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Happy Birthday Leann! January 15, 2009

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Happy Birthday to my SIL Leann!  Leann was born in the same hospital as I, just a few hours before.  You’ll always be a day older…which also means you’ll turn the big 4-0 before me! 😉 

Hope you had a great day!  Stay warm!



7 Responses to “Happy Birthday Leann!”

  1. jent Says:

    happy birthday leann!!! jen t.

  2. Tracy Says:

    Happy Birthday to you too JILL!!!!! I hope you have a fabulous day:)

  3. Laura Says:

    Happy Birthday Jill!!! Okay, so my brain isn’t really functioning in the correct time deminsion. Apparently all day yesterday I could have sworn it was Thursday. Maybe it was wishful thinking! Anyway, early on your birthday wishes, late on Eric’s — that equals out right!?
    Have a fabulous day! We miss you guys!

  4. Sue Christian Says:

    Happy Scrappy Birthday Jill !!!!!!! and many more .

  5. jenifer harkin Says:

    Happy birthday to you both! Jillsy, you’ll deserve a special mohito in CA!

  6. Sherry Hall Says:

    Happy Birthday Jill Renee!! Hope you had a great day! Love the new paper designs!!

  7. Leann Says:

    Thank you! Happy Birthday to you! And a Belated Happy Birthday to Eric. I hope you both had great days!

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