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CHA – Friday January 24, 2009

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OK, girls…I know you’ve been waiting anxiously for these.  It’s still not the finished product…more progress.



Kimber and Summer Fullerton stopped by to help.  They ended up putting most of the vinyl flowers up.   Thank you bunches ladies!!!




Here’s Kathy hanging one of the flowers on our outside wall.  I don’t think Kathy likes hanging 48″ vinyl flowers. 😉  I’m not so sure I do either.  Tip…if you decide to hang large vinyl pieces…cut it up into smaller pieces to hang.




Here are Kimber and Summer having way too much fun!




Here’s Kathy setting up a tree that will house some Jillibean Soup birds.  She’s hiding behind the tree – not wanting her photo taken. 😉




More of the flowers.




Here, we’re starting to hang some of the paper collections.




This is “booth envy”.  This is my next door neighbor…Vintaj Natural Brass Co.   They have a very cool booth.  I’ll take closer pics today…love the barn siding and that awesome sign!!!


Will post more tonight hopefully…I’m working on 3 hours of sleep. 




Paper, Paper, Paper

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Sorry I’m late with the winners…been working on the booth again.  The 3 collections of paper go to…


#73 Cindy – Congrats!

Love Minestrone-lots of my favorite colors going on. Have a blast at CHA! You will be tired but it’s a good tired. Sure wish I was going this year!


#15 Kim Moreno – Congrats!

WOW!! I just found your blog through Kimbers and I just lOVE everything you are releasing!! Best of luck at the show!!


#5 Heather T. – Congrats!

It’s impossible to pick, but I think White Beans wins. Great stuff….and thanks for the chance!


I will send you an e-mail soon to get your info. 

Thank you everyone for participating!!!  We’ll do another giveaway soon!

Nite, Nite.