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A few additional pics… January 30, 2009

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Unfortunately, it’s not appropriate to take photos of other vendor’s booths…so you get stuck seeing JB Soup again!  When I get a minute, I’ll try to find some links to other manufacturer’s pics.  If you want to post a comment with a link…go right ahead. 




Here’s Jen with the “Simply Homemade” sample that Tammy (editor) left at our booth after she took a couple of layouts and a project to publish!!!




Our crew…myself, Kathy, Karen and Jen.  You guys are awesome and I can’t thank you enough!




Funny story about the sprout flowers in the test tubes.  A sweet young lady knocked them over with her purse and she was mortified.  A couple broke and we all laughed about it.  She offered to buy another test tube set but I explained that they were from an vintage shop and could not be replaced (of course I was just giving her a hard time).  Anyhow, she felt sooo bad that she came back to our booth the next day with a goodie bag for me.  I won’t name any names, but thankyou Tiffany! 






The birds…love em’.  We had several buyers asking where they could get the chipboard for the birds.  Unfortunately, these were traced from a wooden sample and cut out by hand.  Hmmmm….chipboard anyone?




We need to go bigger on the sign next time.  Lots of great comments about the name.  We had several people just taking pics of the sign because they had a “jill” or a “jillian” at home.




Lots of people lovin’ the Minestrone collection…me too.




Kimber made these awesome magazine holders…they worked great for our catalogs.








Some general booth pics.  Letters and Spicy Pumpkin layout from Kimber.







Some cards.  “Love Birds” was provided by Kimber and “Remember When” was provided by Karen.  We had numerous people ask where the wire tree came from.  It came from a local gift shop.  I’ll try to get the name of the artist who made it and post it.




Ah yes, what goes up must come down.  Out comes the yellow/white curtains again.




My help decided to take a nap. 🙂




Woo Hoo!  We did it!


OK, so that was more than a “few”. 


Thanks for looking!


Nite, Nite.




Not complaining…

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* I’m back in Columbus where there’s a foot of snow…but I’m not complaining.


* It rained and was chilly for most of our trip to California…but I’m not complaining.


* I’m exhausted from lack of sleep…but I’m not complaining.


* I have lots of orders to fill…but I’m not complaining.


* My husband and daughters had flowers, a card and a “congrats” cake when I got home…I’m not complaining.


* I gained 4 pounds while in California…I’m not complaining.


* I’m getting published for the first time in Scrapbook Trends magazine…I’m not complaining.


* I’m back to changing diapers and listening to kids yell and scream…but I’m not complaining.


* Jillibean Soup will be featured in several publications in the next couple of months…I’m not complaining.


California was great!  Even though the numbers were down for the show…we were still successful!   We met so many people…so many nice people!  I’m very pleased with the outcome of the show!  You’ll be seeing JB Soup all over the US and overseas!  We had lots of great comments about our booth and our products – thank you!  Kathy, Karen, Jen and Kimber…you guys rock!  I could not have done this without you!!!! 


So, no, I’m not complaining about anything!  I’m very thankful and feel very blessed to be fulfilling my dreams! 




Need I say more?

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Ha!  Last day of CHA…after tear-down…exhausted…excited…thankful.