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I’m leavin’ on a jet plane… January 20, 2009

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Headed to California in the morning.   I hear it’s in the 80’s out there.  My body is going to go into shock after this cold Ohio weather!   I’m still not as organized as I would like to be but my time has run out.


Again….We’re at booth #2712.  Stop in a say “hi” to Kathy, Karen, Jen and I!!!!


I’m excited to share lots of pics with y’all.  Someone mentioned (I think it was you Missey) that I should install a camera in the booth and have a live feed on the internet.  I’m not sure my booth will be that exciting, but it would be fun to see all the people! 


I’ve got a couple of things to share before I take off…


I need to do a quick shout-out to Jodi at the Pink Tomato in Wooster, Ohio.   Very cute paperie!  They specialize in custom invitations as well as scriptology.   Jodi made several vinyl “flour tortilla” flowers (see this) for my booth.  I promise to take lots of pics and share the process with everyone.  Also, Jodi’s husband owns a screen printing/embroidery shop.  They embroidered Jillibean Soup aprons for me and they are just adorable!  You’ll also get to see pics of the girls and I modeling them!   By the way, the Pink Tomato is the first store to carry our the Minestrone collection! 


I also am thrilled to announce that Jillibean Soup has gone international!!  Our first supplier is Indigo Mill in the UK.  Stop over and see Steph…she’s a doll!  It’s amazing how many people (all around the world) I’ve met since I started blogging.  Most of them are nice too. 😉 


Soon, Jillibean Soup products can be purchased in Australia, Japan, Singapore, Germany and Canada.  How about that?  Woot, Woot! 


I will definitely get our store directory up and running after the show.  Hmmm, so much to do, so little time.


Thank you to ::Essence::  (love how you do that double colon thing).  She nominated me for her blog award for being inspiring.  Thanks sweetie!  You’re an inspiration to all of us with your strong faith, willingness to reach out to others and your artistic ability.  She sent me a thank you in the mail for a giveaway I did a while back.  Here’s a photo of the adorable card.




One other shout out to my girls…Karen, Tracy, Heather, Shannon, Ava, Sarah, Shannon, Holly, Jamie, Kelly, Judy, Daria, Missey, Sue and Stephanie.   Thanks for your help with the sprouts!  You guys Rock!!!  


Oh, almost forgot…last Sunday was my nephew Lucas’ birthday and tomorrow is his sister Elaina’s big day.  Happy Birthday to both of you cutie patuties!!!! 


I’m off girlies…I will be posting as much as possible this week so keep checkin’ in.  Hopefully things will be going well!!!!