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Design Team – it’s the last day! February 28, 2009

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*Last day for the DT call…get your applications in!  For those of you who have applied…thankyou!  You’ve made my job very difficult!


*I will also be choosing a handful of “guest” designers. 


*Look for the DT announcement on March 15th.




Something to share… February 24, 2009

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For those of you that do not have your own blogs (that would be most of my close friends ;-)) – I have the ability to see who’s linked to my blog.  If someone puts a link on their blog then it’s traced back to my blog and I get the incoming link.  Anyhow,  I took a few minutes the other day to see what’s going on, I thought I would share…


Check out this cute layout and this very creative layout from Mimi Leinbach.  Love those handmade flowers – all wrinkled and distressed.  Thanks Mimi!


Check out this adorable “note” book on the  I think Nan made the book, but I’m not sure. 


Check out this sweet card made with a JB Soup journaling sprout from Tanya.  Love it Tanya!


Here’s another cute card from Ingrid in the Netherlands.  Thanks Ingrid!


Check out this beautiful layout from “Walk, Among Flowers” in Japan.   I can’t read the Japanese to thank anyone. ;-( 


If you have not seen these cards from Sarah…you’ll have to go take a look.  Cute stuff Sarah! 


Keep it up ladies!



Who won some JB Soup?

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Thank you everyone for helping me wish Kimber a “Happy Belated Birthday”!  Her hubby was due home today.  Yeah!  What an awesome birthday gift!

The 2 winners of the Soup packs are…

#46 Heather


#60 Brianna T. 

When you get a minute, can you send me an e-mail at with your address?  I’ll get your goodies out to you!

Have a great night everyone! 



Happy Belated Birthday to Kimber… February 22, 2009

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So sorry Kimber!  I did not know your birthday was on the 18th!  What a lame-o I am!  Sorry!  I just found out when I saw a posting on Sarah’s blog! 


Kimber has become an integral part of Jillibean Soup!  You’ll see alot more of Kimber around here soon!


Also, Kimber’s hubby has been in Iraq for quite some time and is on his way home.  He’s in the states now and is expected to be home this week…for good.  Yeah! 


OK, ladies…can you help me wish Kimber a “Happy Belated Birthday”!  If you help me out…I will let Leah pick 2 bloggers to win some Jillibean Soup goodies!   How about some paper, bean stalks, bean seeds and sprouts!  Yum!


Leah will pick the winners on Tuesday night at 9:00PM EST. 


Thanks in advance!



A couple of cards… February 21, 2009

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So, I figured I should post something made with Jillibean Soup products so ya’ll would remember what this blog is supposed to look like. 🙂 

Here are a couple of cards…








Patterned papers are from the Minestrone collection and the Cold Raspberry collection.  Ribbons, felt pieces and the journaling sprout are all from JB Soup too!  Stamps are from Stampin’ Up and Hero Arts


Thanks for lookin!




And the winner of the Paper Popsicles kit is…

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#2 Janet B. – congrats!!!  Woo Hoo!!


“I love the smell of spring–the smell of rain, mud, fresh growth. There’s nothing better!”


Janet, when you get a minute can you send me an e-mail ( and let me know where to send the kit. 


Thanks to everyone that participated!  Spring can’t come soon enough!  We’re getting snow right now.  Ugggh! 



Some Bean Stuff… February 18, 2009

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Please bear with me…I know I’m the worst blogger in the world right now.  Once we get this set of orders out, hopefully things will slow down just a bit and I can get back to blogging. 


Thanks to all the stores who ordered from us at the show!  Jillibean Soup is getting some serious exposure!  


I really need to do a shout out to all of the DT applicants!  Woot Woot!  You guys rock…thank you so much for applying.  I’ve seen some awesome stuff so far!  I feel bad that I can’t pick all of you.  😦


Also, with the DT…I probably need to make a few clarifications.  When I say “instructions” with the layout/card/project…I’m talking about a few tid bits about the craft, not a full out -this is how we do it- instruction.  It’s also been brought to my attention that 2 layouts, 2 cards and 1 project is a bit to ask.  I’m pretty flexible…I’d be happy with 2 layouts and/or a card/project.  I certainly don’t want this to be stressful!  One other thing, I’ve had another question about compensation…yes, you will be compensated for published submissions, projects used for Jillibean Soup marketing or advertising purposes and projects used for our tradeshow booth.  If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


Ohhh, almost forgot.  I have another giveaway!!!  Melissa at Paper Popsicles has been VERY, VERY generous and given me a kit to giveaway!  Thanks Melissa!



If you’re interested in winning this kit (which has lots of JB Soup goodies), just leave a comment about spring.  Leah and I are ready for spring – we’re tired of wearing our winter coats.  What’s your favorite thing about spring? 


A winner will be picked via on Saturday at 9:00PM EST. 

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.

Good Luck!



Happy Birthday to… February 13, 2009

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two of my sister-in-laws…Kathy and Laura!   Ooohh…Friday the 13th. 

Kathy is married to my oldest brother and has been part of our family for many, many years!!!  She was a great asset to have at CHA!   Happy Birthday Kathy!

Laura is hubby’s sister who lives in Maine!  Brrrr.  Can’t wait to see you guys this summer Laura!  Hope you have a great day!




Jillibean Soup Design Team February 11, 2009

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Hi Bean Stalkers!!!

I know many of you are waiting for these instructions!  I’ve researched and researched and started putting together a formal call announcement…that just wasn’t working for me. 


Here’s what I think…

* Are you fun?  Are you innovative? 


* Are you low-maintenance?  I’m not up for crazy people that cause a stir. 😉


* Do you have a passion for paper crafting? 


* Are you a blog savvy?  If not, are you a quick learner?


* Do you like free product? 


* Do you submit to publications?


* Do you like JB Soup products (this is a given)? 


* Do you think you would be a good fit for our company? 


* Are you a good photographer? 


*If you said “yes” to all of these…then I invite you to apply for our design team!!! 


The jist…

We are looking for 5-6 individuals to represent Jillibean Soup.  We are looking for people to support our new blog.  You will be expected to post 2 layouts, 2 cards and 1 project per month with instructions/descriptions for new ideas/tips.   You will be the bulk of the blog and represent Jillibean Soup.  You are also expected to say nice things about Jillibean Soup and it’s owner!  


The details…

The term will be for 6 months starting on March 15th, 2009. 


Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.


Applications are open to everyone.  International applicants are welcome! 


Previous Design Team experience is not required. 


Now…where do I apply?

Please send pics of 2 layouts, 2 cards and 1 project to  (Remember to keep them small).


Tell me about yourself.  When you started scrapbooking.  If you’re on another design team.  What’s your favorite paper crafting supply?  Just anything and everything about your paper crafting history.  I also want to know where you live and what makes you happy.  Not a book…just the basics. 


Submissions are being accepted from now until Sat, Feb 28th, 2009!  Get on it girls!  

Good Luck!



Win some JB Soup goodies… February 9, 2009

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Not from me, but from 2 friends of JB Soup…


Sarah – the “friggin’ wicked paper crafter” from Canada is giving away some Jillibean Soup goodies.  If you’re interested in winning some Minestrone (along with some Core’dinations cardstock)…go check out the Only in Hollywoodstock blog.


Kimber – the “multi-talented, paper crafter extraordiare” from Indiana is also giving away some Jillibean Soup goodies!  If you want a second chance at winning some Minestrone (along with some Worldwin cardstock)…go check out Whirlwind – taking it one day at a time.


Thanks Ladies!!