But having him home for Valentines was the best ever gift I have recieved!

  126. Andi M Says:

    My husband and I aren’t big into Valentine’s Day, but I’ve had some special notes from my boys for Valentine’s Day. I love the cute things young children write.

  127. Janet Zeppa Says:

    Your products are so awesome that I would love to see them in real life so thanks for a chance to win some.
    I will always remember how my Dad bought me a box of chocolates every year since I was his “sweetheart” He is the best!!!

  128. Michelle A. Says:

    I remember when I was in elementary school & a boy in my class gave me a huge stuffed animal that when you press its paw the clear red heart on his chest would light up…thinking back now it was adorable….but then I was mortified! I had no idea this boy liked me =).

  129. Darlene Says:

    My favorite Valentine memory is decorating the shoe boxes to be used as ‘mail box’ at school for friends to deposit valentines in. It was so fun to choose elements to decorate the box with and then walk around the room to mail the cards to each other.
    Good luck with your new company!

  130. Peggy Lucas Says:

    A couple of years ago my hubby sent me beautiful white roses in a heart shaped vase that has embossed with “love” words. It was so pretty I love looking at it!

  131. Suzie Q. Says:

    My DH is not normally the romantic type but one Valentine’s Day he decided to surprise me with my favorite chocolate cake. The only problem was that I was 3 months pregnant with our 2nd son. Every time I so much as looked at the cake, it sent me running for the bathroom. He felt so bad. We still laugh at that Valentine’s Day!!! He did score points for trying.

    Thank you for the chance at winning such a fabulous kit.

    I LOVE everything Jillibean Soup and Zany Zinnias!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Cassonda T Says:

    Ok so the best Valentine memory was giving birth to my daughter! The best gift ever!! She’s got it made in the shade let me tell ya!! Isn’t that the best day to have a birthday? Showered with gifts and love!! 🙂

    Hi Jill! 😉

  133. Tricia Carney Says:

    My favorite memory of Valentine’s Day was in 1980 when my sweet husband and I were married on February 14! How is that for romantic!

  134. Michelle Says:

    I dont have a particular favorite Valentine memory…but I guess it would have to be one tht was spent and surrounded by the ones I love.

  135. LisaW Says:

    When I was in high school, I received my first real Valentine’s card anonymously…I still don’t know who it was from, but it was sweet to know someone was thinking of me.

  136. Mary Baker Says:

    You would think that my favorite memory would be something from the last 30 wonderful years I have had with my husband, just he and I but 2/14/1990 started out just the two of us but it became 3 of us when I went into labor with my first child. She was born that day and my husband, with all the excitement, forgot to get me a v-day gift. So he left the hospital that night and found a florist open and got me a dozen roses that had not been picked up and brought them to me in the hospital. They were wilted and looked pretty bad but that was fine. He had given me the best Valentine’s gift of all, my daughter Jordan

  137. Kelly Says:

    I plan on making one of my favorite valentine memories on this February 14th because it will be my first one with my new husband of 3 months!

    Thanks for the chance to win! I love your products!!

    Kelly 🙂

  138. Jen Stock Says:

    I’d love to win this kit! I loved your line at CHA. My favorite Valentines Memory is from when we were engaged. DH made me the most amazing dinner. It was so thoughtful and he even did the dished! No wonder I married him!

  139. Nanc Says:

    My husband is a very special kind of guy – and never forgets Valentine’s Day… last year, he purchased and had delivered for me three days of flowers – Daisies on day 1, Lilies and Irises on day 2, and red, red roses on Day 3…

    Everyone at work was positively green with envy and asking if he perhaps has a brother (nope 2 sisters) 🙂

  140. Karen Says:

    Maybe I’m not very romantic, but a favorite Valentine memory is making Valentines for my classmates when I was a kid. I guess that’s why I help my daughter make all of hers by hand.

  141. Amy Slanger Says:

    My best and favorite Valentine memory was in 2004. When my fiance(husband now) and his daughter went down to the craft room and made me a hand stamped card with love from my scrapbook supplies. How many men do u know that would do that!! NONE. It was better than all the flowers and box of chocolates in the world.

  142. Holly Says:

    Valentine’s Day…I just love the joy in seeing people happy and in love. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!

  143. Verneata O'Brien Says:

    My favorite Valentines Day, was that of 1991; the year my daughter was born. She arrived on February second, a big, bright beautiful baby. The first time I had to leave her after her birth was on Valentines Day, just to run out and get a prescription. Walking through the pharmacy, the beautiful display of Valentine cards caught my eye, I have always been a paper junkie! Though she wasn’t even two weeks old, I gave her three Valentines that year, and every year since. It was in looking at the cards that first time, that a wave of realization hit me, of the depth and awe to be found in the love of a parent for a child. No matter what, she will always be my Valentine baby.

  144. Kim Collee Says:

    my fav Valentine memory is the one where my hubby got up at 5 am to make me fresh warm cinnamon rolls, my favorite treat

  145. Raechelle Says:

    We usually don’t do anything, but a few years ago my hubby came home with roses for me and a special vase with a rose in it for each of our 4 girls. They felt really special and still have their dried flowers in the vases.
    Thanks for the chance to win one of the great kits!

  146. Kasey T Says:

    Hi! Love this kit!
    I was blessed with my second son on Vday 2007. His smile melts my heart every day and it has made me love the holiday even more. Thanks.

  147. Candy Says:

    I had gone from East Coast to West Coast for my Fathers funeral and to be with my Mother. I was still there for Valentines and we came home from errands and found a bouquet of flowers and a gift certificate for dinner at a really nice restaurant from my boyfriend in the East. Card said, “missing you. Treat your Mother to dinner.” After we were seated at this very nice restaurant and were deep into a menu, someome appeared at the table. When I looked up, it was my boyfriend who had flown all the way out to be with me for Valentines. Thanks for the opportunity to win a kit.

  148. catherine Says:

    I still have this heart shaped balloon with donald and daisy on it, that my mom gave me over a decade ago. She always did (and still does) special things for me on these types of occassions

  149. jill, loved meeting you and seeing your goodies at CHA – GULP, a dream come true for me where ‘kraft’ paper is concerned! my favorite valentine memory: my hubby sneaks into my studio and finds my most hidden “scraps” of favorite paper and makes a card for me. albeit i try to HIDE those fav scraps very well. happy february, rachel

  150. Jessica Says:

    My fav Valentine memory is my 1st with my husband. I was VERY pregnant with my son (his birthday is the 23rd) and he brought me caramel cadbury eggs. Random thing to get easter candy for Valentines day but they are my favorite and it is a sweet memory. He has gotten them every year since =)

  151. MandyK Says:

    One of my fav memories of Vday was when my hubby and i were first together he bought me a beautiful card(i still have it) and red roses they were so pretty. Totally suprised me didnt think he was the mushy type at the time but I have since learned that he is a big love bug that is mushy.

  152. Sandy L Says:

    When I was around 14, my step-dad brought mom and I each home a rose on Valentine’s day. It was the sweetest thing… and I’ll never forget the very first time I got a rose…

  153. My favorite valentine memory is my dad ALWAYS getting my mom, sister and me a big box of heart shaped candy for each of us. Sweet memories now that he’s gone – I was sure to send a box to my mom last year [and will again this year too…]

  154. scrappermimi Says:

    My favorite Valentines memory started out as a disappointment. My boyfriend who would become my husband and I had planned to spend the weekend together, we were at separate colleges at the time. We ended up getting a terrible snow that weekend and we could not be together. A knock at the door made my day when a Vermont teddy bear and a dozen roses were delivered. I still have that teddy bear…now 16 years later and my youngest son likes to sleep with it. Thanks for bringing back such a wonderful memory.

  155. amandanewton Says:

    My favorite Valentine’s memory is February 14th, 2004… hubby popped the question on our trip to Niagara Falls….it was a complete surprise! We were going just for Valentine’s Day but he had other plans…we went for lunch at Boston Pizza then walked along the Falls….and he turns to me and says, “What does that sign say?” and there was this 24 foot sign that said Amanda will you marry me?? OF COURSE I SAID YES!!! It will be 5 years for us this September and two kids later and I still remember that day like it was yesterday! 😀

  156. Laura Stewart Says:

    We never do much on valentine’s day. I really don’t have much for ya.

  157. Tonya Says:

    One funny Valentine memory was when my high school boyfriend borrowed a friends gymnastic leotards and dressed up as cupid! He showed up on my doorstep in full cupid form, wings and all with flowers and candy. He was such a sweetie!

  158. Leigh Says:

    As long as I receive one caramel heart from my husband, every Valentine’s Day is special.

    Thanks for a chance to win.

  159. Kim Matthews Says:

    I love all the Valentines day stash, don’t you? I always buy some for other days throughout the year too. I have to say my OH is not the most romantic man in the world. When we first had the children we didn’t go out for a couple of years, then when we couldn’t get a babysitter the first year we were going to we ended up driving to our favourite country pub for an early evening drink sat round a cosy fire playing snap with the children and getting fish and chips on the way home. We were back home by 7 o’clock, but I can remember thinking as we sat eating, remembering us all laughing in the pub as my daughter tried her hardest to cheat at snap how I would always remember that Valentines day.

  160. Delia W Says:

    I might be a bit short on the memory, but I can’t remember any really special on the day (might be that the man doesn’t celebrates it). What I can remember getting surprise flowers one day before I went for a job interview.

  161. I would LOVE to try out your products and this kit! My memory:

    I lost my little brother 3 yearsago Sept. in a car accident, he was 18. Well, during his senior year in high school, he and his girlfriend broke up before Christmas and got back together February 15th. So, I asked him, “Bubba, what made you 2 get back together?”
    His reply, “Jo, you never have a girlfriend December 24th through February 14th. ”
    “Because it costs too much. You can go buy roses and chocolate on the 15th for cheap and then you go make up!”
    I laughed until I cried at this tactic from him. We will never forget his antics and “strategy!”

  162. Jenny Says:

    Great kit! 🙂 My fave V-day memory is the fact that my dad ALWAYS gives me and my 2 sisters a box of chocolates and a sweet card…even though we are all in our 20s-30s now, he still does this. It’s very sweet! 🙂

  163. Jing-Jing Says:

    Well, this is an easy one for me. My first child was born on Valentine’s Day 🙂 🙂 🙂

  164. Brianna T. Says:

    My mother was always giving us little gifts on Valentines day! Or maybe the time my boyfriend, now husband, sent cookies to me while I was away at school!

  165. Gayle Shepherd Says:

    We celebrate every Valentine’s Day with a special breakfast/brunch! All red dishes, handmade valentines, even heart-shaped pancakes w/raspberry syrup!

  166. jolanda Says:

    Every Valentine’s day I find a little present on my pillow when I go to bed. That wy I love my Husband so much……

  167. Rochelle Says:

    Every Valentine’s Day is memorable!

  168. Missey Says:

    MIne were when I was a little girl. Every Valentines Day my Dad would bring home my sister and I valentines. He would always buy us a stuffed animal and a box of candy. It’s the little things..things that makes memories..

    Still to this day he gives me a heart shaped box of chocolates.
    I *heart* my daddy 🙂

  169. Lori Says:

    My best valentines day was celebrated with my husband and two small boys…I decorated the house with red and pink balloons, streamers and hearts during the night while they all slept. In the morning, it was like Christmas all over again when the boys came in early to wake up my husband and I. We then dined on heart shaped waffles with raspberry syrup, fresh red berries and strawberry milk. For dinner we had a heart shaped pizza with shirley temples. My boys are in their teens now, but they still talk about that day.

  170. Holly Murphy Says:

    something about snow makes my husband want to get in a car and drive…valentines evening 07 found us ending a blizzard-like snow storm. Work was closed…schools had been out…nothing was plowed, but hey, we had 4 wheel drive and so Shawn was going to take his family out for Valentine’s Day. We drove the deserted roads looking for anything open…finally we spotted a bar/restaurant named Amores–sounds appropriate for the day, if not the customers!! My husband and I piled in with our kids then aged 5, 11, 12, and 13. Luckily most of the clients were still sober enough to respect that we had young kids and we ordered bar food and watched American Idol together for our Valentines Dinner…I am lol while writing this. One of my best valentines dinners for sure!!

  171. Julie L. Says:

    My favorite memory were the boxes/bags that were made each year in school to collect the valentines. I had some pretty creative teachers 🙂

  172. My fav Valentine’s memory is when my son took a heart shaped eraser and wrote I LOVE MOM on it and gave it to me for my gift that year…he was just 4! I still have it, won’t even use it its too precious to me! Love all your new products! CAn’t wait to purchase some!
    Lisa in TExas

  173. Nikki T. Says:

    my favorite memory was when my youngest son (now 7) was a baby, my then-husband got me one of those big balloons filled with stuff – stuffed animal, candy. A cheesy gift yes, but the best part was my son got so excites about the balloon that he popped it! And then he grabbed the stuffed animal an took off! it was so funny!

  174. Rona Says:

    That’s easy, 20 years ago this Valentine’s day when my first daughter was born!! I was so excited because that is also my grandpa’s birthday and we were very close (he was my hero!!!!) She was the perfect Valentine present with her strawberry blond hair and all the “perfectness” of a first baby!! 🙂

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the kit!!

  175. nikki keller Says:

    favorite valentines day memory: my first valentines after the baby is born – it was breakfast in bed brought to me on a glass tray with pictures of my son beneath the glass…

  176. Julie Rainbolt Says:

    My husband and I have not been big Valentines Day people. This year however, we are taking a trip to the Wisonsin Dells. It will be a nice get a way. I am loving your products

  177. cynde Says:

    How fun! my most remembrable (and still teased about from my husband) is when me and my husband were first going out. we had been going out about a month and a half. we went out for valentines day to a really cool resturant. i didn’t want my supper to cost alot (i ordered first of course) and the only thing on the menu that was realitively cheap was the red beans and rice, so i got it. well then he ordered and he ordered one of the most expensive meals. i should of changed my order, but i choked down the red beans and rice and haven’t ever had it since! yuck. now we’ve been married 18 years and i order what i want!

  178. jen t Says:

    wowo! zany zinnia and jillibean soup!!!! awesome!! i love both of ya’s!! my favorite valentine memory is when my dh took me on a suprise trip to our favorite place…ocean city n.j. where we got engaged and we had a romantic dinner and walk on the beach. thanks for a chance!!! jen t.

  179. hmmm well I would have to say the valentine’s day that my husband proposed. It is definitely special and one that I wont forget!

  180. Jenn Says:

    My best Valentines Day with my hubby was our 2nd one…his mom thought he was out of his mind for buying me a pot as a gift…I LOVED!!!!! it…it was not just a pot, it was a HUGE Calphalon boiling pot(mostly for seafood or large amounts of pasta)and it was one of the best gifts i have EVER gotten..he is so thoughtful, knowing how much i love to cook…it was not selfish as his mom thought and every time i use it i think about how awesome he is!

  181. Chelle Says:

    i love valentines! my favorite memory is of my father…he returned from a trip to texas just days before the holiday and gave me a stuffed valentine armadillo as a gift on the holiday…too funny for a 27 year old woman…it was funny and cute…he passed away three days later…the memory of that silly gift makes me smile every year, it was a crazy gift that he had no idea would turn into a cherished memory…

  182. Amber C Says:

    I really don’t have a favorite Valentine’s memory that I can think of. Since I’ve been married we don’t make it a huge deal instead preferring to give small things throughout the year.

  183. Amy Says:

    I love your new line – so cute….especially love the kraft paper.

    My favorite Valentine’s memory is from when my hubby and I were dating (still in high school). He made me a heart shaped chocolate chip cookie and brought it over when he picked me up to go to the movies. I actually never saw the cookie, because by the time we came home, my dad had eaten all but a few bites of it himself. My dad has yet to live this one down! HA! 🙂

  184. Amy Says:

    I love your new line – so cute….especially love the kraft paper.

    My favorite Valentine’s memory is from when my hubby and I were dating (still in high school). He made me a huge heart shaped chocolate chip cookie and brought it over when he picked me up to go to the movies. I actually never saw the cookie, because by the time we came home, my dad had eaten all but a few bites of it himself. My dad has yet to live this one down! HA! 🙂

  185. Jillian Says:

    I wish I had a favourite Valentine’s Day…ask me for a favourite birthday and I have one for sure! LOL
    I’m planning for this Valentine’s Day to be our best yet! :0)
    That’s one gorgeous kit!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  186. Lynne Gaudet Says:

    My sweet hubby got me a ring that says “MOM” from my 3 little angels one Valentine’s day. So sweet. It’s my favourite piece of jewellery and makes my heart melt every time I look at it and remember I have the best job in the entire world–MOM

  187. Melissa Hunt Says:

    I remember as a little girl in elementary school sitting down with my best friend in the whole world, my cousin at the kitchen table sorting through cards and deciding who was getting which one. When we finished sorting them, we found the perfect card for the boy we had a crush on. We got the bright idea to put on hot pink lipstick, seal the envelope, and put a big kiss on the back with the letters S.W.A.K.. Surprisingly enough, it worked! I’ll never forget those days I spent with her. Now that she’s in Germany with her husband who is stationed there, I really miss those days 😦

  188. Amy Says:

    my mom always made valentine’s day special, somehow. she knew just what to get me that day, as a child- the book i wanted, certain treat, or stuffed animal. she was so sweet. 🙂

    another memory- an employer of mine would ALWAYS get us girls valentine’s day gifts. i still think that as something awfully unusual for an employer to do. but, she did with a wonderful giving heart!

  189. lovin2scrap Says:

    My favorite memories of Valentines Days are the years that my daughter spends weeks handmaking all the valentines for her friends and classmates. SHe gets out all the best scrapping supplies and truly creates love with her hands!

  190. TRACY M Says:

    Nothing exciting, but I love making cut out heart cookies for Valentine’s Day!!

  191. Cynthia Says:

    I do have one fond memory of a Valentine’s ay when my now-husband and I were still dating. I was waiting in the car while he went into the store real quick – we must’ve gone out somewhere, that’s not important – but I looked up, and he was walking toward the car…with something behind his back! He got in and handed me a flower. Heck, we’d only been going out for a few months, so anything he did was sweet, but now that I know he’s not really a “flower” guy? Makes that memory even sweeter.
    Thanks for the chance to win! I’m enjoying reading the posts about other people’s fave memories!

  192. Rebecca S. Says:

    Valentine’s Day such a wonderful memory for me..Because it was the day my husband propose to me…Nothing big and exciting,We were sitting on the couch watching a movie and he got on one knee and said will you be with me forever,,I said yes of I think Valentine’s day will always be a little special for me…

  193. TammyM Says:

    The best Valentine’s Day was in 2005 when my husband bought me my Wishblade. He normally would never buy anything that expensive for Valentine’s Day but this particular year he did and I have loved that little machine ever since.
    Thank you for the chance to win! You are terrific!

  194. Julie O. Says:

    My best Valentines day was when we were planning on getting married. We weren’t quite engaged but I knew it would be soon because we were taking a road trip so he could ask my parents. We were crazy in love. We talked the entire way about how many kids we wanted, what they would look like, what there names would be ect. Now we have 3 beautiful children. So fun.

  195. amber Says:

    my sister, ellen, sent me here b/c she said i would love your stuff and she is right! i adore that kit…and the best valentine’s day i had was last year when i got to see my nephew {he is one today} for the first time!

  196. Stormy E Says:

    I think my fav Valentine’s Day memory was from high school whe my ex brought candy, flowers, balloons to school for me but didn’t buy anything for his current girlfriend. he even filled my car with balloons while I was working that evening!

  197. Sarah Says:

    Valentine’s Day is a day we focus less on what we can buy for each other and what we can do that is creative! My most memorable Valentine’s Day is the one when we went to buy all the groceries to make our own fancy desserts, made them, and ate them! How fun to spend that time together.

  198. Drea Says:

    My favorite memory was the Valentine’s Day Right before I had our daughter Erika……..she was borne on the 27th, my hubby arranged for me to have a full body massage then a manicure and a pedicure. He then picked me up and took me to dinner.

    That was soo nice!

    BTW>>>>>>>>>>My friend Ellen told me about this place!!

  199. Carlee Says:

    I just looove your papers, which I stumbled across with all the CHA posts I am seeing all over the web 🙂 hehe My favorite Valentine’s memory…hmmm…the one I am going to make this year! 😉

  200. Sue Christian Says:

    Valentine’s Day was always so special when my 2 granddaughters were real young cause they had to give Mommaw and Poppaw a cute little kiddie valentine.

  201. Lora Says:

    My husband always makes wonderful heart shaped pancakes for valentines day. He gives me the beautiful hearts and he eats all the scraps! I love him so much!

  202. lisa Says:

    My favorite Valentine’s Day was the first year I was dating my husband. He surprised me with a dozen roses and gorgeous romantic card. He was such a sweetie back then, lol. He’s still sweet but no longer very romantic.

  203. kim v Says:

    The card and teddy bear from my first boyfriedn will always be special.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  204. Juliana M Says:

    Just found you from Julie O! And I am just wowed by your products! Very much the style I love to work with!!!

    As for Valentines day memories…in our house we try to “celebrate it” everyday!!! I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true!!! I am the luckiest girl in the world!!!

  205. Jullie P. Says:

    One of my favorite Valentine’s Day memory is WAY back in the day when I volunteered at a nursing home in high school. The residents room were decorated with hearts, but the special part of the day was when one of the residents, Violet, asked if I would read some poetry to her. After a couple of poems Violet shared stories of her and her late husband’s love affair for over 55 years. It was a terrific way to honor love on a day that reminds us to love each other.

  206. Kathy D Says:

    I love to do valentine’s day! with kids make heart colleges, or heart cookies…..

  207. sarita Says:

    i have great memories of valentines day in elementary school…making a huge red heart out of paper for kids to put valentines into..i loved getting those little valentines, and loved the ones from boys who put “love” on the back!!!! :^)
    what fun! thank you for the opportunity to win some blog candy

  208. Bonnie Says:

    I can remember sitting at my desk in 5th grade (51 years ago) watching all the children go from desk to desk delivering their valentines and then opening each one that I had received and admiring them. Valentine’s Day is very special to children.

  209. Last year was one of my best Valentine’s Days because we actually went out for dinner and the resturant was decorated up and it was special.

  210. firstborn Says:

    i ❤ valentine’s day ever since i was little…i loved getting valentines and now i collect vintage valentines for their sweet graphics! thanks for the chance to win. 🙂 mary ann

  211. my best memories— every year–my mom would get me a stuffed monkey for valentines day— she did that till i was 20! 🙂

  212. Laura Eves Says:

    Of course every Valentine’s Day with my husband is special! 🙂 But my most fun memory is one from college when two other friends and I set up a date with the guys we were dating. We all went out to dinner at a great Italian place. Then us girls excused ourselves to the restroom (as girls will do). We sent a note via our server (including money for the meal) that was the start of a scavenger hunt. The boys had to follow the clues to find us again. We had another girlfriend come pick us up at the restaurant in secret. The boys had to follow the clues all over campus until they ended up at the final place where we were waiting with dessert and games. They only had to make use of the “emergency” number to get help with the clues once. It was a really fun night!

  213. Lan Amphone Says:

    My favorite memory is moving into our first home together that we built. We didn’t have any furniture so we had take out dinner on the carpet floor.

  214. hmmmm…the best memory? I don’t know. Last year was awesome, we took out our kids to a ‘fancy dinner’. They had a BLAST and it was fun to spend time with them rather then away from them on that special day 🙂

  215. Leauriy Says:

    Last year my husband made me a very large valentine made with a map and tissue paper, cut into the shape of a heart and said “All road lead to my heart.” He can be very creative.

  216. Ronn Says:

    I’m not really into Valentines day. My husband and I feel like we can make any day Valentines day. So occassionally he will just wake me up to my favorites breakfast along with some of my favorite cds and let me know that that particular day is dedicated to us. So we’ll either ly around in bed(if we don’t have the kids around) or we’ll just dedicate time with each other playing games or watching movies. sometimes flowers and gifts are provided but other times just the two of us.

  217. Lynn Judge Says:

    my favorite valentines was the day i got engaged!! Quite the memory!!

  218. Christa Says:

    Well…I have a wonderful Vday memory…last year our 3rd child was born and it was FINALLY a boy!!! 🙂 I will forever have a wonderful Vday!!! Boys are just too sweet!

  219. Holly Says:

    One of my most memorable Valentine Day’s was when my DH & I were dating & I decided to cook dinner for him in my new apartment. I made my mom’s Chicken & Broccoli casserole. I followed the directions to the letter & number, put the timer on & waited patiently. When he arrived, it should have been ready to come right out of the oven …

    When I took it out, it wasn’t even warm! It turned out that the oven control knobs were switched, so I the oven hadn’t even been on the entire time. 🙂

    We had a great laugh & to this day, he still teases me about. 🙂

  220. Easy. My most favourite Valentine’s Day had to be in 1994 when my husband (then boyfriend) returned to me from British Columbia after working at a ski hill for 5 months. He drove across Canada (B.C. to Ontario) through an awful snow storm. His car gave out somewhere in northern Ontario and when he lifted to the hood of the car to check the engine the hood was lifted by wind and knocked him unconscious at the side of the road. Some people found him, helped him with the car and sent him on his way. He arrived just in time for Valentine’s Day. I said it was my most favourite Valentine’s Day…not his! LOL

  221. Natalie L. Says:

    This memory goes way back during my college days while I was living in the dorms. On Valentines day, I woke up to the sound of girls talking loudly outside my room. To my surprise, my boyfriend had left an impressive bouquet of red roses with a poem. It was the first bouquet of roses I’d ever received. I will always remember that moment!

  222. Laura M. Says:

    This is my funniest valentine’s memory…I was in high school and decided I wanted to give my boyfriend at the time a present. So I bought one of the those CD size plastic crates and filled it with candy and paper hearts I cut myself. I spent an inordinate amount of time thinking of and creating this gift. So on Valentine’s Day I gave him my present. And he said, ‘hey, thanks’ and dropped it into his locker without even looking at it…

  223. Vernell Says:

    dh and I are don’t really celebrate Valentines. We say that everyday is Valentines and we do stuff whenever the mood hits us but sometimes I surprise him and make a couple valentines day cards just because I feel like not because he expects me too.

  224. erin k Says:

    my best valentines day was when my husband thought to buy my favorite ice cream, a single rose and actually PLANNED a date for the two of us!

  225. kristii Says:

    My favorite Valentine’s memories are making Valentine’s with my kids. Every year we would make a new type of valentine!! Fantastic memories!!

  226. Gabrielle Carroll Says:

    My husband forgot. And our daughter phoned him sometime during the night and reminded him. I was then woken around midnight to see my husband standing semi naked at the foot of the bed with a bunch of half dead daisies and a rather large dandilion right in the centre of them. I thought it was the sweetest thing.

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