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Updates, News and a Giveaway… January 19, 2009

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Wow, time is flying by around here and I still have lots to do before the show.  Several of you know that I’ve been dealing with sick kids for the past couple of weeks.  They are doing much better which gives me piece of mind before I head across the US.  Thanks for your prayers.


Now, on to some news and updates…


* Several have asked our booth at CHA – it’s #2712 in the New Exhibitors.  Please stop by and say “hi”!!!! 


* For the wholesalers, our new products are up on the shopping cart.  If you do not have a wholesale account, please fill out our wholesale form on our website here


* We have catalogs for those that would prefer to go that way.  Simply send us an e-mail at  Also, we will provide a link to the catalog on the website.  It should be up this week.


* I apologize for not posting much this week.  As you can tell it’s been a bit over the top here! 


* I’ve had lots of questions about a design team again.  Please keep checking back.  A post will go up shortly after the show.  All are welcome to apply.


* I owe a huge shout out to Kimber McGray!  She has referred lots of people to Jillibean Soup!   Thank you bunches Kimber!  When you get a minute, go check out Kimber’s blog.  She has lots of fun Jillibean Soup goodies posted…some with our new lines!  


* I’ve had so many e-mails lately in support of JB Soup and I can’t tell you “thank you” enough!  I wish I had more time to e-mail all of you individually, but the show is taking up LOTS of my time.  Anyhow, thank you for your great comments…keep em’ coming! 


Here’s one quick glimpse at some goodies from Kimber which will go in the booth..




How adorable are these letters????


OK, so how about a GIVEAWAY.  I know it’s been a while.  Would anyone care for these…




Or these…




I’ll even throw in some sprouts!  If you’re interested in winning a set of our new lines, leave a comment telling me which one you like best.  White Bean (frogs) or Minestrone (butterflies).  3 winners will be picked via this Friday at 9:00 PM EST.  NOTE:  The papers will be sent out the following week as I will be traveling to California for the show. 


Good Luck!



80 Responses to “Updates, News and a Giveaway…”

  1. Michelle A. Says:

    Loving your line… I like White Beans best. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Dawn Says:

    I love the Minestrone line! I can’t wait until the new products are in stores!

  3. Tracey Says:

    Wow! How do I choose between these two piles of fabulousness?!?! They are both fantastic lines. I would love to win either one of them. I think I will say Minestrone though!!

  4. jent Says:

    do i have to pick one?!….o.k. i really love the minestrone line!!! the butterflies are fab!!! thanks for a chance!!!! jen t.

  5. HeatherT Says:

    It’s impossible to pick, but I think White Beans wins. Great stuff….and thanks for the chance!

  6. Daria Says:

    I love the Minestrone…definitely my color scheme!! All the new stuff looks great! 🙂

  7. Essense Says:

    i love the butterflies—how cute!!

  8. Love Love the white beans line!! They are both super cute though and I’m gonna have to pick them up either way!!

  9. Mandy Starner Says:

    that is some super cute stuff!

  10. chez Says:

    Oh I love them both! On the list to check out at CHA~!

  11. Anita Says:

    Hard to choose, but I think I like White Beans the best. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  12. KimberlyM Says:

    Oh, I’d love to have me some Minestrone! What a lovely combination of colors and patterns. Yum!

  13. HeatherH Says:

    Frogs!!! *sigh* LOVE the frogs!!!

  14. Jill

    It’s always exciting seeing the end result. The papers turned out great and I love the JBS covered in the papers! I wish you immense success at the show and thereafter.

  15. Kim Moreno Says:

    WOW!! I just found your blog through Kimbers and I just lOVE everything you are releasing!! Best of luck at the show!! 🙂

  16. wendi robinson Says:

    oh my gosh!!!! super cute stuff and just love what you guys have come up with!!! and what a great altered project!! those frogs are super cute and fun, and love the butterflies

  17. LOVE the Minestrone line, well both are cute but that is my favorite!

  18. Jennifer Says:

    White bean… love the frogs… Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. Ooohhh…Aaaaahhhh…i love the minestrone line! I will be touching and feeling these babies at CHA! I will stop in to say hi!

  20. Cass Says:

    Love the look of them both, but I’ll pick butterflies. 🙂

  21. Julie Says:

    I like the Minestrone best…love the colors and prints!

  22. Adriana Says:

    I like the minestrone… Love it all!!!!

  23. ifa Says:

    I prefer Minestrone but love them both.

  24. Janet Zeppa Says:

    That’s not fair to make a girl choose!!! LOL!! I am a sucker for butterflies so I will say the Minestrone line.
    TFS and have a great time at CHA!!

  25. Delia W Says:

    Minestrone line is really pretty.. Can do so much with it.

  26. Tracy Says:

    It’s very tough to choose, but I think i will go with Minestrone. Great colors!!

  27. WOW, WOW, WOW, how cool would this be to win some of these fun goodies. It’s so hard to choose which I like better though… I LOVE both frogs and butterflies, and the colors are just awesome. Put me in for either and thanks!!

  28. Jana Says:

    Wahoo! CHA here you come!

    I love the Minestone line 🙂 (well, I love the White Bean too, but I’m following the rules, hehe)

    Keep the JBS goodness coming!

  29. Karen Says:

    Love them both but the blue in the butterflies draws me in! I say Minestrone.

    I want to cut out that sad frog and use it for a “sorry to hear you’re sick card”….he is so cute.

    Way to go Jill……another awesome set of products for us to play with and enjoy. Love how the sprouts go with all the new stuff too!

  30. lYNN jUDGE Says:

    Love the frogs!!! too stinking cute – cant wait to find it in my lss

  31. Missey Says:

    Geesh, you know I love them both 🙂
    Ok, well I guess I will say Minestrone.

    Wishing you great success at CHA!
    I am so so proud of you 🙂

  32. jenifer harkin Says:

    I’m going for the minestrone. It just screams for me to do something with it:) See you soon!

  33. Renata Moni Says:

    Minestrone is wonderful! Love the color combo!

  34. Michelle Says:

    Wow! Both are great. I would definitely be more than happy with either one as I can instantly think of things for both.

  35. Erin Bohland Says:

    I love the butterflies, but I love the White Beans(frogs) a little more. That is so something I could use on pages of my son. Expecially since he likes hopping around like a frog

  36. Marie Deppen Says:

    I am soooo loving the butterflies… I can not wait to get some of this and play with it….

  37. Alyssa Says:

    Gorgeous! I am new to your products, but they are awesome! I will be stopping by at CHA!

  38. Cassie Says:

    They are both so fabulous! I would love to have some White Bean, please!!

  39. Cherie Castle Says:

    I saw Kimber working with your products at a recent crop, she had all us drooling for your products. We were asking Kimber if she was taking pre-orders! 🙂 WOW they are both awesome lines it’s so hard to chose but I will vote for the White Bean-frogs as they are so happy and fun. Good luck at CHA, I’m rooting for your products.

  40. Beth Warren Says:

    Both lines are great but I think I prefer the butterfly line (Minestrone), just because I dont have kids and am not as sure how to use the frogs. But would love to win some of your products to play with!

  41. maggie737 Says:

    Wow, I love them both, but will go with White Bean, it’s adorable.

  42. lwarren737 Says:

    I’m going to pick minestrone although I think both lines are fabulous. Would love to win some! Have an awesome time at CHA, good luck!

  43. Mary Pierce Says:

    Love the White Beans! All the spring green and white is giving me Spring Fever! Thanks for the opportunity.

  44. trace-e Says:

    I love frogs!!!! so you know which one is my fave. go white bean!!!

  45. Minestrone has my heart – oooh I just love the colors and the patterns in this collections. 🙂

  46. Andrea McCulley Says:

    Both lines are great, but I am partial to butterflies so I would have to say my 1st choice is Minestrone! Thanks for the inspiration!

  47. Heather Says:

    I like the frogs, but I just love the butterflies. What great patterns!

  48. Mel Says:

    I like White Beans best, but Minestrone is cute…hope my LSS gets these…love the line!

  49. Stephanie Says:

    I love white beans because I have boys who are in love with frogs! These papers will be so fitting for all my boyish layouts!

  50. Cindy Says:

    OMG!!! Love all your lines, but i guess i’ll say the white bean, the frogs are adorable. Goodluck at the show, i’m sure things will go well, who can resist.

  51. Mary Says:

    Boy, that’s a tough decision to make. I do love butterflies; can never have too many of anything with a butterfly on it. So, I’d say I like the Minestrone best.

  52. Ann Says:

    Very cute! Good luck at the show.

  53. christine Says:

    well I am an Italian girl ya know.lso I am a bit partial to the Minestrone Soup. Yum. Both exceptioanlly beautiful ’em. Good luck to all !

  54. Heather Says:

    i love them both but after seeing them in person, i would have to choose the minestrone… i love the rich colors! have fun in CA! hope everything goes well!

  55. Leigh Says:

    How can you make us choose?? Both are fantastic. I would say White Bean since the frogs are soo darn cute.

  56. Kathy Says:

    After being up late last night trying to finish some projects for your CHA booth. I must say I LOVE the Minestrone collection. Love the colors, stripes, tags, everything! Can’t wait for the show. See you soon!

  57. Jennifer Pritchett Says:

    I’m loving the colors of the minestrone collection. Can’t wait to see in person. Good luck at the show.

  58. Linda Says:

    Your new lines are fabulous!! Minestrone is right up my alley! What great releases! I wish you much success at the show. I wish I wasn’t missing this one so I could come see it all in person. I’m bet the booth is going to shine!

  59. Judy T Says:

    Wow! I love both lines of paper but have to go with White Bean with those adorable frogs. Good Luck at CHA!

  60. Denise L. Says:

    Just found your site and love all of your products! Can hardly wait to find them and try them out on my projects!

  61. Emily Says:

    Both of the lines look great…. but my favorite is Minestrone! I hope everything goes well out in CA for you… I can’t wait to hear all the stories!

  62. Minestrone – hey, it’s great way to get your veggies! Good luck with CHA!!

  63. Jolene Says:

    I love your new papers. Kathy has been showing them off at work and talking about the show. I’m so excited for you and hope you have a wonderful show. I do love the butterflies, so that would be my first pick. Can’t wait till she gets back so we can here all about it.

  64. Brenda Says:

    i LOVE the minestrone! good luck at CHA!!!!!

  65. sophie Says:

    jumping jelly beans! vI love them both! But if one has to choose, then White ean it will be!=)

  66. I love them both. I am a butterfly addict so Minestrone wins I guess 🙂

  67. Jane Davies Says:

    OK I absolutely cannot choose between these two – I love them both! Fabulous colors and clean crisp lines!

  68. creajaina Says:

    Wow I love them both. I think that if my daughter have to choose she will choose the butterflies.

  69. Holly Says:

    I love, love, love the minestrone line. Fabulous! Way to go!! Good luck with CHA!

  70. cheryl Says:

    I LOVE the froggie paper!!!!! I’ve been collecting frogs for over 20 years and I need to have these papers!!!!!

  71. Robin O Says:

    I love the both but if I have to choose one I would choose white bean 🙂

  72. Debbie Cook Says:

    omg.i just found you through kimber’s blog. I. LOVE. THIS.
    those letters are TO DIE FOR and i swear target is my first stop tomorrow for those magazine files she did…so i can have them when i get my paws on these gorgeous papers!!! it’s impossible to choose, but if i have to, i guess i’d go with minestrone since the colors are amazing together! so excited. and i know i sound crazy now, so i’ll just say i’m so excited!

  73. cindy Says:

    Love Minestrone-lots of my favorite colors going on. Have a blast at CHA! You will be tired but it’s a good tired. Sure wish I was going this year!

  74. Maryann Says:

    OMG I have just found jillibean soup at my LSS and I am in LOVE!

  75. Sue Christian Says:

    Love the White Bean , of course all your lines are great but I’m a frog lover.

  76. Aida Haron Says:

    Oooooh I could die for some Minestrone !!! Gorgeous !! Aida

  77. Shermin Says:

    Minestrone! 😀

  78. Ingrid Says:

    I like both lines but really do love the colours and design of White Bean. Hope we are getting these at my LSS. 🙂

  79. judean Says:

    minestrone is my favorite, although I do love those frogs too!

  80. sookie Says:

    My fave is Minestrone! Love anything with butterflies…

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